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Ex's Closet [Anton La'croix]

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#1Anton Lacroix 

Default on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:54 pm

"S-So you want me to..." Anton's voice trailed off as he thought about what was being asked of him. He couldn't help but feel small in front of the large thug sitting across the table from him. The man in question, Maxwell, leaned in towards him. "Go into my Ex Girlfriend's place, and take something of mine back. That damn skank's been hoarding it away ever since she left me. I'd get it myself, but that damn dog of hers..."

Anton was thinking back to how he got into this situation. He had been trying to find a way to earn some extra money and had seen this bulletin about a possible job. And now here he was, asking to commit theft. I mean, it wasn't as if Anton was a stranger to it, but the people he robbed he felt they deserved it. This seemed to be just petty spite. "I-I'm not so sure..." he murmured, before suddenly he was grabbed by the collar, yanked across the table right up to Maxwell's ugly face. "Listen buddy, it aint that hard. Just slip into her house, grab what I'm after, and get out. Just keep an eye out for that attack dog of hers, and you'll be fine. Got it?" The way he said all that implied the only way Anton was going to get out of this meeting intact was to agree. All Anton could do was nod meekly, before Maxwell released him, causing him to fall back in his chair, gasping. "Good. Now, here's her address," he handed him a note, "She should be out for most of the day, so all you'd have to deal with is the dog. What I'm looking for is a yellow box she has stashed in her closet. Now get going!"


It hadn't taken long for him to find the place. Despite the chicken scratch that Maxwell had written down, it was at least eligible enough for him to figure out where it was. Now came the first problem. The apartment building was in the middle of a suburban area, neighbors on either side and plenty of people around. Normally Anton committed his thefts in the dark of night, but he was being expected to do it in broad daylight. This was going to be harder than any heist he had pulled.

Anton had made his way around the back, into a small alleyway between the fenced off back yards of the houses, and well out of sight. He would slip in through the back, and hop back over the fence when he was done. Simple enough. He took a couple of deep breathes before slowly slipping his trademark mask over his face. As the cool metal settled against his skin, he felt his anxiety slowly melt away. Finally in control of himself, Anton scrambled up the fence and vaulted himself over into the small courtyard behind the building.

And that's when he saw it. The fearsome beast that Maxwell had described.

And it was adorable! When Maxwell had described it, Anton had imagined it being a vicious attack dog that was bigger than him. A beast that would not hesitate to rip him apart limb from limb. Instead, what he saw was a small, fluffy dog, who was now looking at him with curiosity. I mean, how many people suddenly appeared in the back yard wearing a mask? The too stared at each other for a moment. "Oh, hello there," Anton broke the silence, squatting down to be closer to the dog's height, "Well, aren't you a cute little thing, aren't you?" The little dog approached him, sniffing at his outstretched hand curiously. Slowly and gently, Anton began to pet the small dog, who didn't seem to shy away from the attention. "I think I have a little something for you," Anton murmured, his free hand reaching into his coat and pulling out a small piece of beef jerky. Holding out to the little dog, the fluffball let out a small yap of delight before taking the jerky from his gloved hand, munching it happily.

Satisfied with the dog pacified, Anton gave it one last pat before standing up. "Wait here," he said before heading to the drain pipe. Now, if he remember correctly, her room was on the third floor. With a surprising amount of skill, Anton climbed his way up the drain pipe up to the third story window. Thankfully nobody but the little dog was around to see this colourful man breaking in, as he skillfully opened up the window and slid himself inside.

Now, if he remembered correctly, the box was somewhere in the girl's closet. Thankfully he had already ended up in her bedroom. Despite being alone in the room, he kept silent as he started rummaging through the closet. He paused when he found some of her more...risque items. I do not want to know what those two got up to when they were together. Thankfully he didn't have to dwell on it for too long before he found his target. A yellow box tucked way in the back of the closet. Anton couldn't help but be curious about what was inside. Then again, it was probably something he really didn't want to know.

Tucking the box under his arm, it was time for him to get out of there. Thankfully he was used to climbing around while holding things, so it wasn't too difficult climbing out the window and making his way down the drainage pipe down to the ground. The small dog was waiting for him, his tail wagging happily. Such a cute sight warmed his heart. "Good dog," Anton said, pulling out another piece of jerky and handing to to the lovable fluffball. Then, with surprising grace, Anton vaulted himself back over the fence and into the alleyway. Once out, Anton removed his mask, his body visibly sagging as he tucked the box into his coat and scurried away.


"H-Here you are," Anton said as he presented the box to Maxwell. The man's face broke into a grin as he snatched it up. "Great! You wouldn't believe how long I've been trying to get this! I can't wait to see the look on her face when she realizes what happened!" Maxwell got up and turned from the table, ready to leave. "Um..." Anton spoke up meekly. The thug paused and looked back, confused for a second. "Oh, right. Here you go." He tossed the money onto the table before swaggering away. Anton quickly scooped it up, tucking his ill gotten gains into his coat.

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