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Flier Funky [Locust]

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#1Locust Paars 

Default on Mon May 01, 2017 5:36 am

It was around 6 PM when he entered the bath house of Magnolia. Scratching head while taking some steps, he realized that he forgot to close the sliding door behind him. This could be something seen as rude maybe. Customs of humans were different by themselves but even more they had personalized quirks and likes that separated them away from each other, but weirdly was also the cause they fit like puzzle pieces. He couldn’t see anyone at the desk when he entered. The ornate walls were quite traditional looking and the faint sound of the hot water outside bubbling could be heard from where he stood. The walls and the ground were beige in color, with brown splashes around them, the wooden parts. A paper lantern was suspended on the ceiling, carefully planned to be right in the middle of the room. Locust was surprised that a lantern could be this illuminating.

Soon a woman entered from a door that was in front of Locust and smiled as she closed the door.
“Wish I could say it was a tough day, but it wasn’t,” she spoke and rubbed her wrist. She was quite beautiful and looked at most 25 or 26. There was a watch on her arm that peaked the clockworker’s interest, and she was wearing a red dress with orange trims. Her outfit was traditional while her hair and make up were much more western and the two together felt a bit out of place. Around her nose she had very faint freckles, and her rather big lips were not attractive at all. Her blonde hair looked soft as it cascaded down her sides. Locust assumed that she had made sure not to have any string that went downwards in front of her face, as the hair was placed neatly only on the sides of her hair.

“I am sorry to hear that,” Locust spoke. The woman went to the right of Locust, towards the wall where there was a small cupboard on the floor. She crouched as she yawned and took out a bundle of fliers that were tightened together with a greenish blue ribbon.
“Well, hopefully you will be able to handle this for me,” she said with a slight smile. She then checked her watch and her happy expression, even if it was slightly, changed. Maybe she was late for something, Locust assumed.
“Should I start then?” he asked. The woman looked at him and nodded.
“There are some places that I specifically want you to have the fliers put on, so please do so.”
So Locust nodded in agreement.

Magnolia was slowly losing daylight and street lights were getting lighted up by workers so the streets wouldn’t be dark. Every exhale of breath caused a small vapor to arise from Locust’s mouth, but he didn’t exactly feel chilly. His eyes were pleased more than he would assume at the sight of the town. A dark blue-gray color had stretched itself across the sky and below that was Magnolia’s western houses, white walls and gray roads that were lightened by the lights. It was as if Locust’s eyes had a wonderful filter on them that made everything look more darker, bluish and grayish. These colors were not colors of ugly, no, they were the most suitable for this hour.

Locust wouldn’t forget to place the fliers as he went on of course. He was taking the top one from the bundle by moving it left and right so it would slide out under the ribbon, place it and then move on. He walked around Magnolia for a while, while doing this routine. This had also been a nice excuse to visit some places that peaked his interest, like the cathedral. He looked at the big building with awe, and then pasted a flier unto it. He took two steps back before hitting someone, he wasn’t looking.
“Watch it!” the guy yelled, frustrated.
“My apologies,” Locust said and bowed. The guy seemed weirded out by Locust’s manners and bowing so he quickly muttered that it was fine and walked away in an agile pace. Locust raised from his bowing and looked at the back of the guy that was walking. Ah, he was muscular.

When there was only three fliers left, Locust decided to go to the specific places that he has been told. To a bank that was close by he placed the flier bundle and took out a small folded paper out of his pocket. His fingers were starting to feel a bit cold, but it wasn’t anything bad. Bella Missandra had a nice handwriting, as the places were worded on the paper via cursive, punctuation and grammar correct despite it being just a reminder note. She had written this note so quickly too. Reading the location names about three, four times, Locust folded the paper and placed it in his pocket once more. The first place was one of the gates, so he walked there. He looked outside the gate for a second and saw the forest that sprawled outside the gates. He was there a few days ago. Putting the flier on the bulletin board, he made his way to the next place. Fairy Tail building. Locust knew about guilds, but he had never paid them any attention. While he was putting the flier close by, he looked inside from far away and saw lots of people around tables, eating and laughing. He looked at that scene for a couple of minutes then walked away with a neutral expression. The last place was familiar to him, the bakery that he had done a job at not so long ago. He put the flier next to the window of the shop as he felt it would be rude to place it on the window.

He returned to the bath house afterwards and was rewarded. Bella Missandra was nice enough to allow Locust use the waters as a bonus. The special herbs in the water had the best of scents.

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