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Flyer Funky [Solo]

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#1Tori Lancaster 

Default on Sun Apr 23, 2017 5:52 am

Walking through the streets of Magnolia as usual, she encountered a buildling that she had never run across before; the Magnolia bathhouse. She was confused at the thought of community bathing, but to each their own she supposed. Outside the building was a blonde woman slightly taller than Tori herself, with a stack of papers in her hand. She looked exhausted to say the least, as if she had been outside waving these papers around all day long. Being the kind hearted person that she was, the Fairy Tail mage strolled up to her and politely asked if the woman was ok. "Oh, yes, I'm fine. It's just a little tiring trying to run a business and promote it all at the same time." she explained, making perfect sense to the ice mage. Just thinking about it wore her out, even after everything she had done. It was then that Tori got an idea. "I could possibly help you out. Maybe put up some of your flyers around town? I'm guessing that's something you're not able to do yourself since that would mean leaving your business unattended." she suggested, which earned a now from her fellow blonde female and a huge smile. "That would be absolutely wonderful of you!" she exclaimed, practically beside herself with joy. "Please follow me inside and I'll grab you some flyers to distribute out."

Tori did as she was requested, and inside the building was just absolutely beautiful. Nearly all of the surfaces inside looked to be made of marble, both elegant and simple. To the back she saw a wall with three doors. Upon investigation, she learned that the doors led to individual rooms; one for men only, one for women only, and one for mixed bathing of men and women alike. Bella Missandra, the bathhouse owner, informed Tori that any 'adult behavior' was strictly forbidden, but Tori was unsure of how that sort of rule would be enforced. Regardless, she picked up her flyers and asked if there were any locations in particular that Bella would prefer. She figured that the most populated areas of town would be preferred, which was indeed the case. Bella requested that the Dragon Slayer put up flyers in South Gate Park, the Fairy Tail guild hall, and Olly's Bakery. For all three locations, nowhere in particular is necessary as long as the flyer is visible for all to see. With that, Tori took off to fulfill her task. Although payment was not discussed, Bella did not look like someone to ask such a task of someone without giving fair compensation.

First stop was the South Gate Park. As its name suggested, the park was location near the south gate of Magnolia, providing several options for any visitors. There was a small playground for children on the west side, as well as a small koi fish pond with benches lining the perimeter. There was a large field where groups of teenagers would gather to play all sorts of sports as well. Tori looked for somewhere to hang the flyers and found a bulletin board posted on the wall of a small building that housed restrooms and a utility closet. There was also a small amount of pins stuck in the board on one side, and Tori used one to pin the flyer to the wall. Taking her leave, Tori noticed a couple of people eyeing the flyer and then immediately heading off in the direction of the bathhouse. Her advertising was already working!

Next stop was the guild hall, which Tori was no stranger on how to find. Taking the winding roads as if she had lived in Magnolia all her life, she arrived at the gate of the guild hall in no time, despite in being so far away from the park. There was an archway that hung over the path through the guild's lawn and into the building, and Tori thought that was the perfect place to hang the flyer, but the problem was how she was going to hang it. Thinking for a second, she ran into the building in an attempt to procure a hammer and a nail that could be driven into stone. After searching a janitor closet, Tori found just what she needed. Returning to the archway, Tori was able to drive the nail into the stone and pin the flyer to the arch. Noticing a fellow Fairy Tail wizard in the lawn tending to a garden, Tori called him over to return the hammer to the closet in which she found it. After he agreed, Tori was off to her final destination, Olly's Bakery. Tori had heard of the confection shop, but had never been inside, and it was an utter sin that she hadn't. With Tori's heightened sense of smell, she snifed the place out in minutes as it aerated the surrounding areas with its freshly baked break and sweets. Tori could barely contain herself as she was swept away by the enticing aroma. It appeared the bakery was having some sort of sale or something, as there was a crowd of people trying to get in the door. Since she wasn't there to buy anything, Tori didn't want to wait in line just to hang a flyer, so she managed to get in and ask the owner if it was ok to hang a flyer in the window. "Well, sure! Always glad to help a fellow small business owner like myself!" And with that, he handed Tori some tape and allowed her to fasten it to the shop window facing the street. On her way out, Tori found herself hearing comments from people who seemed interested in visiting the bathhouse. Bella would be thrilled.

By the time she returned, business had already picked up and she saw the taller blonde beaming with glee. Upon seeing Tori, she excused herself for a moment before hugging the ice mage in thanks. "Business has never been better and it hasn't even been a full day. This is amazing, thank you Tori!" she cheered, as she handed Tori a fair payment. "Please visit us someday soon. I'll even offer you a special, magically rejuvenating bath on the house." she exclaimed before returning to her customers. Not wanting to keep her from her business unnecessarily, Tori agreed to her offer and took a rain check, exiting out the door and wishing all the patrons within earshot a nice bath and a good time.


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