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Tyrant Tea Time[Fiora]

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#1Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Fri Jul 07, 2017 2:13 am

Finally Fiora was back to a nice place instead of being on the Oak Streets all the time. She had a request that was a C rank request that she walked up to the board and then she took it off the request board then saw who it was and then she would smile. It was for Castle Phantasm which was a nice place in Oak of high class and last time she was their the owners fed her some of the finest food and wine. This time it was afrom a lad of the house that needed the helpt of a dark mage to help complete the rques.t This time it would be for The youngest Phantasm, the little sibling of Sirius. who's name was Minerva Phantasm. Fiora would walk up the hill to the manor and see the gates of the big manstion and then she woudl twalk thowards the mansion and then she woudl be greeted by thes ame butler and then she woudl lead her to the hosue and then he would open up the door and then he would show her to lady Minverva. Fiora sat with Minveriava and then she would pour out some wine for the two of them and then would explain the situation that was needed for the quest to be completed and then she would sigh as it was a pain. She explained that she was to take part in a meeting with some merchants for diplomatic reasons, her job being to persuade said merchants into signing an agreement. However, It was too much of a hassle for a woman like her therefore, she hired Fiora in order to take care of it so she could get it done quickly and then she wouldn't be in the meetins for hours. There was one specific merchant in mid that was bull headed so he was the one that needed convincing. Her job was to go to the meeting and then she would intimidate him and make him change his mind. She had done mission like this before so Fiora would be happy to help out with her problem. THe two of them would toast and then Fiora would laugh and drink with Miverva and would then drink her calss . Once it was empty she would then head outside the manor and then she woudl wait as the merchants would start to show up and then they would go in the mansion and then they would go in the meeting room and then they would go into the room and then they would take a seat and then they would look at Minverva and then they would all start to dicuss what they were going to do with the merchant trade and then the meeting would continue like normal. Fiora would then wait until for about an hour and then would get ready for the meeting and then would head inside the manor. She was going to attack them adn then take the target.


#2Fiora Sylvari 

Default on Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:22 am

Fiora would head into the mansion and then she would get ready to invade the meeting with all the merchants in it and then she would get her sword off her side and pull it out in order to attack everyone that was inside. Fiora would go down the hallway and then she would go to the door that the meeting was taking place in and then she would put her ear to the door and then she would hear what they were all planning and then she would wait until all the merchants sign and then she would hear that the one merchant thought it was a terrible idea and wouldn't sign and then Fiora realized that was the target that she had to capture and make her sign the merchant agreement form and then she smiled because she found him and then she would get ready to attack. Fiora would then kick open the door and then the other merchants would scream out that they were attacked while minerva was laughing and then she would take the machine and put her sword to his throat and then she told them not to move and then she told them he would get killed if they did anything and then they would say don't hurt him and then she would grab the document and then she would back off and then she would run to the basement of the mansion and then the client had a room where she could get down and dirty with the man and then she could use ways to make him talk and then the mission could be completed and then she could get it done and then she could do that and get the mission complete. The man would sign the documents before this day was over so the mission could be completed and the deal was done.

Fiora threw the man in a chair and would get the rope to tie him up. Fiora would rip off the rag in the man's mouth and then would look him in the eyes and ask him to sign the contract but he was a dick and responded by spitting at her. She managed to dodge it but some got on her arm which pissed her off. She would take her right foot and slam it into his deck and twist her heel a bit. The guy cried out in pain as she squished it down into his stomach. This would make any man talk. She pulled out her blade and put it at his throat and said that she would cut it off next if he he didn't say anything. He was nervous but still kept quiet. Fiora rolled her eyes and would take her blade and slash off the guys pants. As it inched closer he freaked out and would start to talk about the merchant document that was going to be taken in a street outside of north of Oak Town that needed all the goods to be signed for the Minerva Phantasm. The man finally would give in and would sigh as he was a cowards and then he didn't want to get hurt so he had to give up and then Fiora would smile. She brought the document over to him and then he would sign the document and then he would be sad and then Fiora would slap him on the back of the neck and then he would pass out and be in his chair and then Fiora would take the document and then she would go all the way back to the upstairs and then she would find Ms. PHantasm.

Minerva Phantasm would be pleased to see she was back and then she would look over all the document and then she would see that all the names were listed on their and then she would smile that she finally go the stubborn merchant to sign it over and then she would take the document and then she would tie it up and then she would take the document and then she would hand it over to her butler and then he would take it to the mailbox and then it would be sent over and then it would be mailed out to the government and then it would be official and Minerva Phantasm would be the head merchant. Fiora waited while Minerva Phantasm would go in the back and then she would go into the safe and then she would take the money from the safe and then she would take the money and then she would give it to Fiora after she put it in a bag and then she would take the money and then Fiora would be done with eh mission. Minerva Phantasm told her that if she needed any more work that she could come by anytime and then she could help around the mansion when she had gusts over. Fiora liked working in the castle as it beat being out on the streets and dealing with all the other thus that were in the streets and then she wouldn't have to get her hands dirty. Minerva Phantasm was classy and she couldn't mind helping a human do all that stuff because she was a dark mage that loved the finer things in life. She took the money and would head back to her room.


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