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Conman Coward [Salem]

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on Tue Nov 22, 2016 12:45 pm

Salem casually walked along the streets of Crocus, as he normally did with his long black braid of hair swung behind him with the slight breeze that had managed to come over the capital today. Making it feel perfectly fine for someone like Salem who was almost always partially naked. Considering that he never wore a full shirt usually only having ones that cut off way at the top of his chest like under his breast plate. Though having went to school way up in North Fiore Salem had come attune to the weather and loved when it got like this. Especially on a day like this was one that was in progress. As not only was the temperature good but it was also a beautiful day. With the sun shinning brightly even making the jewelry that Salem wore shine as though it was truly something spectacular. Though none the less to Salem it was still nothing more then the only thing that he had from his birth parents.

While strolling threw the city Salem would be taking his normal jogging path, in fact it would be the same path that just a few days ago Salem would manage to run into a bald headed man by the name of Batra. Who surprisingly would end up giving Salem a job despite the small incident. The job being to be a cook at the inn that he was a bartender at. Though it was only a temporary job Salem had come to like the end and found that it could be a good place for him to find other small odd jobs for him to complete in the midst of his Rune Knight training. Since even though Oda was still paying for most of Salemís stuff, he needed to get his own money so that he may purchase more magic books and artifacts to continue increasing his personal knowledge of all things magical.

This being the reason that Salem decided to take a detour on his little stroll threw the city on this beautiful day and go by the inn to see Batra. Though he was sure that the cook job had already been filled by a permanent, he was sure that it was some other odd little job that Batra could give to Salem. Since the baled headed man even told Zeda that he liked to help out rookie mages gain some quick cash so that they could make it in the world. Which even though Salem was not in need of money he was a rookie mage looking for some jobs to gain his own financial security. So he was more then sure that Batra would being willing to help him by employing him with some job of any sort.

Once reaching the bar Salem would instantly come into contact with Batra as he would as soon as enter the end make his way to the bar. Which would also just happen to be the work station of Batra the Bartender. Something that Salem was sure no one would find ironic. Once reaching Batra, Salem would instantly great the bald headed modal like man. The two would proceed to talk catching up with one another as though they new each other for years. When in fact they had only recently met a few days ago due to a jogging accident of Salemís that resulted in him knocking over Batra. After the brief catching up, Batra would proceed to inform Salem of situation that he had happen earlier.

This would result in Batra asking for Salem to go and find a man that conned one of his customers earlier, as they would like the return of his money. Batra would proceed to not only give Salem a full description of the man but also give Salem the three locations that the man was most likely to be hanging out at. This being due to Batra already knowing of who the con man was as soon as he was informed by his customer. Once completely briefed on the situation Salem would proceed to make his way to the park. This being the first location that Batra said the man was most likely to be hanging out at. But sadly after a decent period of time Salem would come to the conclusion that the con man Kyle was not at this current location.

Causing for Salem to proceed to his second favorite hangout location this being from what Batra said to be a bathroom inside of a restaurant that was up the street from the inn. Salem could only assume that some form of illegal gambling or well illegal activity in general was gong on inside of this bathroom, as this was the only logical reason Salem could come to understand as to why any person would want to spend their free time hanging out in what was more then likely to be a stinky pee infested, strong odder having room. All of these soon to come to truth the moment that Salem step foot inside of the bathroom. But luck would have it just as he assumed the bathroom had illegal gambling going on inside of it. And a game was currently ongoing and allowing for him to easily identify the con man Kyle. Who after a brief discussion would proceed to give Salem back the money that he had conned from the customer at the bar earlier.

Once acquiring the money, Salem would proceed to stroll back down the block the way he had came earlier to go back towards the Inn so that he could now return the money to Batra to give to the customer who had managed to get conned. But upon reaching the bar and handing over the money, Salem would be informed that the money was fake by Batra. Who would then proceed to explain to Salem how he himself had also just managed to get conned by Kyle the con man. This being something that Salem would not take lightly as betrayal was something that he hated more than all things. Finishing the conversation with Batra Salem would proceed to return to the gruesome bathroom in the restaurant. But as he was entering the building Kyle would be taking his exit causing the two to bump into one another. And after just a few brief words Kyle would proceed to dash off in hopes of losing Salem.

Sadly though no one informed Kyle that Salem was a Rune Knight Paige and was undergoing training just for things of this situation. Thus allowing for Salem to be able to catch up and corner Kyle due to his intense physical training done as part of his Rune Knight training. Once Corned Kyle would take a complete different approaching pulling out a metal bat and proceeding to take Salem head on with it. Charging full speed forward Kyle would be prepared to Knock Salem out with one swing from the bat, but sadily right as he neard Salem would slide step out of his way extending his leg out to trip Kyle. This causing Kyle to fall forward with extreme force, enough to knock him out allowing for Salem to go threw his pockets and grab the money that he would instantly take to Batra at the bar so that he could be paid for his services. As Salem had his eyes on a knew magic book he had recently spotted at a store.


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