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Granny-Sitting [Chelvaric]

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Granny-Sitting [Chelvaric] Empty on Fri May 12, 2017 11:56 pm

Chelvaric Walderkat
Chelvaric was Walking towards the bar he was working earlier. He had to there again. For some reason. He didnít know why but they always requested him to come back after he finished a job already for them once. †He was happy that people invited him all the time to work for them it was fun and he didnít mind doing it that much. He wondered what he would be doing today. He still didnít get an exciting job yet and he really wanted to get one. †But he didnít think today would be much exciting either as it was just a bartender who requested the job. He just hoped he didnít had to push another drunk guy out of the bar that were the most stupid and annoying request that could happen and he really didnít want one again. For the love of god be something else chelvaric said. He was acompied by scraggy again and he was wearing short shorts and had washed his long white hair for once so that it was super straight and good looking. People were watching him as he walked by them. excpecialy the girls. But he didnít give them much attention there was no †one as good as snow anyway. He opened the door to the bar as he arrived and watched the inside of the bar as it was empty. The owner was standing there all packed to travel. †

ďugh, my head hurts. Oh hai chelvaric nice to see you again. I need to take care of some buisniss out of town can you keep watch of my grandma while I am gone she wonít do anything okay donít worry. She wonít do much probably just playing some games and thatís it.Ē
, he said to chelvaric and waved whle he walked out of the door and started running to catch his train. Oh great it was chelvarics day absolutely not. Why did he had to sit on a grandma. But then again it was a perfect time to just relax and sleep around. Chelvaric started to walk towards the room where the grand ma was supposed to be and entered. She was sitting on a chair rocking over and over and sewing at the same time. ďoh hello there young man. Forgive me I canít stand up. Oh what a nice pet you have there young man I was I could pet it.Ē, the od lady said and she smiled to them. ďHey Scraggy go to the old lady and she can pet you then.Ē, chelvaric said to him and he send him off to the old lady. ďWhat human do you think I am †a petting toy I refuse to go find someone else okay I donít wana do it likei would lower myself towards a level where I would let myself be petted by some old lady;Ē, he said while he crossed his arms all denying as he realy didnít want to do it. But chelvaric picked him up and placed him near the old lady and she started petting him. Afterwards chelvaric laid down and slept for a while. The grandma took a nap too with scraggy on her lap.

They ended sleeping most of the day but they woke up near the time that he would be back but he wasnít back yet. The old lady didsome cross word puzzles while chelvaric was cleaning the house a bit as he had nothing to do. How did he end up in here to do these lame stuffs. He wanted to fight demons and dark mages. Not look after some old lady. He did had a nice sleep tough so he was gratefull for that. But still he wanted more excitement and he didnít get it at all. He sighed and fell on the couch and just watched the old lady from afar. †But then she suddnely got up without saying anything and she walked away. Chelvaric tought she couldnít walk but apearently he was wrong. He followed her and she ended up being in the kitched getting some eggs and flour and salt and butter out of the closets. She started to beat up the eggs and said to chelvaric that he had to measure the flour to five hundred gram. So he took out a bowl and weights and started to measure the flower. Afterwards he gave the old lady the flour and then looked at her as she put the eggs and the flour togheter. She then made little cookie shapes and put them In the oven. Chelvaric waited infront of the oven till the cookies were ready. And took them out as quickly as possible as the old lady had wandered off to somewhere else. He wondered what she was doing by leaving the cookies unattended. They would have burned. When he took them out the old lady came back and overed him one of the cookies. Chelvaric took one and thanked the old lady for the cookies and bit the cookie off. He felt energy going torugh his body and felt super energized. He looked at the cookie and saw some mana crystals stuck out. How did she put mana crystals in he was looking at her the whole time this was so weird. But he felt realy good after that. The guy finaly come home and thanked chelvric for the time he took off to help the grand ma they shook hands and they left each other as he got his reward and dinít need more. He got some extra cookies too and he was nomming them happily togheter with scraggy. The day was ending soon and chelvaric had to go out on a hunt to gather some food. He would leave scraggy in a bar again and pick him up later. But some eerie feeling was going over his back as something bad was gona happen soon. He wondered what it would be. Hell train harder so he would be prepared for it. Nothing will stop him. he was ready for the future.


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