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Granny-sitting [Waltz]

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Granny-sitting [Waltz] Empty on Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:50 am

It was another bright day in Orchidia, the sun rays gently touched Waltz's face as he woke up. THE SUN RAYS?! That meant it was already noon and he had taken a request to take care of an old lady for a day. Waltz quickly got dressed, put some of his favourite sweets that he baked the night before in his bag and headed outside in a hurry slamming the door of his apartment close behind him. Waltz made a run for it, he didn't have time to enjoy the beauty of Orchidia that day, but wait...where was he headed? Waltz had no idea where the apartment area where the client lived was. He asked the people that were passing by for directions and was finally able to make it to the client's apartment.

Waltz knocked on the door out of breath, the client opened the door, a man around his 30s kinda hungover judging from his eyes stood in front of him. "Good day, I'm Waltz, the mage that accepted the request to look after your mother for the day, sorry for being late". Waltz smiled, the man didnt seem to trust him though. "I'm Mitya, would you mind showing me your guild tatoo?". Waltz nodded in agreement and turned his back, pushing his hair up so the tatoo of the pegasus on his neck was completely visible. "Great, I gotta go, my mother's name is Rynah, take care of her. Mother, Waltz the mage that will be taking care of you is here, I have to go to the bar". Mitya wore his red sunglasses and left the apartment.

Waltz walked in and closed the door behind him, approaching what it seemed to be the living room where Rynah was sitting. Waltz smiled at her and approached her. "Good day Rynah, it's nice to meet you, sorry for being late. I brought some homebacked sweets with me if you'd like some, I made them last night". Rynah looked at Waltz with a calm and gentle expression on her face, she smiled at him and gestured him to sit down, Waltz following her gesture and sitting on the couch. "Well dearie, it is my pleasure as well, but there is no need to rush now, right? We'll have time to enjoy your sweets, I'm sure they will taste great". Waltz nodded and looked at the old lady as she continued knitting. "Would you mind if I take a look around the house?". "Of course you can, and while you're at it, be a sweetheart and prepare us some tea, I would love some right now". Waltz smiled and nodded as he headed for the hallway.

He took a quick look around the house, it seemed pretty warm and cozy inside, unlike the building's interior which was cold and smelled like cat piss. Waltz walked into the kitchen filling the tea pot that was placed on the stove with water, and began to boil the water on high, so he could make the tea. While the water was boiling he searched for tea cups and tea, finding both in the cabinet above and to the right of the stove, the first placed on the top shelf and the second to the bottom. "Rynah what flavor would you prefer?". Waltz had to raise his voice for the old lady to hear him. "A rosehip tea would sound great right now dearie". Waltz found the rosehip tea, reaching for two plates located on the top shelf as well and taking out the sweets from his bag placing them on the plates, he then opened the drawer next to the stove taking two forks and placing them on the plates near the sweets. The tea pot whistled, just in time , he thought. He poured the water in the tea cups and added the rosehip tea, placing both tea cups and the plates on the tray he found laying near the stove Waltz walked to the living room.

"I hope I'm not late" Waltz looked at Rynah, smiled and then proceeded to leave the tray on the table. "What a lovely young man you are". Rynah smiled, reached for one of the plates and tasted the cheesecake. Her expression changed, what was a smile before was now replaced by sadness and a tear run down her cheek, in a matter of seconds though her previous expression returned. "The taste is exactly the same as I remember it from my mother, who taught you to make sweets like that". "I am self-taught, I always had a sweet tooth and as such I wouldn't be able to afford constantly buying sweets". Both of them laughed, Rynah then proceeded to talk about her past. The two of them had a long talk.

Time passed and now Rynah and Waltz were solving a wordcross puzzle together, when Rynah's face suddenly sparkled up. "Why don't I make you my special cookies, I assure you they are gonna be delicious". "Of course, I'd love to, let me help you". The two of them headed to the kitchen where Rynah quickly whipped up the dough, it's the first time I see someone whipping up dough this fast it must be a record speed, Waltz thought, then Rynah sprinkled the cookies with what appeared to be blue crystals and put them in the oven. The two headed for the living room continuing the crossword puzzles. Fourty minutes later Waltz went to check the cookies, their  slightly brown edges and rich aroma made it certain that they were ready. As he carefully took them out of the oven he placed them on a plate and went to the living room. Rynah prompted him to try one, which Waltz did. With the very first bite Waltz felt magic surging into him and, surprised, looked at Rynah. "Crushed mana crystals". Both of them smiled and continued talking.

Suddenly the door opened and Mitya came into the living room. As it was time to leave, Waltz said goodbye to Rynah with a smile which she repaid, took the money from Mitya for the request and headed home, asking for directions, once again.

~The End~

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