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Lamia Scale Is Home | Open

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Lamia Scale Is Home | Open Empty on Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:40 am

Lamia Scale Is Home | Open 6GVk9ZD

ГPANT, PANT, PANT , the sounds of heavy breathing coming from Louie's mouth as he slept in his bed with the darkest of dreams wondering across his mind. This wasn't the first time this has occurred, sometimes the scenario may change up but eventually they all have the same outcome (with his parents haunting him). He'd begin to sweat and unconsciously grip his bed sheets , followed by his eyebrows moved in an terrified expressed way.

^ In His Dream...

Suddenly both his parents heads would appear 20x bigger than the regular, smoke would release from their eyes, ears, and mouths. Constantly saying the words, "How could you ? How could you? How could you?" And with every second they got closer and in a panic they busted away in sand with Louie's hand movement.

He woke up in a haste, huff huff huff puff, breathing so hard. He slightly pinched himself and released a breath of relief to notice it was just a dream. He got out his bed and set sights out to go towards the guild house. He didn't like explaining the dream to himself and sometimes it was best he forgot it, there was no way in hell he was gonna embrace such a terrifying dream. Fortunately for him, the best place to go in order to get all that off his mind was Lamia Scale.

He'd put on his clothing and include his white wrinkled button shirt with a loosely knotted tie. Louie would begin walking towards the Guild and only a smirk would come across his face to experience what it would have in store for him. Maybe a new friend? A new rival ? Hmmm..

His hands pushed against the door as he entered and his eyes quickly scanned the room in order to refrain from making instant long periods of eye contact with anybody ,  he walked deeper inside and stood there, eventually he was hoping somebody would come towards him.

Though he'd usually be mean from the start, the guild was never the places that couldn't brighten him up.

He loudly shouted, "SO WHATS UP YALL!!!!??" and waited for a response ..

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Lamia Scale Is Home | Open Empty on Sat Jan 07, 2017 2:18 pm

Rym Oto
Rym looked up from his book. "Could you keep it down?"Rym hated when people interrupted his reading. People are annoying, even his guildmates.

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Lamia Scale Is Home | Open Empty on Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:45 pm

01. A minimum of three solid sentences (or 100 words) excluding dialogues are required for a social roleplay post to be considered as accepted. Remember that you write for yourself, but also for others. So be sure to write the correct way.

Due to violation of this rule, Rym Oto's post has been voided until it meets the requirements. After that, this moderator note will be deleted.

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