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The Hunt [Pest Control - Faris]

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“Hmmm, yesss…” The leggy lass showing off some rather impressive flexibility as she brought herself to a halt with her feet spread and dipped forward to look at something she had spotted upon the ground, contrary to the largely bored expression which she had while drifting about the resort it seemed that Zelda Blackwood was well in her element in the wilds which surrounded it, and perhaps might have looked cute if not for the avarice for blood clear within her eyes. Excited by the thrill of the hunt and smirking as she spied the tracks of a potential prey, that golden gaze narrowed as she laid her palms upon the earth for a few moments and felt the temperature of the ground, and with that knew where she needed to go.

“This way, Iraious!” Jumping back to her feet with what was probably the closest thing to a grin which most would see from her and live to tell the tale, the violet vixen cocked her head in the direction of the manservant she had brought along in order to show him what real fun looked like, and then went from standing to sprinting in all of a second as she rushed away to pursue their common quarry.
“We should bag quite the prize if the tracks are anything to go off!” Suddenly seeming so much younger and more energetic than she had in the baths as she dashed along the ground merrily, the hurried huntress rested a hand upon the hilt of her weapon as she drove herself forward with every expectation of finding a challenge at the end of this trail, and wouldn't want it any other way. I mean sure they would be paid for slaying these pests, but to her the real prize was in the chase as it were, and everything else a mere bonus…

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Faris Iraious
It was a wonderful start to the day, the party was fairly excited of the things to come and happen. Faris seemed to have actually prepare for these things situation. He brought a spear, while this armour he wore was purely for show he had other tricks to help him incase he really was at risk of getting hurt.

No matter what he would okay. Zelda seeming already in her element was interesting to Faris, Some what Faris figured it be best to prepare by at least doing some stretches, Faris seemed to be okay but as she stretched out there was an actual slightly loud crack at this time. Merely checking over the joint. Maybe he was working himself too hard in other ways. But he seemed fine otherwise.

Faris thought he was ready and prepared, If anything he learned really quick how unprepared he was actually was. But this was actually extremely interesting to him. He was use to seeing Zelda was in a casual manner with hints of being excited things. Now it seemed Faris got to enjoy her being in her element.

And it was in her mind oddly beautiful. As much as Faris would even want to remark about it, He was not dumb it was not needed at the time. Plus it was not anything receptive. But suppose anything else would wait for later.

Faris was not as quick as Zelda was, He was most prepared to take hits, not run and chase for long periods of time. As he was out ran even doing the best and trying keep up. It was actually a sight he enjoyed to see. He just wanted to do what he could to help. realizing he had not quite asked what they were hunting, But now he was in the trill of it.


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“Uffuffuffu, you seemed faster when we were chasing peeping toms, Iraious~?” The heated huntress certainly not missing the fact that her flame haired fellow seemed to be lagging a little when compared to her own pace, though Miss Blackwood was keen to find her quarry she at the same time couldn't help but think of the last little time they had embarked upon a hunt together, and so compared the situations wryly and with no shortage of assumptions either in what she was to make of the lad's lacking pace.
“Or was it the prize that motivated you~?” The girl with the golden gaze all too quickly guessing that they were both pursuing differing kinds of highs that day and suspecting that his lay more in the reward she offered over that of their achievement, though Faris had shown a sense of vigour when it came to much of the antics which he pursued with the violet vixen which frankly proved surprising it was easy to guessing that he was more of a lover than a fighter, and as such might just need a different reason to give his all to this occasion. Though luckily, she had one that would seem to suit.

“If that's the case, you should know… Nothing makes me more want than slaying a beast~?” More than confident that she could take down all manner of the creations which lurked in these sorts of locales on her own but at the same time seeking company for other reasons, perhaps most girls would be abashed to admit that certain things seemed to get their engine going and especially so when it came to matters of violence, but it appeared that Zelda was built different in every way imaginable aside from anatomical design of course. Bloodlust seeming to awake her inner animal and well in need of something to sate it, should their little expedition prove successful then well, everybody just might win there eh~?

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Faris Iraious
Miss Blackwood did have a point, Faris thought he had enough rest and prepared enough but to be human is to have flaws, Much like any human and humanoid being. A first he would just say some thing witting just for the sake of."I didn't have as many things weight me down my dear."He did chuckle about it. Faris was a good sport considering he was willing to take on these shot at him, but it almost felt like a good challenge to him.

There was still a worry that Faris' yet to be seen or picked up flaws would get to him eventually, Suppose it would mentally prepare for the blow back eventually, Just not was not the time internally he had something to prove to himself and falling flat on his face or his ass would just not work out for him. Faris was becoming to determine to fail even if it could mark his own failure.

But Faris' own internal struggles aside."Is that so? Should I slow down a bit more so I can be ready to jump on the beast?"In some manner Faris was hinting he was actually a bit slower to save energy to handle the thing they where going to hunt."After all, I do have a plan."Faris always seemed to some what make up plans while on the go. After all he was there in his mind seemingly to help, he knew he was no quite powerful enough in add a amount of hurt, But as a distraction on the other hand was a different story, One he did no want to tell her.

After all there had to be some kind of mystery and fun to this even if Zelda was already enjoying herself."If it a beast you want slain, Then allow me the chance to see it happen when the time comes, Hopefully it will not be a disappointment."Faris' tricks would be useful here, just when was the question, Faris while being sure to keep his might straight, Was not so easily taken by bloodlust even if his parents did hunt monsters in seven, They always told me to him be careful. As you may never know what a beast will do to live. Guessing was a hard game to play.




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“Perhaps it's the elf in me, but I generally prefer to avoid deathblows rather than attempt to endure them~?” The brow of the blue skinned beauty arching at one side as her flame haired friend spoke of how he was being weighed down by his armour, Zelda rolled her eyes at the comment and the equipment which he was wearing for their little escapade, and showed a note of disapproval for both given her own far more lightly and agile status of equipment.
“In my experience, it's better to be quicker than your foes than sturdier~!” Shrugging lightly as she held more of a belief that it was better to be quick on one's feet than it was tough in their shell, the amazonian archaeologist had fought countless creatures whose hide was firmer than hers could have ever hoped to be, and through that had learned that it was better to avoid their claws rather than test them against ones covering.

“If the day goes well, this might not-” Ultimately seeming to prefer having Faris here more for her sense of amusement and perhaps needs beyond the arena of trapping prey however, Miss Blackwood started to lean ever more into her bolder and bawdier sense of character while their activity provided them with an odd sense of privacy, though unfortunately was forced to pause in the attempt when those sharp elven ears caught the sound of something rustling beyond an overgrown thicket.
“Yes, that one should do nicely…!” Peeling back the brush to both spy and to show a ravishing reptillian which was not quite the size of an elephant but pleasingly larger than bison for the benefit of both her own golden gaze and that of her cohort, fire seemed to flash in those now energetic eyes as she looked over it, before the violet vixen glanced to her companion and grinned like a girl about to walk into a candy store. This was going to get fun, for one of them, at least…

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Faris Iraious
This might be true, Faris only had ever really dealt with one elf, She was talking to him and going on about how things seem to with her, Faris was smart enough know and remember not all elves were like this she was just different in her own way, her rough and tumble way of hunting and being was the allure to Faris even if by all account he had no reason he really should be doing these things and had other things to worry about in life.

While even if had no reason hunt these things and could easily live his life not doing these things. Faris wanted the experience after all his father was often one to defend the area's of Seven close by his childhood home from monsters that tended to ravage the city, In some manner the expectation also feel on Faris at one point to do the same job as his father.

But maybe that was also another conversation for another time. So Faris would make a little tease about it. After all a little banter was gun."It might just be me, No matter what I do, I prefer to last abit longer even when taking a few hits."Faris mentioned almost like the dance of wit had continued. Faris seemed to enjoy it.

Even able to some what settle into the mind of needing to be quiet for hunting and even trying to remain some what hidden. Zelda and him where about the same height, but Faris knew they both might not fit into the same bush so he would make sure to find somewhere he could hide closer then where he was when he started. But while Zelda was in the bush she was, Faris was actually start quietly move through the bushes to find right position, Most likely he was now waiting for what she would do to start this hunt, They did find their target.




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“Uffuffuffu, I suppose there IS one form of Endurance I can approve of, at least~?” The violet vixen arching her brow as the comment of her companion at least seemed to provide some means of perspective for Zelda to enjoy, whether it had been the intention of the redhead or not to lead the mind of the minx toward the gutter when he spoke of his lasting ability was perhaps open to debate, though regardless it seemed that there was one arena on which she might be able to find some compromise on the matter. Speed was not often too much of a boon when it came to the bedroom, was it?

“Well then, no time like the present, is there~?” Not that Miss Blackwood had all too much time to dwell on such activity with so fine a prize sitting before her, after glancing to Faris all that she seemed to have much patience for was coolly loosening the weapons she carried from their sheathes, and with a dagger in one hand and sword in the other she set about indulging other of her rotten wants. Starting by kicking off the ground to thrust forward and take the sizeable salamander by surprise as she swiped at one of its limbs with the latter of her weapons, in a moment the blue skinned beauty seemed like a bolt as black wind thrust her forward and sprayed red colour into the air through her motion, and created quite the commotion in doing so.


An rumbling hiss of pain emanating from the mouth of the monster they sought and seeming to quickly transform into a howl of fury as it spotted the fleet footed fox whom had caused it, sufficed to say that the heat seeking beast did not particularly her attempt to hobble it and ensure that it would have little chance to escape them, and responded in kind to the action by making its belly and neck glow like hot coals in response to her deed, and then belch forward something which seemed to make the air sting.
“Ahahahaha!” Not that Zelda seemed to much mind it apparently spewing some form of red hot fluid however and instead the woman never looking more unhinged as she cackled at the sight and rolled out of the way, for the moment she seemed to occupy all the attention of their would-be adversary and did so giddily, perhaps providing her ally with a chance to blindside it if he felt so inclined…

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Faris Iraious
For once Faris' mind was not in the gutter, But in some manner if she was already thinking about that way maybe playing along with key. Since there was a chance for it. "Yes I am sure in some manner it will benefit you wonderfully if does work out as intended."But rather then leaving both of their minds in the gutters, He would just add more humour with it.

But moods would be settle later, After all there was a hunt to deal with a beast to slay, A trill to chase. A new feeling in life to experience. Faris was not the best sneaky one, he was more an out there to draw attention type and he knew that very well. Some how it just worked with Zelda or he was just good enough other things Zelda lacked in her life Faris was making up for and they just enjoyed teasing each other.

There was going to be much more to learn about one another. Faris seemed all for it even trying hunting. Other things like that where done for him before but that was when his father took him to do some training to how possible defend Seven if it came to it.

But back to happy hunting, At least some what happy hunting, Zelda was having a wonderful time and it was seemingly far more apparent she was. But what was Faris going to do to help? After all he had started sneaking to a different side of this beast while Zelda had hopped upon it to start becoming a lethal weapon. When the chance same Faris would come out as quick as he could. While not being the most fast always came with some kind of plan. Anything that splattered on Faris would not bother him at all she would come to take his spear a quick few slashes to the closest leg and then stab it in the foot to attempt to maim it and slow it down more. In Faris' mind it was a good thing to do.



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“Yes, Iraious! YES!” The prose of her partner so very flavoured with flowers that the ferocious femme was not even sure that he would have the nerve to confront the beast alongside her, the blue skinned beauty beamed as she saw him take full advantage of the opening she had created to blindside the spicy salamander, Zelda felt a shiver run through her as their quarry bellowed with pain at the injury which the redhead had inflicted upon it, and grinned at her 'date' as she encouraged him to continue with his effort.
“Hobble it so it cannot escape!” Unsure of whether the lad had aimed to follow suit with her own design or they had merely acted with a like mind, ultimately it made little difference which way such coincidence aligned so long as the outcome was the same, and to the mind of the drow that was one which ensured that their target had little chance to escape them first and foremost. After all, the last thing they wanted after expending the effort to catch and corner it was to let it scurry away on its belly, no?


Not that this particular beast seemed to have much intention of doing so and instead the behemoth heat drinker seeming to snarl and turn its attention toward the target who was currently closer to it, whether it did so for simple convenience or the fact that Faris was the more recent one to attack one might never know, but all too soon did it seem to decide that he was an easier target than the fleet footed elf. As such howling and bearing a row of sharp teeth at the front of its snout toward him, the angry amphibian lashed out with its jaws to try and bite at the spear which wounded it or the man who carried her, and drew the ire of the woman in charge for doing so.

“Oh no you don't!” Miss Blackwood seeming to be provoked by the deed and the danger which her amorous acquaintance now faced, she would let Faris read what he wanted into the note of protectiveness which she showed toward him, though in her mind was acting largely in the same way one might if some brute threatened her pet. That was how she saw it, as degrading as it was.

“You do not threaten one of mine, monster!” Regardless seeming to react swiftly and launching herself with a rampaging relish, she darted to the side of the lad who had become her lover and declared ownership of him as she drove the length of her dagger toward its eye to really give it something to think about, before pulling her sword into both hands and eyeing its jugular with that golden gaze. Though, whether she would have time to strike or not might prove key, as once more it seemed to start glowing as it readed another blast to use against her…

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Faris Iraious
It was teamwork that got this all to fitting correctly, Faris was not going to back down. Faris was almost prepared to be nervous in some manner but he was fighting his fear, While a large salamander was not a kraken, An Open maw was something he saw before many times, if he was on the water he might have actually had another risk of a broken act and he panic. But alas this was not the case.

Did Faris think this far in? No, But he was good and just going on with it anyway. Even now he had an idea to continue some kind of control, His time frame would be limited but it would be key. Faris pulled away his spear, taking one step back. Faris' plan to just continually give chance for Zelda to do more things she was use to doing was working.

Holding his spear tip towards the ground A firm grip with both hands, Faris did not for for another leg when for the where it's jaw was or whatever part of its head that would end up facing Faris, He would be putting in all of his force to bring it down to just see how hard the beast would be pinned from it any sort of damage was good enough for him. If nothing stopped him Faris pulled the spear out again and plunged the spear into it again.

The was a trill to this hunt, There was some one there to have his back. They were an effective team member and was not there. Not large groups of people screaming as they fell into the water not knowing how to fight a large beast. He was not seeing people getting pulled a part or consumed by by what they where fighting like he had witnessed before.

It gave Faris some kind of confidence to have this all work, it would most likely lead to a lot better things down the road for him, Now if only he could get past his fears of larger bodies of water. A future problems for him to deal with until then,tuning back into reality of what he has done so far, He had to ponder if what was one them both was blood or something else. They might need a nice long shower or bath after things was all over. Thoughts where money for him.



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“We'll make a hunter of you yet, Iraious!” Fire flashing in the eyes of a more than delighted drow as she shot a grin the way of her hunting partner, with the blue skinned belle looking down the barrel of another one those heated blasts even she felt a sense of relief seeing the redhead lunge in at the perfect time to interrupt that attack with his spear, and though she had started this fight with little expectation of what her new boy toy could do was pleasantly surprised to see him more than exceed any guess she could have given. High praise really, for one who had been trained to fight since she could pick up a knife.

“As for you…” Not that she was about to take her golden gaze off the ball even if it looked like the lad had struck what seemed to be close to a deathblow on the monster, Zelda was not about to take any chances and so thrust herself forward with her sword in hand, and rammed its tip up through beneath the jawline of the salamander and through to its brain to finish it off for good.
“Requiescat in pace, beast!” Letting loose a little line that she had picked up from another warrior of sorts years back once she had done so and then pulling her blade backwards swiftly, before her the same scalding fluid which it had belched before seemed to ooze from the wound and leave her weapon almost too hot to touch, which was a bit of a pain but what could one do.

“Whew… You're pretty handy with that spear~?” As such the sapphiric stunner turning her blade about and driving it into the ground to allow it to cool a bit before she cleaned and sheathed the weapon, with a moment to breath Miss Blackwood looked to her companion and winked, before complimenting him on the ability he had shown.
“Have you ever considered a career as an archaeologists assistant~?” The azure amazon always one who liked to see something with her own eyes and now that she had convinced that he just might be worth keeping around a while longer, the fearsome fox saw Faris in a new light and it was one which might just convince her to keep him around her a while longer yet, if he felt so inclined. After all, it was nice having a strong and capable hound to watch one's back, no~?

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