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The Four Siblings of Alakitasia

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#1Rosemary Ysgarlad 

Default on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:20 am




NAME: [ Insert Chinese Name ] Ysgarlad

AGE: 24yrs of age

DESCRIPTION: First son, and eldest half-sibling, of The Four Alakitasia Siblings.  He is known as the child whom is "destined for greatness, power, hope, and fear,". His words, his golden hues that can easily shift into scarlet irises, strike fear into the hearts of those deemed beneath his footing. Incapacitating his foes with nothing more than a simple gaze and a heinous smile. He is the embodiment of not just his mother, but as well as what the Ysgarlad family's capabilities.

His mother, Ming-Hua Chen, was said to have been a woman of power. A mage who was famously known for harnessing not just her first origin, but second as well. Blessing herself with the moniker, God's Left Hand. It is to which Ming-Hua's son, the eldest Ysgarlad sibling, inherited his mother's fearsome abilities supposedly; although, none have lived to foresee what his mother's capabilities magic-wise. Some say it was almost as if they were fighting against an army composed of nothing but one woman with a mighty fist.

At the age of sixteen, after the assault upon Rosemary's mother, he departed upon his journey toward Fiore––carrying out his next assignment, his next goal. His reason for having left is yet unknown til this day, but Rosemary believes that her older brother may possess the answers to her scattered memory. journeyed off toward the Land of Fiore in search of greater power.

During his time in Fiore he will begin to carry out his mother's assignments. Left and right he may come to intertwine with his fellow siblings, but will he come to meet them with kind words or exchanged blows? Nonetheless, he possesses not an ounce of fear. For he knows that his skills are up to par––both physically and magically.

The eldest son takes greatly after his mother in personality and unique ideal way of thinking, which shouldn't be taken lightly. This man is unpredictable, conniving, dangerous, and possibly the most strategic above all. Rosemary's sole reason for coming to Fiore was not to only find her eldest half-sibling, but to also gain an understanding as to why he ran away and what happened upon that night of Christmas? With his motives unable to be deciphered by any other, rumor has it that he has graced those of Fiore with his utter presence. Maneuvering about without so much as a stop.

FACE CLAIM: TOUKEN RANBU, Doudanaki Masakuni

THEME: Ares by Winters Island

#2Rosemary Ysgarlad 

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NAME: Rugarel "Ysgarlad" Aeson

AGE: 22yrs of age


"The stains coming from my blood tell me, 'Go back home'."

Not much is known of Rugarel; his history has yet to be written––or rather, it can't. He's a man now, not a boy; a boy who grew to stain his hand with blood upon orders given from his, Sicri. She is a woman of pride, a woman who gains her earnings through assassination.

Leader of his mother's second hideout, located within Fiore as her first, being her headquarters, can be found back in the western continent Alakitasia. Sicri has entrusted her son to carry out his orders as word has come to reach her back home that Rosemary Ysgarlad, daughter of Serenity, has made her way toward Ishgar. Now arriving in Fiore, he has been tasked with adding her to the list of whom to rid trouble of; although, little does his mother know, what she doesn't know won't kill him––nor his dearest sibling.

A character fighting with his inner demons. Taking him lightly in anyway may spell trouble for not just you, but all of Fiore and Ishgar. Leader of an assassination branch located within Fiore; one life upon taken after the next is holds but little meaning to the wolf that howls under the moonlit sky.

Once awakened, prepare to see his hazel hues shift from what they once were to that of scarlet color.
FACE CLAIM: JACKAL, nichol d. heyward

THEME: Stronger Than Ever by Raleigh Ritchie

#3Rosemary Ysgarlad 

Default on Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:54 pm

This Plot is null and void, cause fuck it. May reopen in the future, may not.

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