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Mapping Theft [Selindra]

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Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:23 am

Each task that she had been given up to this point within Hargeon Town had proven to be of something worth while, each one having actual value as opposed to sentimental value. Even the ones in which she most detested while here, with the exception of the stupid child and his stupid fishing contract, had some value or other wise managed to play towards what would eventually end up becoming a more complicated and important task in which would further along her own personal agenda, one in which would support the underworld while all the while furthering herself in strength, regardless of how much or how little those who may have opposed or wished her to be gone were unable to do so. There was little reason left for her to remain within Hargeon Town, as that was becoming readily apparent, but that did not mean that she was going to leave a task unfinished. Although she was preparing to depart, she received word from the broker she had been in constant contact with that there had been one other contract put out for her to complete. Given the client alone, it was a worth while venture, one in which was appropriate enough for her to complete and take care of before she would venture out to else where in Fiore. There were more than enough places in which she had been before and while Oak Town had been for much of it a very lackluster place with the amount of enjoyable tasks being few and far between, there were far more from which she was able to do and achieve while she was in Hargeon Town, only further complimented by the nice summer weather that had been blessing the area for as long as she could earnestly remember since arriving there.

She wasted no time in taking care of the contract, determined that this would be the last one that she would engage with before venturing else where, her destination currently unknown but this being nothing more than a small detour on what would be her continued travels through Fiore. What seemed a bit different against what the other jobs that she done was that this one was to take place at night, though being a bit different, it was more than enough and very sufficient for her, especially given what she had come to recognize as a very relaxed guard presence, even amongst buildings that were of more important value. That was especially valuable in this particular case as the target for her in this case, what essentially amounted to nothing more than a simple case of retrieval from something, theft in laments terms. The target in question was a building that she had been led to believe was the main building in the town, the main building in which most business was dealt if it pertained to the city and otherwise contained the items in which the people valued to be essentially priceless, amongst them being a map in which was exactly her target.

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Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:23 am

While it was certainly very true that the security was very laxed during the night, that did not mean that there were no security present, but that was not much of a concern for her. After only a short period, she was able to adequately tell that there was a very rigid patrol route in which they all went about, no area being checked a second time for a long period of time, more than enough time for her to be able to infilitrate and other wise get inside with out any sort of issue, any degree of complication, and perhaps the only thing in which would be able to cause her any degree of trouble being just that she would have to tell exactly where it was that this map she was looking for was located exactly. To some degree, she was a bit upset that she had failed to scope out this place before hand, even though the place was open to the public, it would have made it far easier for her to be able to go in and find the item that she was looking and then it would have been a simple matter, far easier than even what this was going to have been, but it wasn’t an issue for Selindra.

To some degree, had she already known of where it was that the map was locate in, it would have made the fun and thrill of this a bit underwhelming. Some of the jobs before in which she had carried out, they were of similar nature, but they were all during the day, adding an element just of the nature of being seen, but because everything was open during the day, it wasn’t possible for her to really have any level of thrill, nothing like that of what came from when knowing that there were active security present, as fleeting and few as there may have been. At least in this respect, it would be interesting enough to see if anything could actually take place, but as she entered through the area undetected and unabridged, it was looking more and more that her goal of it being something to which could have instilled some level of real excitement or joy in her final job in Hargeon would be anything special, as right now there was nothing at all to which indicate that it would be the case. After a short time, she had gone through most of the place, still being mindful of where the guards were to have been and how much time she would have before the next rotation, but even then, their methods of searching through the area were hardly that of what she had to be worried about. She could have done little more than stand against a wall and escape their focus, which was some thing that was a bit disappointing, more for the fact that there were no real degree of danger in which she was facing, not even in the slightest.

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Default on Mon Jul 03, 2017 11:24 am

With the map in hand, it was as though this was a joke of a contract that she had been forced to take care of, much to her dismay. She had figure that this would have been some thing, if any thing in which would have proven to have some degree of challenge, but rather it had proven to be some thing that was a rather great let down overall. However, in a stunning turn of events, one in which she found to be both surprising but also one that she could nto help but smirk very slightly at that fact, an alarm had gone off, suddenly removing any chance of this being a mission that would have had no sort of excitement or value. With the alarm going off, suddenly the guards were all on heightened alert, all of them searching for whoever it may have been that was going through the area or other wise might have triggered the alarm. It did not take her much effort to escape, even in spite of these increased efforts and alerts that the guards were clearly aware of. However, Selindra had done enough before hand for her to know the best routes, even in spite of only having done a small degree of recon, and with all of the information that she had gathered, as well as knowing where the guards would have been located at the time, it would still be a simple matter of slightly being a bit more careful, but after a couple of minutes, she was out of the building entirely with none of the guards assumedly aware of just who it was or what had been taken, if there had even been anything taken.

After only a short time of walking about the streets of Hargeon, the rare and expensive map in her possession all the same, it was not tough for her to find out where the client was located at. To her chagrin, the man was just there, not too far from the building, casually reading a paper as he relied on the light nearby to help illuminate and enable him to read the text. When he lifted his head and saw Selindra, a large smile was clearly visibile upon his face, knowing that she had managed to succeed with the task at hand. After sharing a few words, the two of them traded their goods, Selindra surrendering the map while the man surrendered the payment, all of it being done in a quick and decisive manner so that even if by some miracle that the guards had managed to pursue Selindra out of the area that she would simply appear as a woman who was speaking with an old man, just before the two had parted ways. It was a decent enough of a twist to finish out her last job while she was in Hargeon, though it was still largely lacking the kind of excitement and thrill that she had gotten compared to when she was in Oak, when at least murder was available. However, she figured it was better just to accept it for what it was worth and head for wherever it was that she’d be going next.

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