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Drinking Contest [FPHS - Drinking contest]

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Froydis walked around in her heel shoes and medium valkyrie lilac dress as she looks around with her eyes. The girl swore that there was suppose to be a nice place to drink around here. Her mother told he that there were places in the homeland that had good drinks! Her eyes saw some people walking around the unknown city of Hosenka and she went up to them without a thought. "Ello? Dou know whered' the best drinks are'l at?", she asked in her unique accent that was soft, sweet and innocent.

The people looked at her appearance and realized what she was. They nod and tell her where it was. Her eyes shimmered and sparkled happily. "Exciting! Thank qou~.", she then trotted off carefully like a deer that was cautious as she smiled, gazing at each inch of this city till she found the place. Her eyes looked a the sign saying 'Some Hosenka drinking place here' and she walked in to see the place look like a simple tavern. It was with decorations of Joyan-like stuff that and people keeping to themselves. Froydis went to the barstand and ordered something. "What can I get you?", spoke the tender. She was unsure, "Dou have thee mixed drinks here?", she asked hopeful with big beautiful eyes.


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WORDS: 330 |Steamy Setting

“Greetings, sir. I hope this day finds you well? Oh and you too, Miss?” The manner of the miss known as Sung Lo Mei seeming to entirely contrast that of the white wonder as she marched up to the same counter where Froy was with both a sense of stiffness and urgency, her manner was polite as ever as she introduced herself both to the figure who was serving the drinks and as well the pretty young woman to whom he was, though even as she offered each a little bow of her head one could not deny that the doe eyed doll had an air of distraction about her. Though, it did seem one which she wouldn't waste too much time in explaining.

“You wouldn't happen to have seen a black cat recently, have you? Well, a plush fellow really, stands about this high off the bar?” Letting loose a heavy breath as she explained her woes and revealing them to have something to do with the fleecy furred friend she had made only too recently, though the connection betwixt her and the feline had been forged only recently it had quickly become a strong one due to how protective that the siren from sin was over her pet, and the tendency that he had to find trouble.
“We arrived together, but we seem to have become separated…?” Only too easily seeming to be swept up by children and the sort who mistook him for a toy or more of one than one really wanted, not all who seemed to eye him as a prize did so with wholly positive intent, and she couldn't help but worry that he was being dunked into a hot spring or rolled down one of the slopes by one of less than wholesome design. Though, with the words that followed from a raucous corner of the room, it seemed that she might just have making mountains of molehills…

"Ohhhh, Lassie! I'm over here~!"

A precious smile

"Worth More Than Any Gem~"
- Sung Lo Mei

credit to nat of adoxography.

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