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Sirius Concerns(Bianca/Event)

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Default on Thu Feb 23, 2017 9:08 pm

Caius sat along the wall of the Sirius Mansion waiting for his partner to arrive. His partner was a klutzy dark mage named Bianca. She helped him in his last affair and offered to join him again so he figured he might as well take it. At the very least she could be used as a meat shield if the requests ended up being too difficult for him. Who knows maybe she could do something to prove her usefulness. His client for the current request was Sirius Phantasm, a man he had worked for in the past and paid well. It seemed he was still having the same issue with a mason blabbing to the other families in the city of Oak that was causing trouble for them. The Sirius family was one of the most powerful in all of Oak Town so they were paying extremely well to stop the mason from blabbing to the other dark families in the town.

In a previous mission, Caius had found out one of the workers that was causing issues for the family. He worked on the wall in the mansion and listened to the gossip as he bought drinks to get all the other stone workers drunk. This time he came even more prepared. He was dressed up like a stone worker so he wouldn't need to use the same tactic. He looked the part so he could just fake complain and see if any of the other workers took the bait and say that they hated the Sirius Family. Once he knew that he could report to the employee who hired him and cash in on his reward. Caius tapped his foot on the ground as he waited for Bianca. Once she arrived they could enter the castle walls and talk to their client to get the details of the mission. After that it would be a breeze tho complete it and get paid.


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Default on Mon Feb 27, 2017 3:54 am

Today Bianca was going to the Phantasm castle to complete a task with her recently made friend Varian. It looked like the stone mason workers were being little bitches even though she saved their asses last time. This time, she isn’t going to save anyone. She’s going to tell Sirius whatever she heard. To be honest, this job didn’t need two people to be done. But just for the sake of gaining more friendship maybe, Bianca decided to do it with Varian. She didn’t know where he was from, or who he worked for, but as long as they had this mutual thing where they wouldn’t harm each other, she was happy. The one thing she could tell for sure was that he was surely affiliated with a dark organization to be working for people like Sirius Phantasm and that Martello guy in their previous job. Unless he was...pretending to be a dark wizard.

The Phantasm castle was on another hill but not too far from her guild so she took a walk there. She was dressed like a hobo, to be quite honest. She tried her best to look like someone who was a stone mason, although not many females were stone masons. If anyone suspected her, she could pretend to be Varian’s younger sister or something, coming to help him at work, although they looked nothing alike. When the castle came clearly into her vision, Bianca searched for Varian among the many people crowded at the front gate. It wasn’t hard because he had black spiky hair that kind of made him stand out in the crowd. With a grin and a wave, Bianca strode along the paved path to where Varian was standing. “Hello,” she said with her arms folded. She wasn’t very used to outfits that exposed a lot of skin.

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Default on Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:44 pm

"About time. Let's go" Caius said coldly as he pushed himself off the wall as Bianca arrived. She was taking the role very seriously as she was dressed up in stone mason garb like him. It looked like this mission was already off to a better start than the last one. At least he hoped. They walked to the backyard outside the castle and saw their client, Sirius Phantasm sitting at the table waiting for them.

"Hello my friends. It's a good thing I've hired you two before so you should know what is going on. The stone masons have another man blabbing to other families in Oak. Find him and report him back to me so he can get punished. Then you'll get your pay.
" Their client said before walking back into the mansion.

The castle walls towered several meters high and had tons of mason workers performing maintenance on it. Almost double the amount from last time. They must have hired more people to rush the job with all these rats in their ranks. With the two of them it probably would be better to split up. The vast majority of the workers were young to middle aged men so Bianca was sure to stand out. "I'm going to question the workers on the left side. You take the right side of the wall. Let's finish this quickly. Use your words, magic, or your body to find that rat. If you have anything let me know."

Caius would leave Bianca to do her share of work as he went to a group of mason workers and picked up a large wheel barrel filled with large stones. He pushed it over to the wall and started to mingle with his fellow coworkers.


#4Bianca Fleur 

Default on Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:46 am

Bianca didn’t actually have a plan. All she prepared was the outfit so she followed Varian when he said let’s go. Sirius was waiting for them and said that it was good thing that he had hired them before so they knew what was up. Bianca nodded and followed Varian again to where the stone workers were. She noticed that there were a lot more than last time. Maybe they hired more to finish the work faster? Then, Varian told her that he would ask the workers on the left side and that she should ask the ones on the right. “Okay,” she said, looking around and then parting ways with him to do her share of work. She bent down to pick a stone, which was all she could think of to do since she wasn’t an actual stone mason. A lot of the guys on her side were distracted by her arrival. She was the only woman there! Feeling almost shy, Bianca cleared her throat and roughly pulled the strap of her shirt up and tied up her hair into a messy ponytail. She wanted to act like she was a tomboy but she didn’t really know how to do that, so she just started to walk funny.

The stone masons turned back to their work after seeing her silly actions, which saved her a lot of attention. “Wew,” she said, walking towards a wheelbarrow and placing the stone she picked up in it. She looked around once again, not exactly knowing what to do at this point. So she tried to push the wheelbarrow, but given her strength since she isn’t actually a stone mason, it didn’t move a centimeter. With an annoyed grunt, she tried to push it again with even more strength this time. The thing moved about an inch forward, but then rolled back into its previous position, so that was hopeless. Bianca almost wanted to tear something up because she couldn’t do what she wanted to. Hopefully Varian was getting some useful information which she was wasting time here on this side doing useless silly shit.

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Default on Tue Feb 28, 2017 11:45 pm

Caius lugged one of the giant stone bricks over to the wall and slotted it into place. Another coworker got the liquid that held them all together and filled out the corners of the stone. Finally, the last worker heated up the liquid and chipped away at the excess so it was perfectly set and sturdy. They worked in perfect harmony unlike another partner he currently was working with. This was his second time doing this type of work and he still hated it despite having a knack for it. The other masons praised him for his ability to get it done quickly. Idiots.

Looking down the wall, it still had a ton of work to do. He didn't want to be here all day so he brought up their object. "I can't believe that stupid Sirius family is working us all to death. We're never going to finish this up in time." he said with annoyance. The reaction was split. Some of the coworkers agreed with him while the others told him to stop being a little bitch and get back to work. Caius did his best to listen close to see if one of them would slip up but they all just went back to work. He rolled his eyes as he picked up another brick. This was going to be a long day.

About an hour passed and he got nothing but a sore back after moving all the damn stones. He prodded them all but none of them said anything suspicious. It looked like the side he was on was clean as far as he could tell. He wished he could use his magic. The masons would be answer all his questions once they were screaming in pain. Caius decided he would take an early break and headed to the spot where he said he would meet Bianca. He found a lunchbox that wasn't his but stole the sandwich out of it and claimed it for his own. It was chicken and it was fucking delicious. As he ate, he watched and waited for Bianca. If this girl wanted to impress him now would be the time. He didn't want to have to go back out there and questions these workers again.


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Default on Thu Mar 02, 2017 3:18 pm

Bianca huffed and turned around, walking towards the stone workers, picking up a stone and lifting it, handing it to one of the workers who asked for it since he was looking for a piece to fit in place of the wall. She smiled at him, then put her hands on her waist and huffed again. “I can’t believe he’s making us work in the sun like this!” she said a bit loudly so that most of the people on her side heard. She subtly looked around to see if anyone responded to her, but no one did. Instead, to her great surprise, the one who just took the stone from her let out a knowing chuckle. She had found him. “You have something to say about this?” in an unhappy tone.

The man then began to tell her that she too had dislike towards Sirius Phantasm, and the whole Phantasm family tree in general. She asked him more, why he hated them, and why he was working for them even though he hated them. Of course, to spy or them or something like that, but she was making sure or something. Bianca nodded, confirming to herself as well as to let the guy know that he had shared enough with her.

She pretended to work some more so that it didn’t seem so suspicious. She wondered if there were more than one of these dudes, but if there was only one, she had found him. Was it the right time to go to the meeting point already? She wasn’t sure if Varian wanted more time or not but there she went. “Ughh, my stomach is starting to hurt. I think I’m going to be on my period,” she groaned, then dropped the stone she was holding and headed for the meeting point. Once she got there she saw that Varian was already there, in fact, munching on a sandwich. “Oh hey there. Found anything?” she asked with a smirk and without waiting for an answer, whipped her hair around and led the way to Sirius Phantasm. This time she would tell him all about that spy, then collect her reward and spend the rest of the day with Varian maybe...after changing into her ordinary clothes.

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