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[Train Travel] Baska Town to Marigold Town

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on Fri Jun 30, 2017 9:06 pm

Selindra’s time within Baska Town has come to an end. The contracts to which were made available to her from the contract broker that she had been in contact with had run out, much to her delight. The fact was that they were not ones in which she was particularly satisfied with, none of which she believed had done a great deal of work in making it such that she was able to adequately accomplish or otherwise sufficiently complete without having felt that at least to some degree that the things she was doing were nothing more than a lot of meaningless tasks that otherwise did not amount to anything. It was a painful experience for the most part, with there being a few times in which she was actually finding that she had enjoyed the jobs, though they were seldom. The only times in which she largely had managed to enjoy or other wise had wanted to do were seldom, and that either led her to believe that either she was not strong enough, regarded highly enough, or other wise that they were jobs in which the Phantom Lord Guild in which ruled over Baska Town was the one that they were exclusive too. Either way, what was clear was that she had no more business of being within this city, and that the sooner she was out of there and more inclined to be some where else, the better it would ultimately be.

The train station was largely empty, save for perhaps one or two other people who may have been there, the reasoning behind why they may have been travelling being ones in which that they were never quite sure of, nor ones in which she was overly concerned with her self. She had her goal, an objective that was very clear in getting out of Baska Town, and that she was at the train station, it already reaffirmed her feeling that she was making the right move in going somewhere else, somewhere in which the best thing that she could or would need to do was simply determine where to go about going next. There were plenty of options, though none in particular which stood out to her as places that she was really interested in going. For the most part, they were places that she knew she could have gone to at any point or other wise would end up seeing at some point, so more it was a matter of just determining where and when she would be going where than any thing else. As time went on and she thought more and more about where it was that she would go, the general consensus was that she was not interested in really worrying too much about it. Instead, as soon as the first train rode in to the station, she decided to go there, determining wherever that it was going was going to ultimately be worth it as opposed to having to deal with people who other wise might have gotten on her nerves more than any thing else, and because of that too, it was clear enough that there were more than enough reasons for her to instead go about them and take care of things in that manner than it was that she should have. It was then that she boarded the train and departed towards Marigold Town.


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