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Common Coward [Mission]

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on Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:30 am

A sunlit morning in Crocus greeted Videns as he entered the holy capital. Word around Fiore was that there were many mission for either light or dark guilds to partake, and being aligned with neither Videns was more than eager to get started on the missions, from both sides of the spectrum. If he was going to make a name for himself he had to start off small then work his way up, it was the classic technique, tried and true. He’d do some small jobs to get his name around, earn some capital then progress until he was at the peak of the mountain. The early morning sun glared brightly at Videns. Despite the shine of the sun the morning was still cold. Dew on the grass, the birds chirping and a chilling wind blew, to most it would be a lovely morning but Videns didn’t really care very much. The one thing on his mind however was getting something decent to eat. As he walked on the cobbled road of the old capital, he noticed a quaint inn which seemed fairly quiet. It was active enough to consider normal however as soon as he entered the establishment he felt a somewhat hostile atmosphere. The bartender seemed rather annoyed over something, his brow furrowed. If looks could kill the wad of bills he was holding would catch fire. Videns approached, although he went unnoticed as the bartender swore furiously about a man weasel named Kyle. “O-Oh my I’m so sorry sir please forgive me. What would you like?” the bartender said with a nervous smile and a bead of sweat forming at his temple. He clearly was not usually this way and felt embarrassed for his outburst of rage. “What’s the matter? Ripped off?” Videns asked casually trying to be polite. The bartender seemed somewhat shocked. “Y-Yeah actually, hit the nail on the head there kiddo” At the word kiddo Videns shot the man a look of dislike. He found it somewhat rude but he didn’t want to interrupt the bartender on his story, this was a potential job. The bartender ignored the look, clearly his temper was rising again, but to avoid another outburst he continued to talk. “Well anyway, this guy Kyle, he’s a con man and well conned me out of a fair bit of money… hey would you mind getting the money off of him for me? I’d reward you of course” Videns looked up and suppressed a smile. He nodded in agreement. “Sure then. SO the man’s name is kyle then? What else should I know about him?” Videns asked looking into the man’s brown eyes. The man held his chin in thought. The bartender reached down low and retrieved what seemed to be a polaroid picture as he pondered on what to say. Eventually barta look back to Videns and began to explain all about the Kyle the con man, his usual habits and hangouts. Videns listened with eager ears to the explanation.

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on Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:34 am

“Well he usually hangs in the streets, he’s pretty fast, which is why I haven’t got him myself. He carries around a baseball bat too so even if you do catch up with him you’re more than likely gonna get clocked in the face so watch out for that. He’s pretty cocky too. And it may sound stupid but be careful he is one hell of a con artist, he managed to trick me a few times at this stage and he could easily do the same to you so be careful. And heres a picture of him for reference. Have the pr- I mean perpatrator on file now.” The bartender warned. Videns then closed his eyes and tried to remember everything. Fast, has a bat, cocky. He kept going over those points in his head, the last one hadnt crossed his mind at all. He opened his eyes and looked up. “Alright I think I got it - erm , what was your name?” Vidnes asked suddenly shocked at his lack of manners. How had he not asked this man his name yet? The bartender smirked and looked at Videns. He really did think he was a kid. “Barta, best bartender in the holy capital of crocus, and you ki- ahem! Sir.” The bartender had a smirk on his face. Videns returned the smirk but only out of courtesy. “Videns, nice to meet you. I’ll head out now and when I’m back I might order some food or something.” Small talk wasn;t Videns’ strong point but he had came for food but was doing a quest now. Granted he wasn’t complaining but he wanted Barta to know why he was there. Videns left the Bar and almost immediately seen Kyle across the inn. Videns casually walked over to the sour faced looking man. He looked the spitting image of his picture, which was to be expected however he hadn’t had a bat on him at all. “Kyle, Barta wants his money.” Videns said simply. The man instantly dropped his cocky stance and looked frightened. “S-Sure I was just gonna go over and give it to the guy I swear. Here you can give it to him, I dont wana get shot.” He said and handed Videns a wad of cash. Videns nodded and turned to head back to the Inn. As soon as he did he noticed that Kyle began to sprint away from him. Barta came to meet Videns since he was barely across the street. “Dude thats counterfeit! It’s fake I told you he was good. Don’t just stand there go after him!” Barta ordered. Videns threw the cash he had on the ground and sprinted after the con man. Barta was right the man was quick for looking so old. Videns was on the tail of the con man all the time, mirroring his movements all the time. As Videns took the same corner Kyle did, he seen a big metal pole swing his way. The movement was sluggish and Videns managed to move out of the way in time. Mid swing was not an optimal time to get pinned, but Kyle didnt have much choice in the matter. Videns had managed to get an arm behind his back. Videns then took the money Kyle owed from Barta and gave it to him. As a result of his effort, Barta rewarded Videns with some jewels and a large breakfeast.
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