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Young Man's Training Arc

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Young Man's Training Arc Empty Thu Jun 27, 2024 8:45 pm

A whimsical, catchy tune plays from the toy-looking phone Zeno had received from the toddler. The name Leon flashes on the screen as it violently vibrates. Reluctantly, he answers the phone and is met with the familiar voice of the toddler “Let's meet up at the park from last time, Yuka needs to be tested” After hanging up Zeno let out a sigh of irritation before rising up from his bed and heading out.

“So today we will follow Yuka around, he is going to run some ‘casual’ errands for me. That's where you come in with your plant like magic, stir up trouble and get him into a fight, simple? Don't let him die either or else” Leon icily explained. His intrusive behavior really put Zeno in a foul mood, but there was something honest about him that didn't make him insufferable. Knowing the plan, Zeno went to find Yuka in order to conduct the mission.

Yuka was spotted in the heavily congested commercial shopping district alone. Hopping from one store to the next until his arms were full of bags hanging from his forearms. The boy's arms were stained red from the pressure of the bag handles digging into them. It seemed he had one more stop on his list, a double coffee pick up order. After picking up the order, his hands were filled with two large cups of really hot coffee wedged into a multi-cup holder.

Poor boy was going through the trenches. What a pity, Zeno sadly thought. Upon further notice of his surroundings, he spotted  a host club member chatting with two women. They were standing a few meters ahead of Yuka, not paying attention to their surroundings, making them perfect tools for the plan. Zeno moved over to the corner of the sidewalk to squat down, placing two fingers on the ground while looking in the direction Yuka was heading.

A burly root broke through the cement catching his foot, causing him to trip and stumble forward. With a yelp, the hostess turned to see the kid stumble towards him but was not quick enough to avoid the coffee spilling all over him. The steaming hot coffee not only stained his white blazer, pink shirt and white pants but also caused him to get burned from the chest down to his inner thighs. With a loud scream, the host jumped around cursing at Yuka who was on his knees groveling to the man. Ignoring the pain from the sheer amount of anger, he started stomping all over the boy and kicking him in his ribs. Fellow onlookers took detours to avoid the confrontation and the two women scurried off, escaping from the man. The man then dragged Yuka into the club where he continued to beat him.

Thinking things were starting to go too far , Zeno made his way over slowly to the club with his hands in his pockets. The boy's muffled groans of pain could be heard behind one of the doors close to the entrance. As Zeno went to head over to the door, he was blocked by two bodyguards. They shook their heads, not denying him access. He felt tugging on the leg of his pants and when he looked down it was Leon.  Zeno stepped back, letting Leon go forward, jumping up and chopping both the guards in the neck, knocking them out. Shaking his head and shrugging his shoulders, Zeno expected as much of a reaction and quickly made his way into the room to pummel the host. After a short moment, Yuka walked out the room with tattered clothes and bruises here and there on his arms, but he was happy to see Leon. Standing in the doorway was Zeno, “kid is able to take hits and block, but has ZERO offense. Mr Host will be out of commission for the day. Let's go before things get even more messy”

On the walk home, Leon told Yuka he is proud of him for not crying and being a coward. He even gave the kids a thumbs up. "You leveled up from a crybaby coward to a sturdy punching bag. Nice! Next you gonna learn to hit back kiddo” Leon takes out his phone to send Zeno a thank you message and informed him to look out for his reward

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