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Hammer Time [Kazuma and Charlotte]

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on Thu Apr 27, 2017 7:32 pm

Kazuma Snow
Kazuma stiffled a yawn as he made his way towards the Black Anvil. After he arrived yesterday, he looked for the reason he came to Magnolia in the first place, taking a quest with his friend, Charlotte. He looked for her in her infamous guild, Fairytail, but left when a member he asked told him she hasn't shown up yet. He kindly ask the man to deliver a message to her when she does; that he already took a job and wanted her to follow afterwards. So here he is, staring at a man pounding a piece of metal with his hammer as sparks flew everywhere. He guessed that due to the man concentrating, chances of him actually noticing him was zero so he decided to act. He cleared his throat softly at first but it gradually increased when the man still didn't give him attention. "Hey. Whatcha' doing there, lad?" the guy stopped what he was doing, stood up and went to Kazuma's front, who was busy looking at the various swords, shields, and other equipments hanging around the walls of the forge. "I'm Kazuma, one of the mages who took this job." He then raised the quest paper on his hand. When the guy saw it, he smiled. "Ah. I see, The name's Barras, lad. Are you a metal mage?" Kazuma just shook his head as a reply. He saw a tint of disappointment making it's way on Barras face but he ignored it. "Shame. Well, that's alright though. Figured they would be hard to come by. By the way, you said 'one of the mages taking my quest'. You have a companion?" Kazuma nodded. "I see you aren't exactly fond of words, huh?" Barras chuckled. Suddenly though, they heard the door of the forge open and the chiming of the bell indicating someone just arrived. They both turned and when Kazuma saw who it was, he inwardly smiled. "That's her, my companion. Barras, meet Char." He gestured at the girl.

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