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Till The Dirt [Seira]

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on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:01 am

Seira woke up to sunshine and warm, beautiful weather. It was quiet outside and even though it was already nearly 11am, the people of Marigold werenít as busy as the citizens of bigger cities, such as Magnolia and Crocus. Seira very much enjoyed that about the little town that was hidden away in southern Fiore, far from where all the usual spectacle was happening and even though she had always been more of a big city girl, someone who appreciated being surrounded by people all in spite of being quite antisocial and not interacting with the masses very much, Seira enjoyed being away from all of that every once in a while and she had absolutely no issues with staying in a place like Marigold for a week to rest and do other things. But as per usual, the girl needed to find work for the sake of money. It was always the same and even though you would think that she was slowly growing tired of it, Seira was a very hardworking person and she was willing to work nearly all kinds of jobs if it helped her earn easy money. Even though she was a wizard, she hadnít been doing much that required magic lately. The girl wasnít lazy in that regard, but she wasnít a very violent person either. Seira absolutely hated conflict and she tried to avoid it at all costs. Of course the woman knew that there were times when she couldnít avoid conflict and had to battle, and she wouldnít back down if she had to, but if it could be avoided in first place then she would never willingly fight someone. In a way she was a pacifist and she probably would have been one if she grew up with her family. But after losing her entire family at an early age the girl had realized that the world was far too cruel and if you wanted to survive in it, you needed a way to defend yourself and, unfortunately, most times those ways were with the use of violence and magic. Seiraís magic, in itself, wasnít very strong and even though she considered herself gifted to be able to use such a magic, the girl had never thought about perfecting it and making it stronger. She knew that there were wizards in this country that wielded absolutely terrifying types of magics and while she probably would never be able to compete, part of her had sometimes felt the need to train at least a little bit to improve herself. However, for the time being Seira decided to work on herself as a person first, before all else. During battle things such as the right armour and the right weapon could make a huge difference as well and even though she had none of those things yet, she was aware that they all required a great amount of money and that could only be earned through hard work. While Seira came from a relatively wealthy family, not much of the wealth has remained with her.



on Mon Jun 19, 2017 3:01 am

It was because her father was in debt during the last few years of his sad life and Seira had been on her own ever since. She would certainly never have to live on the street again, that was for sure, and she always kept enough money to be able to rent a room in an inn for a few days, but to make sure that she was never running out of it, or in case of bad times, Seira of course had to work. Finding work in Marigold Town, fortunately, seemed to be relatively simple but at the same time it was also often boring. It had absolutely nothing to do with the things she usually did and since the little town strongly dependent on its farmland, most of the work was done on the farmland as well. Seira had already met Farmer Jim, a man in his late fiftees who was a very passionate farmer that was known by basically everyone in Marigold Town. Seira already had the pleasure to help him with his cabbages, which were apparently some sort of main dish in Marigold. The town required an unreal amount of cabbages and everyone here just seemed to love that specific vegetable. Seira had absolutely no problems with cabbages, but at the same time they didnít really strike her as all that special, but of course the girl wasnít going to argue with anyone about that. She was just here to do her work and after crating and stacking the cabbages yesterday, Farmer Jim was kind enough to offer her another job for today. It was equally exhausting, but there was no helping it at all. With all the cabbages being done he needed help with preparing his soil for the next season crop. Since Jimís tractor was broken he needed help with tilling the soil and Seira chose to do so by using a simple hoe. That took her quite some time, and having a magic that did the same certainly was faster, but there was no way for it so she just did it the normal way and spend her day preparing the soil so Farmer Jim could plant whatever he wanted to plant next. The hours passed and she and Jim were having a few conversations about this and that, nothing special in particular, mostly cabbages and what it meant to be a farmer. The people in Marigold were simple people and Seira realized that if she wanted to find out useful information for mages she probably had to go elsewhere since this clearly wasnít the place for it. But it didnít matter for now and the girl finished her work anyways after about 5 hours, with little break in between of course. She did her work properly and didnít say anything bad about cabbages at all so when the day ended Farmer Jim rewarded her the promised amount and Seira was free to leave and go home. He stated that if he needed her help again he would leave a letter at the request board for her.


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