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Olly and his Damned Cupcakes [Private]

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#1Jeremiah Ali 

Default on Fri Jan 13, 2017 3:57 pm

What the fuck was he doing now? Delivering cupcakes to people in Fiore because he needed some money? What he should be doing was smashing skulls or destroying bases that belonged to magical villains or some shit, but instead he was walking to Oily's bakery or whatever it was called. Fairy Tail wasn't enough for him, if that wasn't obvious enough. He needed real money, real power. With the Phoenix having been quiet for about a week now, things seemed to stress him out easier. With an obvious frown the young mage made his way to the cupcake shop that was now only around the corner. Within seconds he was standing in front of the door and easily entered. Workers greeted him with smiles and warm welcomes but it all seemed staged. This was their job, they were supposed to make people feel good but tactics like these usually only worked on weak minded people. However, he did slightly smile only to not come off as a complete arse. Slowly he walked towards the front where the cashiers worked and spoke in a rather soft voice - though stern to show the workers that he meant business.

"Where's Oily?" Jeremiah knew he was probably saying the name wrong but he didn't really care. The Cashier he spoke to didn't dare to correct him, though he did say his name correctly. "Oh Olly's in the back, I'll tell him to-" For what? So more of Miahs precious time could be wasted? The bronze man simply made his way behind the cash register and in to the back where Olly was working. Upon approaching the big kitchen he almost peed his pants watching the man work so hard to complete cakes. "Yo." Quickly Olly turned around as if he'd been doing something illegal. "Why Hello! Pleasure to meet you, you must be the Fairy Tail mage here to help!" A nod was given. "Yessir." Olly nodded before hurrying up and running towards a specific part in the kitchen. It looked like an oven, but it also looked like a refrigerator and it was where the cupcakes were kept. Olly picked up about 10 boxes before rushing back to where Jeremiah was standing.

"Okay so here's the deal, I need you to bring all 10 of these to 10 different houses, but they're all on Maple street. The list is right..." The frantic man stopped before searching for the information shortly finding it in his back pocket. He dug out the paper and placed it in the pocket on Jeremiah's shirt, just beside his right breast. As he did so, he spoke. "Here. Take your time Fairy 'cause this is the only task I have for you today and it's rather easy. Once you're done come back and I'll pay you, alright?" Immediately turning around, Jeremiah exited the kitchen and made his way to the front door to start. Due to having both his hands filled with boxes, he had to use his foot to open the door and exit. Once Jay was outside he looked towards his right, then looked towards his left thinking of which way to go.

He remembered fighting an old man on maple street not too long ago, so he knew it was to his left. Running probably wasn't the safest thing to do if he didn't want to drop the cupcakes but he did it anyway. As much as he hated doing ameteur shit like this the money was well needed but he wanted to get it done ASAP to get some training in. Up ahead he saw a large sign that said maple street and so he went. 'Damn." He just remembered that he had to dig inside his pocket to actually find the number of the houses. For a moment he stopped, placing the boxes on a random stoop before fishing for the information that Olly had given him. The first three houses read "714" "747" & "822". Jeremiah was closer to 822, so that was where he started first. Once again he rand, getting there in under 3 minutes and still not out of breath yet. He rang the doorbell about 5 times before a kid with a party hat opened the for. Seeing a random man standing in front of his house, he quickly called for an adult, specifically his mother. It didn't take long for the lady to come to the door and eagerly accept the cupcakes before placing the money in Jeremiah's shirt pocket with a laugh. Everybody seemed to be using their brains today, that was good. Quickyl Jeremiah was on to the next. He dashed off the porch and began running towards another one. 747 would take a bit longer to get to considering he was in the 800s so he had to run for a longer duration.

Soon though he would approach the door. This home unlike the last one didn't have a doorbell, so he was required to use his feet to knock. In an instant the owner came, a fat guy holding a bottle of what seemed to be soda and a short shirt. Happily he accepted it, nearly forgetting that he had to pay Jeremiah. For a moment the young Fairy stopped and watched the customer smother his face at the door barely giving himself time to even joy the sugary food. Next up was 714 which was only down the block and across the street. Quickly he ran, making it there before turning around and still seeing the fat guy eating the cupcakes at the front of his house. Despicable. Almost as if the owner of this house had been waiting, the door open. Miah didn't even need to knock. He wasted no time in handing the man his cupcakes before making his way to the rest of the houses on the list, easily getting the job done within a half an hour. When the task was done he felt complete and made his way back to the bakery before seeing the cashier he first spoke to and accepting his reward. He departed from the shop and even thanked Olly for allowing him to help. Now he could go train.

~Exit ~

Word Count: 1,000 +/1,000 -Quest Complete-


Default on Sat Jan 14, 2017 1:42 pm


The emblem in your inventory starts to glow as the number two appears on it. It seems like that the tournament will begin in two days. It's time finish what you were doing around here because on Monday the emblem will teleport you straight to Baska Town.

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