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Geb and Faust's Power Level Rankings - EARLY MAY

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on Tue May 02, 2017 8:07 pm

NOTE: This is raw power only. Combat skill is not included. I sincerely believe one that is not even at the bottom of this list could wreck the top 5 if they were good enough at writing.


Scores were calculated with the following things in mind:

Companions, Items, Magics, Races, Spells, Mana and Stat totals (divided)

And the following things not in mind:

Starter Spell, Ranks, Masteries, Refinement

Shall we begin?

(FIrst number is rank, second is score.)

1 : YUMI: 59
Who saw it coming? We did! I think everyone can agree that with many spells, a good stat and mana spread as well as demon, Yumi is the number one in terms of raw power on the site. Will he be able to keep this up for long? Find out next episode!

2: GEB: 50
Why, it’s one of our hosts, Geb! I wont lie, I’m writing this myself. I came in second this time, though I’m not exactly happy about it. Honestly, I was reluctant to put myself in here.. But, oh well. Here I am! My high stats give me the edge, not to mention an elemental upgrade or two.

Konstantin has what is most likely the most powerful magic on site - along with, of course, a rare set. This along with his evolved companion boosts him up to number 3. With the rate he’s going, could he be number one next month?

4: LEYARIA: 47
Leyaria has tons of high rank spells, and DragonSlayer to boot. In addition, due to her high mana pool thanks to A-rank, she was able to secure a great number 4 on this list, almost beating Kon.

5 / 6 : CAIUS: 45
While he hasn’t gone Super Saiyan Rose yet, this man sure is super. With God Slayer on his side, as well as his high mana pool and high ranking spells, Caius got into the top 5 with ease. Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall behind. Need a sensu?

5/6::ODIN: 45
Odin’s been gone for school this last week, but we’ve decided to include him in because let’s face it - who ISN’T at school doing exams? This british loverboy was able to secure a high spot thanks to many b-rank spells and his Demon Takeover.

6 / 7: ROMAN: 42
Sharing a spot with Nastasya, Roman comes in sixth place. He has a good set of B-rank spells and Lightning Dragon Slayer. Now, if only he had got that exceed, he would most likely be at a higher spot. What are you doing, Roman?! Go do that call quest!

6 / 7 NASTASYA: 42
Nastasya comes in 6th this time around thanks to the fact that she was able to by lots of spells, as well as her vampire race. In addition, she looks to have almost reached A-rank.. Could next month’s list be shifted thanks to her/

8: FINN: 40
Finn is a powerhouse. Honestly, when I calculated his score I had to calculate it again because I thought he’d be higher. Regardless, he’s a serious threat with Jake the Dog, one of the only 2 Legendary Companions on site - and his Finn Sword item, which has crazy damage output

9: Teiho: 39
We’ve decided to include Teiho on the list for reasons unknown. He has the best companion on site, Requip, items… now if only he would RP, am I right?

10: ALICE: 36
You’ll never see it coming! Alice seemed like a weak D-rank only a few months ago when she signed up, but has climbed to the top thanks to her Requip magic and many items. You keep going. With this pace, you may be in the top 5 next time!

11 / 12 EREBUS: 34
Erebus just misses the top 10, but we’re sure he’ll be back. Considering he went from “the new guy” to number 11, this adventurer seems to be seeking rare and unique valued items, which can be easily obtained thanks to adventurer.

11 / 12 HOUREN: 34
Houren grinded harder than everyone else, and it’s got him to the top. With his Fire Dragon Slayer magic, depending on how much he keeps hitting that grind, he could be one of the most lethal forces on site, including combat skill.

13: HIKA: 30
Hika, you’ve been slacking. What was once FTRP’s storngest has fallen behind a bit. Buy more spells, an item, something Hika! #firehika

This man is low in raw power due to his lack of spells, but I’d argue he’s still the most dangerous on site If he rises into the top 10 soon, most likely he’ll be unstoppable.

16 / 15: BIANCA: 20
Vampire helped Bianca rise up, but her lack of spells kept her down. My advice to her would be to utilize her blood magic to the fullest!

16 / 15: GALAXY: 20
Galazy gets to a shared 15/16 spot thanks to her God Takeover. While she’s not a legend just yet, we’re hping she’ll get stronger and soon everyone will be talking of this deity.

17: TORI: 19
Tori has Dragon Slayer, but has yet to fill out his spell inventory much. Once she does, she’ll definitely fall a lot higher.

18/19 : MANZO: 18
Manzo has Dragon Slayer, but again suffers from Tori’s problem: lack of spells. Just buy spells, guys! That’s all!

19/18: ACE BROOKES: 18
Ace, I like the Boondocks, good choice in face claim. You seem to be well rounded - just keep improving to get higher on the list!

20:  LEEANN: 16
LeeAnn is helped by Neko, but her lack of spells cause her ruin. -Insert comment implying she should buy spells)


on Wed May 03, 2017 4:18 am

#11/12 ayy I'll take it


on Wed May 03, 2017 11:43 am


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