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Granny-Sitting [Axel Quest] [WIP]

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Granny-Sitting [Axel Quest] [WIP] Empty on Wed Apr 05, 2017 10:17 am

Axel Tengoku
The quests were coming in as fast as Axel could take them. Every day there seemed to be something new to do, and for Axel, someone who is too impatient to go through the rigors of "years before becoming great", he wanted to do everything as fast as possible so he can get to the point that he wants to be at. To be the best. Just, the absolute best. Axel looked at his quest, wondering what he could gain from this. Even though it was still only a D rank quest, something can be learned from everything in the world.

This one was something like his previous quest- to take care of an elderly person. So, Axel decided to go to the decided location to meet the person. The person he was meeting is named Mitya Noran, and he requested that the person who picks the quest up watch over his mother for the day. Axel didn't think this would be too hard, and who knows, there could be something interesting that comes along as a prize at the end of this (besides the usual money). Of course, Axel wasn't expecting anything.

When Axel got to the location, he saw the man he had to meet. He wanted to make sure he had the right guy, so when he walked up to him, he made sure to wave before.

"I'm guessing you are Mitya?", Axel said, pointing towards the quest sheet in his hand, indicating that he was here to watch over the grandmother.

The man nodded, and then started to explain that he needed Axel to watch over the grandmother for the day. Axel recognized and noticed that the man was extremely hungover already, so he knew he had to be quick. He nodded off to the man, who he saw go towards the bar. He then went inside and introduced himself to the old lady.

"Well, hello there young man! I'm assuming we'll be around eachother this whole day. Care to help me out?" the old lady asked Axel, pointing to the dishes.

Axel obliged, knowing that he will do anyhting in this case. Besides, helping an old lady meant he could relax while doing this quest too. He started washing the dishes, making sure that everything was clean. Every dish was immacuately wiped down, each one shining and showing Axel's face, as if they were wiped down ot the mirror.

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