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Flier Funky [Ace]

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#1Ace Brookes 

Default on Sun May 07, 2017 10:11 am

Ace and his pet growlithe, Anax, were walking around the park without a care in the world. The gas mage stood for a second to tie his shoe as his comanion circled around him. He got up and his companion was gone. He stood there looking around him with a puzzled face. The gas mage had no clue where his companion had wandered off to. He wasn't that used to having someone walk next to him as of yet. The young dark skinned mage better start getting used to having company around. He didn't bother calling out for his companion as he'd already witnessed how a growlithe is able to find his companion solely based on their scent which was engraved in their memory. Ace casually sat on one of the benches in the park they were walking in and started looking around. He had no books with him so he would just have to wait for his companion to come back to him. He didn't seem worried at all. The gas mage packed a lot of emotion but wasn't great at showing it.

The park seemed rather quieter than other days and that was probably because it was a weekday. He took the whole bench for himself as he brought his feet up to a crosslegged position. Just as he was about to get comfortable he spotted a paper on plucked on the tree next to him. He leaned over to see what that was about, and surprisingly enough it seemed like the owner of the Magnolia Bathhouse was advertising for a job out in the open. Asking for both mages and non mages to help her. That was all honestly none of Ace's business until he spotted the foot note that said 'kindly rewarded'. Now that was something he was in need of. Again, the gas mage wasn't very used to having someone around him at all times, so his budget has been running low quicker than he has expected. It was good though as it was teaching him how to save up better. Then again, Anax wasn't any dead weight either. The young orange furred growlithe was working hard on getting his share of the requests done. Not to mention that he's still developing his magic which is surely going to help Ace in learning new spells.

"Where the hell is he."

The gas mage murmured to himself as he ran his fingers through his huge afro. Just upon asking the question, Ace spotted the young canine from far away. He ran at full speed towards the afroed mage. Ace brought his feet down and stood up to go check the request out. He didn't notice that his companion had a small tennis ball clenched between his teeth. Anax ran up and down like the playful young growlithe he was until Ace noticed, "Where'd you get that from?" The young growlithe dropped the ball and growled at Ace as he stood facing the direction where he got it from while still panting. "What the hell is that?" The gas mage exclaimed as he saw a group of people running their way. They seemed to be holding a tennis competition of some sort that Anax interrupted. "Oh shit... Run King!" He whispered as he bolted off. The both of them took off running towards the heart of Magnolia not really knowing where else they could go to lose the crowd. They weaved past the alleyways until they managed to lose the angry mob behind them. Both of them sat there in an alleyway panting. "That was a close one Anax..." He slowly looked at his partner and couldn't help but chuckle at the sight of Anax. He still had the tennis ball held in his mouth with drool all over it. It was a rare sighting to see the gas mage smiling, but it was something that actually made him chuckle for a bit before going back to his normal state. He patted his growlithe just before getting up and said "Lets go check this request out." The tribal king got on his feet as well as he walked next to the afroed boy.

A few minutes after taking a short break, the gas mage and his partner arrived at the Magnolia Bathhouse. They pushed the main door to walk in and take the request that has been advertised by Bella Missandra, the owner of the largest bathhouse in Magnolia. They walked in and greeted the lady briefly. She seemed to be busy enough and just handed Ace a huge pile of fliers to give out. "Not many people have showed up to help me give these out today in particular, so you get this large stack. Give them out, hang them up, and make sure people read them... Come back to me and I'll be sure to reward you." Bella said. With all her information being thrown out at Ace in a couple sentences. He carried the fliers and walked out as his young companion held the door for him as Bella seemed too busy to even be doing that.

Ace went in a frenzy trying to give out the huge pile of fliers before the end of the day. Bella made a remark about hanging certain fliers in specific places so he went about looking for the South Gate Park and handed out a good bit of fliers on the way there. He managed to locate the board and spam it with fliers. He then went over to the Fairy Tail's guild and hung up a couple fliers around the guild hall so that even the members of the guild were able to clearly see the ads. Finally, he went over to Olly's bakery where he's done a request previously before. That place never seemed to quiet down at all. He stuck up a few fliers around there and handed out a good number around his bakery since their were a lot of people there. On their way back to the bathhouse, Ace and Anax gave the last few papers they had left so that when he arrived back at the bathhouse he was empty handed. Bella not only gave Ace and Anax theur reward, but also offered them a rejuvenating bath that was meant to boost their magical energy. They got their reward and left after thanking the woman.


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