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There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.)

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#1Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Fri Jun 21, 2024 10:02 am

Faris Iraious
Well Faris really yet spoke to anyone about the previous nights event, he was still with that wonderful beauty herself, Just rather then both of them relaxing in bed for the most of the morning trying to figure out who actually won the drinking contest, After a few hours of Faris pulling Zelda on top of him to snuggle and run his finger along her back while they talked.

He had a bright idea, maybe they should stave off any possible soreness and hang over by relaxing in the spring, After all what was the worst that could happen in a unisex spring together? Most likely no one else would really bother them at the time. Thus Faris came in with a towel around his hip to cover up anything that was unsightly and no one needed to see at the time. He brought along some bottle of water, Some orange juice, Apple juice and coconut water. While why he brought these things most people might not consider, But Faris brought them all to share, they could mix them into things to drink if they wanted, or with the two cups and ice he had with him. Just drink both at a leisure pace.

Faris had no considered what would be to come. He if anything was just having a good relaxing sit in the spring.


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“Yaaaawwwwwn~!” A rarely seen hint of a tear seeming to escape from the corner of Miss Blackwood's eye as she let her maw hang open for more than a couple of seconds in expression of the tiredness which made her hunger for air, some combination of her night being long and restless and being one who always seemed to liven up that bit more when the sun went down made the dark dish rather groggy as she sauntered out into the steam which surrounded the mixed baths in naught more than a fluffy towel, and tied those near black locks of hers atop her head as she did so.

“Seems you've mastered at least one of the ways into my heart, Mr Iraious…” Arching her brow as she glanced toward the latest 'pet' which she had picked up for a moment and then repositioning that golden gaze to focus upon the treats he had provided for them, though Zelda had been in two minds about letting him become too clingy with her in the aftermath of what she had intended as a one night only thing she didn't entirely hate the rewards being lenient seemed to provide her in this case, and so as she reached the edge of the water and tugged at the knot which preserved her modesty she felt a note of amusement in continuing in her company at the very least.
“Or lower parts, at least~?” Smirking as she let the whiteness which had been wrapped around her and feeling little reason to cover up in front of a figure she had shown all and then some the night before, the lavender lass couldn't help but snicker as she stepped into and let most of herself sink beneath the warm water, and then once she had gotten comfortable titled her head toward her tryst with a cup in hand and waited upon him serving her some of that sake. I mean, one didn't have a dog and bark oneself, right~?

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#3Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 3:38 am

Faris Iraious
It seemed their spirits have yet not died, If anything Faris felt the need to kind of daringly tease a this woman more each time with boldness, because it just seemed to be fun and he had not been scared away, Faris felt like it was a decent things, They could stand one another.

So what is the next bold and daring move of Faris? As he was yet to get into the water himself. Upon Zelda's remark of mastering a way into her heart, Faris would merely walk up behind her. Pull her into him for moment so her back was against him, putting his right arm slightly resting on one of her hips, Kissing the back of her neck a two times.

Then just because it was a daring move just before she went into after his minor affections, Faris for a tease slightly pulled at on the towels knot.But didn't pull hard and didn't actually do anything. Then after a gentle pat on her butt. She merely just let her continue after having his daring teasing moment."Good, Nothing else to worry about for then." He figured the bold teasing was a good thing between. Faris who he still wanted and respected.

While Zelda got showed what Faris wanted. But she wanted sake. Looking all of the things Faris brought, One would think he didn't bring that bottle of it. But he did, Faris had a feeling it was a smart thing to do. Then pour her a glass, Poured himself orange juice. Finally joining her in the water he settled in nicely offering the casual toast most drinkers do.


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“Oho~? And here I thought I'd worn you out last night~?” Certainly seeming to note that the lesson which she had given the lad in being more direct with his intentions and desires had been well received in the way Faris seemed to touch and toy with her, while ordinarily Miss Blackwood might have kicked a fool away for taking such liberties or cut them down to size verbally some force of environment and perhaps begrudging enjoyment for her night before seemed to bring out a softer side, or perhaps as soft a one as she was capable.
“Or did the experience give the young lion a taste for more…?” Not embarking upon some forceful or jabbing remark but rather finding her lips curling as she decided to remind him that two could tango all too well, the temptress twisted about to face the crimson maned man she had bedded the evening before and felt a rush of excitement in doing both this and then thrusting herself against him, letting the full weight of her naked form press against his own in a blend of shamelessness and sensuality which she was sure would make his cheeks comparable in colour to his hair.

“Say, we could…” Scarcely going to stop with so simple a gesture however and instead seizing his lips in her own and kissing him with passion and perhaps a nip at his lip as well, the voice of the violet vixen was a mix of a purr and perhaps an authoritative growl as she posed the idea of moving what they had started in the sheets to the spring, though before she could get too far into such a suggestion she instead felt her ear twitch a little at the sound of something she had not quite expected.
“Hmm? Did you hear something?” The belle with the black locks honing herself for battle first and foremost and so responding quickly and suspiciously to what sounded like a twig seeming to break underfoot, in a moment the heat of the moment seemed to ebb in favour of a mix of curiosity and perhaps her more typical irritation as she looked to the fences and brush which surrounded the bath, searching with that golden gaze for the sign of an animal or some such with careful and experienced eyes…

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#5Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 4:57 pm

Faris Iraious
Before there moment really got ruined, He did have some quick add ins after all these two seemed to play this like a dance. There was motion, emotion, There was energy, there was a bond between each person. Faris was just continuing what he felt was working for him at the time."Well firstly, I have more fire in then you think my dear."After all he did put effort in, He was not a quitter. Not yet anyway it would more than one night of heated passion to ware him down."We both did also get sleep afterwards too."With that sleeping did mean rest, which means well they would recover eventually."I just figured you wanted to rest more before you work up on the morning."Then again his next actions would wait until she turned around.

Because he was not expecting, his bravado almost failed for a moment. The stronger bolder press against him was making his bravery break because of how much he did not expect it. It started to make him red slightly, Faris had to hope she didn't notice. Best way to some what control his weakening will. After all there was locking lips to be had and if Zelda asked, the heat of the spring was just making him flush. It was a perfect cover he could lessen his worry about it. Faris trying to put some control back into himself putting both his hands up her hips and after the bite just before the moment got completely ruined,Just was about to kiss her one last time and  pull up the slightly to undercover something he had seen before but going to continue on again.

Then she heard something. Faris would look around as a means to get his red blush out of his system while looking around upon the sound he could not clue into."Yes...I think it was something."Sadly for her, it seemed the build up was not spoiled. To Faris however it was a chance to settle himself.  But he was still holding on gentle to her hips.

Then Faris would just do another bolder move, Shifting his weight around to that seemingly flip positions, Well he was trying too anyway. then this moment where if he achieved and was on the figurative top, Then kisses her a few times."It is either an animal, Or people sneaking around to get a peek at something they shouldn't, Ill go look."Figured some what it was okay for him to do this.



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“A hunt, you say~?” The articulate amazon feeling no small note of annoyance in having her plans seeming to be intruded upon but seeming to soften in that feeling when the redhead spoke of tracking down their would-be interloper, for a second the golden gaze of the girl seemed to narrow as Zelda allowed him to get a lead on a situation which she hadn't immediately seen much more than irritation in, but slowly seemed to view in a newer and more positive perspective. An exciting one, even.

“Yes. Yeeessss! And to the victor shall go the spoils!” Certainly not waking up today with much intention to soak her form and perhaps exploit her new pet a little more but never one to back away from a spot of action, in many ways she seemed a wolf who could not see something run from her without wanting to give chase, and so the violet vixen snatched up her towel and vaulted from the water in one movement, and then began to rush after her partner with a sense of relish clear in her face.
“Whomever loses is tonight's bitch!” Meanwhile seeming to wrap that fluffy whiteness about her with a sense of efficiency and effect which perhaps hinted that this was not the first time in which she had needed to cover her immodesty in a rush like this one, she ran her tongue across the upper portion of her teeth almost like some kind of animal readying themselves for the kill and vaulted forward as she declared the terms of this little contest, and then dipped lower still to let her arms trail behind her as she continued to scour and search for a sign of their quarry, having found any trace of her hangover seeming to be washed away by the immediate exhilaration which seemed to accompany any kind of hunt…

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#7Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Mon Jun 24, 2024 6:02 am

Faris Iraious
Faris is over all very technical with his words for a reason. He didn't say hunt he said something was lingering about. But it now seemed like it had gone too far. But she was ready for action was just much as she most likely ready to hold him down for a few hours for other feelings they both tended to get out.

But that was for other times."We're just looking to see if there is an animal just in passing, For all we know it could be some one trying to spy on us to look at people naked too."Faris paused for a moment and thought about it in depth. He thought about it more and more watching Zelda go to grab her towel, leaning over slightly to enjoy the view because while she covered up and he had seen what's under it all before. He was actually  attracted to Zelda for her looks while learning her personality was interesting and different.

Eventually he might assume she'd get bored or offended by what he could do and leave. Part of Faris wanted to lose intentionally because part of her had a feeling she would prefer wining and him being in that position. But it was a spirit of it that he joined in.

But Faris was not out of the spring walking around and searching Faris had a feeling he might be able to piece this together."If it is some one, Please don't beat them up...I know Fairy Tail members tend to get rough at times."Faris said that because last thing he needed to witness is some one breaking bones in the spring and having to bring people in and talking to law enforcement in a towel. Then looking around he did move things around to check with in or under them.


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“Ehhhhhh?” The violet vixen certainly seeming to be surprised when her magnificently maned mate asked her not to rend some form of intensely physical rebuke upon a potential interloper, in all honesty she felt that she would much rather put the hurt upon a person than an animal, and as such seemed to tilt both her head and her eyes and sneer at such a suggestion.
“If some creep's been having an eyeful without my permission, you better be damn sure I'll make em pay the piper~?” Wholly believing that such misdeeds could only be amended by giving a person the kind of painful memory which would last a lifetime but perhaps in many ways more justifying that desire deep down she had to do harm through this supposedly righteous act, she arched her brow with contempt for both the deed which her friend seemed to assume and the idea that she should show restraint in her reprisal, since it seemed so very out of her character to avoid violence even when absolutely possible.

“…What's my leniency worth to you, lover boy~?” The fetching femme certainly seeming to be far more of a thug than her sophisticated vocabulary or scholarly interest might have presumed, this was definitely the sort of situation which she would seek to claim some sort of satisfaction from, and so if she was to temper that ever present flame within her she would expect to be well compensated for such generous spirit. And well, right now there seemed only one person in this scenario who might be willing to pay it…

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#9Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Mon Jun 24, 2024 6:51 pm

Faris Iraious
While she seemed upset at first, Faris did prepared to explain himself."While I can agree to some degree, Listen to what I am about explain."Faris said this while talking generally a bit louder because she would hear him, he would continue looking around too see if she could catch some one."Alisa would surely like to have me not in jail when i am just returning to Fiore."Faris said making a point about it. But he knew it was not about him. After all he picked up something else during their time together."I can also bet. Mother Judith? Mama Judith? Fairy Mother? which one is it again?...."He then pauses for a moment because he thought he saw something."Your Guild Master won't enjoy talking to behind a cell."Faris mentioned that just to be sure easily noted that he was not disagreeing with what she wanted to do to start with.

Faris was prepared for answers."Putting this bet side, Three evenings as bottom, fives of rare bottles of drinks I bet you haven't have before, Two home cooked dinner by me made of the most expensive materials possible made how you liked."Faris said all of this seeing what she would say to this

Then he stopped talking with a loud jump he jumped into the bush, Faris sounded like he was wrestling with some one. Since Zelda use to combat sounds would also note some one was punching a person. Then Faris just threw the person out of the bush. Faris was not worried about saying he won the bet he was just handling it.

After Faris had threw him a few steps he kicked them in the face. Then Faris picked them up by the waist band of their pants and the collar of their shirt. Carried them out and removed them himself. After looking around he would consider almost letting himself getting embarrassed he simply said."Have you seen my towel?"



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“As if we'd get arrested for dealing with a nuisance~?” The golden gaze of the girl seeming to roll about listlessly as the lad tried to convince her of the lawful implications of them going ham upon a potential peeper, even if she had been bothered by how the sickly sweet soul who ran her guild might have reacted to her doing such things and that was rather a substantial 'if' the violet vixen doubted that the rune knights would lose too much sleep over the state of such a wretch, and so scoffed at the concept and the tediousness involved.
“Wow, it almost sounds like you want to be my cute widdle waifu, Faris~? Fiiiiine…” At the very least seeming to pay a little more attention and interest toward the proposal he made toward her leniency and seeming to snicker out how he seemed to wish to paint himself as some sort of dream boyfriend or some such through the deeds he offered, though Zelda arched her brow at the idea of them playing house so cutely together she did at the very least appreciate the advantages of having him owe her so many things she might demand, and so acquiesced toward indebting him so with her. I mean, it was always nice to have a servant or two, no?

“What the?! And you told me to go easy on him…” The fox feeling a sense of accomplishment in that deed but ultimately such satisfaction proving only too fleeting when the distraction seemed enough for her red haired rival to get the drop of their target, all that Miss Blackwood could do was look upon the way in which her bedmate set upon the fool they had found with relish and no small degree of envy, and huffed with annoyance when the task was done. I mean, it was never fun to lose a wager, was it?

“Was that all a ruse to lower my guard and focus, Iraious~?” That being said the lilac lass far from lacking when it came to the maturity needed to fail to notice how her preoccupation with exploiting him had seemed to prove the deciding factor in her downfall, the eagle eyed enchantress would have been wholly enraged for his audacity had she not felt an unexpected note of admiration from her assumption, which prompted her to tilt her head as she viewed his deeds through a new lens.
“We'll make a drow of you yet, pretty boy~” Smirking and shaking her head because of it and in her own way finding her respect growing for the redhead in how he had seemed to prove triumphant by hook or crook in their little contest, such villainy was exactly the sort of bad boy element which sparked a greater interest and appreciation in her opinion of him, and so rather than make some silly effort to help him find his towel because that just seemed tiresome she showed her appreciation with the crisp clap of her palm upon his behind and then sauntered back toward the baths with a hand on his hip. That sneaky rascal, eh~?

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#11Faris Iraious 

There Was The Morning After.([FPHS – Peeping Show/Zelda.) Empty Tue Jun 25, 2024 6:35 pm

Faris Iraious
It seemed this entire time, Faris had a plan and mentioning it aloud would ruin it, so he now had a chance to explain it. While some of was a trick the rest was just some one knowing how to make sure some one did not know they were catching on to him. Good thing it was all cleared up now."We talk about learning and figuring out way to win a contest, This was a contest of chicken so to say. Figuring out where they were hiding, Show you don't know where they are. Then get them."It seemed Faris was tricking them to make sure he got the person.

But this insight from Faris might show why his interesting is her was natural and he was fine with how she was. Even now he would admit it. Even remarking."Miss Blackwood, I have been around the most remarkable beauties of fiore, Yet....here I am wanting you."Faris was starting to guess he didn't need a towel until they left the spring which means he would have to track it down later."A beauty entirely your own, Thus you will act differently too."There was more to it just getting the main part out of the way. If he wanted something like she stated he would have most likely found it easily, putting aside his fear she yet to learn about. It happen to be Faris managed to get really far with Zelda."Surely if I wanted some one like that...I might have easily found it."Faris in a round about way was trying to tell her that he was well aware she would not be that way and was merely getting to her.

Stage two of Faris' plan."For why I made sure it worked in my favour it isn't entirely to claim victory over you."That was just the bonus reward as Faris more some what liked how it was going with her right now he enjoyed the time no matter what it was like with her so far."What damage you could have done would have been worst, if it leaked to the public. A man defending a woman from a peeping tom looks a bit better on everyone."Hiding the fact he was pretty sure Alisa would skin him alive if Faris didn't try to defend a woman's dignity as well."It matches with being a Blue Pegasus member, compared to...oh look at the Fairy Tail Members causing problems."Fair seemed to just be trying these things into control because he guessed how the public would view it.

Then maybe the other mention."Also you would still keep your towel on, rather then losing it, keeping your dignity as well."So in some manner while Faris knew he did not need to try and protect her as such as he did. It was just something that felt right for him.

Was it all a ruse? Was Faris "Red Mane" Iraious a master at the art of ruses and tricks? no it just worked out that way. He was just an honourable person with morals not letting people know his plan, it was a ruse that worked but he was not a master.

But then when i came down to it. while she was walking back with him."Oh cunning plans, being handsome and being prepared is what could make me a drow?"Faris said with a bit of a chuckle. Then he would lean over slightly  kissing Zelda a few times on the going down to the shoulder. After all they where her to bond.

Was it all over? for the peeping tom it was over, for them both. Well they had other things to bond over."I will bring our drink over to the edge of the spring so we don't need to walk too far for them."Faris being cheeky about it after a few neck to shoulder kisses before walking away, Pulled Zelda's towel off, folded it perfectly in 2 seconds and placed it by the spring."You and I can reach them freely and don't have to go far." Faris then gave her a wink collected all of the drinks brought placed the bottles by the edge of the spring  next to the folded towel. Then got in the spring himself and sat down.




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“Keep working that pretty mouth, and I might find something better to do with it~?” Once more it seeming that her bedmate was full of bluster and once more Zelda seeming to show that she was a woman who approved far more of ones actions of their words, the temptress showed little patience for his speechifying as she flexed her neck muscles and checked her nails as he went on about pretty girls and the expectations of guild membership, and ultimately seemed to brush it all away with a line about what she really seemed interested in with this boy. He was a distraction for her, a diversion, and little more within her mind. Though perhaps her annoyance at being bested in their contest also showed through in her curtness as well.

“Cunning and ruthless ambition. Oh and a ceaseless blood thirst, in my experience.” The sultry stunner shaking her head and smirking when next Faris seemed to garner a rather different impression of her people than she had really intended with her little joke, the brazen belle let loose a breath as she confirmed that the qualities to which she had alluded were more ones of the mind than the body, and while having a pleasing outer shell certainly did one no disservice to was more attitude than appearance which matter to her when it came to the connotations of her race.
Then, I'll await your return to the water once you've properly dealt with your new friend…” Ultimately feeling well in need of a chance to relax however now that the heat of the chase was over, the dark dish shrugged a little when her would-be suitor mentioned the baths once more and opted to head back toward them sooner rather than later, leaving the 'victor' with the clean up regarding their intrepid intruder as she stripped away that towel once more and sank into the soothing warmth which the spring offered to her…

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