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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Kerii]

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It was fun questing with Videns, but like all good and fun things, they must end eventually. Kerii could have asked Videns to do another request with her or meet up with her at the request board, but she didn't. Everyone needed a little alone time. And Kerii was an introvert so she really did enjoy her alone time. Although questing with Videns didn't drain her of her energy like going to a party would, constantly being around the same person would probably make almost anyone just want some time to themselves. Of course, there was nothing wrong with Videns as a person. He was actually really nice and was a quick thinker. They worked well together and Kerii was glad to have him as a questing partner, but sometimes you just have to do some things yourself. In this case, it was starting, doing, and completing another quest. Besides, she had to do it for Lamia Scale's sake. It would be good knowing Lamia Scale mages can accomplish tasks alone without having to rely on a guildless person for help. Not that there was anything wrong with guildless people, but it would probably be less appealing to others. Questing with another person from another guild would probably detract attention from Lamia Scale too though, especially if she were to quest with a Fairy Tail member in Magnolia - their home town.

Kerii walked up to the request board and looked at all the available quests. She took one that looked to be about her skill level, which honestly wasn't saying much, considering the fact that she was just a healing mage. Not only that, but she wasn't an extremely talented one yet. The only thing she could do alone was heal someone. She couldn't take on a quest to defeat a Vulcan or kill a monster threatening a town, even if it was a weak one at that. She just simply couldn't without help. At least, until she grabs hold of one of those bows she's been looking for. She was sure that she'd find one in Orchidia if she went back, considering all the trade that went on over there, but she also wanted to explore other places while she was at it. She barely got to see any of the towns she passed through to get to Magnolia.

Without giving it much thought, Kerii picked the quest titled "Visit the Hermit." The client went by the name of Khalash Saton. An odd name, but what could she expect? This was Fiore. Heck, even elves lived among humans these days. Anyway, apparently this man ran a shop called the Mag Drug Magic Shop. Kerii raked her mind, trying to remember if she'd seen that store while running around Magnolia delivering cupcakes or going to Kardia Cathedral, but alas, she couldn't remember where it was. Frustratingly, she realized that she would have to ask for some help.

She went over to someone who didn't look too busy and asked, "Do you know where I can find the Mag Drug Magic Store?" The person looked at Kerii like she was crazy and asked, "You really want to go to that shady place?" With uncertainty, she replied, "Yeah?" The citizen rolled their eyes and pointed to the direction of the store. "It's all the way in the corner over that way. You can't miss it." "Thank you." Kerii was now more unsure about the quest she took, but decided to proceed. She could back out and put the request back, but she felt that if she did, it would be rude of her and would just make the client wait longer and she did not want to make her client wait. Since Kerii was rather impatient herself, she knew that it was not fun to keep on waiting, especially when you needed something done but you also needed help doing so. Subsequently, Kerii forged on and went in search of the Mag Drug Magic Shop.

The walk there was quite uneventful, but when she arrived at the shop, she knew exactly why the citizen of Magnolia didn't think it was a good idea to go there. The shop did look shady and sketchy, but coming from Orchidia, the shady and sketchy looking vendors often sold powerful (but also quite possibly illegal) items. So, without giving it a second thought, Kerii opened the door to the store. It gave out a load creak followed by the chime of a bell as the top of the door hit a brass one. She closed the door behind her and walked up to the counter. As she did so, she saw an assortment of magical items. She did not see a single mundane one. Most of them were ones she's seen in plenty of other magic shops, but some seemed to be a little more uncommon than that.

When Kerii approached the counter, she asked to see Khalash, but the man behind the counter was him. She greeted him and introduced herself as Kerii, a member of Lamia Scale who was responding to the request he put out. Khalash immediately told her what he wanted to be delivered, where, and to whom, and gave her the parcel full of food. Not long after that, Kerii set off to do her job.

She ventured into the east forest. That was the one place she absolutely did not need any help finding. When she went into the forest, she didn't feel any fear of some creature leaping out at her and wasn't afraid of any insect or walking into a spider web. She felt at home in the forest and felt energized just being in there. After what felt like a short walk, but was actually over a mile, she came across a tree with a door on it. She knocked on the door and delivered the parcel of food to the hermit. In return, the hermit gave Kerii a parcel full of herbs to bring back to Khalash. And so she did. She returned to Khalash as quickly as she could and just like the paper said, she was given her reward along with some kind of licorice root. Kerii had never had licorice root before, but she didn't like the candy. Nonetheless, she accepted the root. Khalash assured her that it was good, so the least she could do was try it. When she did, she actually did like the taste, but she did feel a wave of energy rush over her and she felt more energized. It was an odd sensation and she looked quizzically at the root. Khalash was right. It was good.

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Visit the Hermit [Quest: Kerii] EBrRwks
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