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The Dragon Emperor Quest

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The Dragon Emperor Quest

Dragon Slayers are constantly in a quest called The Dragon Emperor. The quest details are simple: defeat all the other Dragon Slayers in a one versus one battle. Dragon Slayers can actively invade the topics of other Dragon Slayers if they possess the Dragon Slayer Radar.  Whenever Dragon Slayers meet each other they are often cautious of each other since some are after the title of Dragon Emperor. Whoever is the Dragon Emperor will remain so until they are defeated in battle by another Dragon Slayer.

The Dragon Emperor may avoid going to places where Dragon Slayers are known to come and go if they are aware of their guilds and hometowns, but whenever a Dragon Slayer is in the same location they may always enter the topic of the Dragon Emperor for a battle. There is a cooldown though. Each Dragon Slayer can forcefully enter the topic of the Dragon Emperor once per month.

The first time a Dragon Slayer battles the Dragon Emperor the thread is green, the second time a Dragon Slayer battles the Dragon Emperor the thread will be orange making permanent maiming possible, and the third time a Dragon Slayer battles the Dragon Emperor (and any other attempt after that) the thread will be red which makes it death enabled. The reason the danger increases is because it will be incredibly annoying for the Dragon Emperor to keep repelling other Dragon Slayers if they have nothing to lose while the Dragon Emperor does.

  • Dragon Slayer moves cost 20% less mana to cast.
  • Dragon Slayer moves have their cooldowns dropped by one post.
  • User can have a Dragon Emperor's Lair forum in a location of their choice.
  • Meditation option is available at the Dragon Emperor's Lair. User can meditate in a topic there and will receive 1000 experience per 100 words up to a maximum of 5000 words which translates to 50,000 experience per month.
  • Dragon Emperor Mode becomes available which allows the user to transform into a dragon.

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