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Basic Duties | Snowflake

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#1Hikari Snow 

Default on Wed May 24, 2017 3:36 am


With beautiful monuments and antique buildings, the young maiden was awed by the beauty of the town called Hargeon. On her shoulder was her companion – Vysella, who seemed to be enjoying the sight that be folded in front of her eyes as well. Even from this distance, she could hear the sounds of waves crashing and the clamour of market. It was a crowded city, just like she had expected. Snow had seen beautiful pictures of Hargeon from the numerous books she had read when she was younger albeit, the town itself was even more exquisite now that she had seen it herself. Despite the fact that she was a member of Blue Pegasus, she rarely visited her own guild and barely knew any comrades apart from Chelvaric and Finn, for she was too busy travelling around Fiore and exploring new places.

It had been an adventure so far; a lovely one that is and Snow was positive that she would be enjoying her time in this city once again. The girl stretched her hands outwards and released a groan before inhaling a huge lungful of cold morning air. The streets had begun to get crowded, young and old alike, as she wandered the area through swirls and eddies of people. The scent of sweat that lingered in the air mixed with the fragrance of flowers nearby and wafted into her nose. Beads of sweat glistered on everyone’s foreheads due to the sweltering heat caused by the rays of unlight that beamed down upon the town. The heat did not bother her much like it used to before although she could still feel the ends of her hair sticking onto her sweaty neck.

Vysella leaped onto the cobblestones that laid on the ground and strode forwards as if it was leading her somewhere. She stopped in a distance, in front of a rather large crowd who surrounded the mission board. ”Are you in the mood to do some quests?” The girl walked towards the board and asked her companion. With her petite body, she pushed through the mob of mages easily and quickly scanned the brittle sheets of paper that were pinned up on the board. Without bothering to look at the details of each and every quest, the girl just randomly plucked out the paper from the board and slid out of the crowd since she could not bear any longer to be surrounded by tons of people.

Her client seemed to be a police officer who worked at the local police station and was addressed as Kenji Maki. While meandering through the streets, the cyborg would read the details of the quest in which she quickly discovered that she was to stop the delinquents from drawing graffiti on the walls of the neighbourhood with their sloppy art. ”Seems like an easy one.” Snow mumbled, without much feelings behind her tone. She had expected a quest that would at least be slightly enjoyable but it seemed like she was unfortunate this time. Besides, Snow had never been good with children for she never had enough patience to deal with them. Albeit, since she was aware that she would be getting rewarded afterwards, she tried not to be bothered about other factors.  


#2Hikari Snow 

Default on Wed May 24, 2017 6:33 am

Upon reaching the police station, Snow received stares from people that were inside a building, some wondering who she was and some eyeing at her cautiously. As a young officer passed her, she would quickly call out for him, ”Excuse me.” She paused briefly as the man turned around to face her.”May I know where I can meet Kenji Maki?” The girl enquired. ”Oh, yes. He’s just right there in that office.” The officer smiled down at her and pointed at the office that was right across the other direction. The youth bowed in gratitude before approaching towards the office. She rapped on the oaken doors lightly with her knuckles and heard a voice inside permitting her to enter the room.

The silver-haired mage seated herself right in front of his desk and took in his appearance slowly. With lilac eyes and long lavender hair messily tied up at the back, Kenji Maki was a very attractive man. His mesmerizing gaze pierced right through hers, followed by a rather deadly smile that could make every girl go weak. Of course, Snow was not one to be fazed by such alluring looks. ”I’m Snow. I saw that you required some assistance.”” She placed the quest paper in front of him and waited for his response. ”Ah, yes! You came right on time. Since I’ll be busy during this afternoon until the evening, I’d like you to take care of those punks.” The man paused briefly and took a moment to contemplate about something. ”I’m not exactly sure where they are but once you see the sloppy art on the walls they should be within the area.”

”Thanks. That’s all I needed.” Without saying much, the girl left the room with Vysella trailing behind her. As she exited the police station, Snow began scanning around the area in an attempt so search for the kids vandalizing the walls. Upon reaching the middle of the city, she started to notice the ugly art that were sprayed on the walls of houses and beautiful buildings that decorated the town. Adults were seen angry, furious that their walls have now been tainted. The girl would ask random people in the area on the whereabouts about the kids, which finally led her to the park. She heard fits of giggles until she saw a group of young teenagers with spray bottles in their hands. ”What’d you want?” One of the boys snarled, staring up at her. Blue eyes peered down at the kids through her thick dark eyelashes with the expression of faint distaste while her arms folded across her chest.

”You better stop doing that.” She gestured towards the art drawn across the walls with a lift of her head. The boys began laughing as if she was some idiot. ”Who’d you think you are with some blind fold?” Snow smirked at the remark and thrusted her arm downwards, causing her skin to create a little gap before a long sword extruded from her wrist. The boys, shocked from the sight they had just seen dropped the spray bottles. ”Don’t forget do paint up all the walls you’ve vandalized.” The delinquents nodded and broke into a run without saying another word. She withdrew the sword back into her body and released a sigh. At least she was able to scare them away easily.


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