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A Lively Soul's Care Taker.( Drinking Contest/Bella)

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A Lively Soul's Care Taker.( Drinking Contest/Bella) Empty Fri Jun 21, 2024 9:44 am

Miriko had avoided this entire event entirely for a reason, she knew she could not be comfortable with anything here that people would want to do. But when it came to starting a bond with a new guild member. Miriko almost felt like she should try to be friend.

But now she was watching Bella have drinking contests with other people and now watching over her with Alistair watching close by. Both of them would out right avoid drinking because while Mimi was her really quiet and composed self. Miriko would make sure Bella would get home. After all who knows what could happen with her and anyone else that could have been around was busy.

Fu-Mei declared these games too trivial  for her beauty and ego opting to say that her time was better off making more jewels. Helena seemingly disappeared and rumor that Faris had returned out of nowhere and was casually lingering in this event. Judith was around having everyone join them in events of fun as well as finally this strange woman named Elise she had met long a go was lingering about too. But these are other people she would avoid showing her face too.

Mimi was on a mission and she would not fail, right away she hopefully had luck on her side.


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“Ahahhaha, heyyyyy gurrrrlll!” This daring duo proving to be quite the odd combination with how one seemed to very dutiful and perhaps anxious with it and the other wholly the opposite, Bella Benini cackled as she trotted over from the table where she had been trading rounds of shots with a group of boys and felt no compunction to stop herself from running a playful hand across the shoulder of her guild mate, before popping up the other side with a big grin on her face and perhaps her inhibitions even lower than they were usually.
“What're you doing here all on your own, hm?” In good spirits on the whole and feeling herself well loosened up by the drinks, all the same she felt a little sad seeing one of her 'squad' apart from the group, and as such she slipped onto the seat nearest her and nudged her shoulder with a playful pout and a bat of her lashes to go with it as well.

“You should come join us and have some fun~?” Never one who much enjoyed seeing someone feel like they couldn't be part of the party and especially so when she might just have noticed this one ahead of the others in her new sorority, she rested her elbow upon the nearest surface and then her cheek upon the palm which came from it, and continued to grin as she tried to coax her comrade to join her, and not least because underneath all the playfulness she couldn't deny that she had a curiosity about the subtle soul who carried herself with such style.
“I'll let you have your pick of the guys~?” For that reason feeling as if she should be a big sis to the brunette and encourage her to let her hair down as well, perhaps it only showed how poorly she knew the beauty before her that the 'jewels' which she had to offer her would inevitably fall way down upon the mark, but at least she was trying. Gotta get some points for that, right~?

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- Bella Benini

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A Lively Soul's Care Taker.( Drinking Contest/Bella) Empty Sat Jun 22, 2024 5:57 am

They were the odd ones here, Alistair watched Miriko watched. At least people for the most part knew Miriko was not exactly comfortable and she was just trying to keep to herself for the moment. But as quiet and polite as Miriko was she did wave after being greeted by Bella.

While Bella had asked this question. Miriko did not mind answering."To make sure you to where you are staying safely....Consider me a designated make sure you go home safely person."She was not driving, Alistair was not car, He was an extremely rare massively giant cat known as a Cattian. Very different then a car or magic carriage people control.

as for how Bella seemed to have fun. Miriko did not seem to share the same few but respected the offer."I am not really one for these kind of events...I am okay just with water."Miriko did not want to know what she was like drunk or slightly altered mentally from such drinks. So she made her boundaries fairly clear quickly.

Then would reveal something to Bella that might make her understand Miriko a bit more."I also have a Girlfriend, So do have your pick I will be okay."Miriko said with a peaceful smile. She would just make sure one thing was clear."Do be careful please...I do care about your safety..."It was a simple statement because Miriko was trying to be sure she still some what knew some one was there to make sure she was okay. If she wanted to send Alistair in to remove people from Bella she would. After all he was sitting next to Miriko while she spoke. Casually watching and taking in how to feel about the new guild member. In some manner she still felt like some one was else better at this job.



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“Aw, you're worried about lil ol' me~?” The bashful brunette seeming positively demure even without the comparison to a career party girl like Miss Benini, all the same the latter couldn't help but curl her lips upward a little more as this meeker member of the guild showed a surprising sense of loyalty and perhaps protectiveness, and wiggled her shoulders and batted her lashes as she commented on that playfully.
“Don't worry, I'll be fiiiiiine. I've been playing guys like this for years~?” Sighing and shaking her head a moment later as she seemed to shrug off much of the tipsiness which she had been showing thus far and aimed to rest a gentle and hopefully reassuring hand upon the knee of someone who seemed her polar opposite, once more the foxiness in femme shone in both her image as she flashed her fellow femme a wink and mindset as she hinted that she had been playing them for fools a little bit, and was as far from helpless in these kinds of situations than one could have been. These crowds were like her natural environment, usually.

“There's nothing wrong with letting your hair down, you know~?” Pausing however and flashing a couple of minutes to the boys who waited on her to tell her that she'd be back soon enough as she opted to linger with the lass however, though it was sweet of the girl to show such devotion and especially so because of how little they knew her in many ways Bella felt more of a duty of care to this doll, especially in light of how she seemed to separate from the crowd and shrink away.
“Like, your name's Mimi, right? Miss Alisa's cousin or something…?” For that reason the vixen opting to make a little effort to connect with her a little more, as a new member she was still finding her feet in the place held by the Pegasi and appreciated the effort she was shown more than she was likely to say, the vixen shuffled a little in her seat as she got comfortable and crossed one of her legs over the other as she showed that she was far from the dumb blonde she liked to play herself as sometimes, and probed her fellow guildie on a few matters she had heard in passing…

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- Bella Benini

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A Lively Soul's Care Taker.( Drinking Contest/Bella) Empty Sun Jun 23, 2024 3:07 pm

One could be told many times not to worry and one would still worry it was just how these things work sometimes, Just make sure some one was okay. Duty was just one thing, making sure some one else was safe because you felt unsure how exactly they would handle themselves, Even if they were an old enough adult is another thing."I have no doubt, Will you do be okay."Miriko answered just more as assurance to them both.

After all Miriko in some manner could not really help but feel like something could have been done if come one got carried away and tried to do something to her."I spend a fair amount of time working my hair like this, Maybe another time you could see it not fancied up."It was a future matter for them, After all Miriko already made herself pretty nice looking in her view letting it all down just ruined the work already put into it.

As for that part even if she hinted at she knew it was not exactly she wanted something spread around. She merely just look at her."Shh..I don't spread that around, I might be Alisa's niece but it isn't anyone business. I don't even know how you found out."Miriko said because she didn't tell this woman that. There was limited people who knew for reason and mentioning it seemed to almost make Miriko feel uncomfortable. While there was many ways to go about it, in public was not one of them for Miriko. Even if people could forget from drinking.



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“Ahahahaa, and it looks tres chic, girl! But I didn’t mean it literally~?” The lips of the lass curling a little more when her new friend took her comment about letting down her hair more literally than she had intended, such sweet sincerity made her giggle a little and only like this girl all the more, and to show that she snickered and nudged at her shoulder with her palm before confirming that she meant in more of a figurative sense.
“More like take a load off, relax… Enjoy yourself a bit~?” Waving at the bartender because of that intention and then tilting her head, Bella sagged even more onto the elbow which supported her in order to emphasize the idea of letting it all hang loose, and sensed already from the seriousness with which her would-be caretaker responded that she certainly could use more nights where she did so.

“Ohhhhh, I got ways of making people talk~? Not sure why you wanna hide it tho… If I was related to a hottie like her, I'd want the world to know~?” Ever more proving to be the opposite of this concerned cutie pie when next her fellow femme seemed to be a bit flustered by the observation, by contrast the fox seemed to feel a compliment in the fact that she had seemed to garner such confidential details out of someone or other, and grinned merrily as she announced that she would only be too delighted to declare some manner of connection to the delicious diva who ran their operation.
“Buuuuut, I gotta say, from where I'm sitting, sexiness runs in the family~?” Not that such a connection wasn't rather obvious for the vixen when she considered the good looks which Mimi possessed, such facts were something which drew Miss Benini out of her slumping position and to the edge of her seat instead as she lurched forward and ended up practically nose to nose with this demure dish, and narrowed her blue gaze as she looked over those heavenly features and lifted her thumb to graze away her bangs as well…

The Female Of The Species

Is More Deadly Than The Male~!
- Bella Benini

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A Lively Soul's Care Taker.( Drinking Contest/Bella) Empty Wed Jun 26, 2024 4:22 am

While it was a good to suggest that Miriko did have her reason and would actually explain entirely how she relaxed, There are other things she commonly did to relax. So just only because Bella did not know how Miriko worked as a person quiet yet, She would actually just mention it to her."While I can...large gathering of people drinking and such...aren't entirely my fancy."Miriko mentioned because she was just a bit different, Large groups of people were okay she could handle it just now if it was the matter of how they where drinking and the moves they where making one another, Over all it was something that had Miriko feel uncomfortable she ever was comfortable with it.

"I relax differently...I make clothes, dresses, art pieces, sometimes style hair and make up...These things aren't my way of relaxing."Miriko mentioned some what hopefully making her point, while she understood why Bella might have her own view of what is relaxing Miriko had a different view and she was not trying to make it much of a problem to anyone.

This wonder was logical to some people, This was just how Miriko worked."I don't boast about my family, I don't entirely want people to think how talents are only well liked because I happen to be related to some one well known."The first mention of it to kind of add into the point of it. It could be considered a discount of all of this effort and work in her own mind if some one wanted her work because they wanted something by Alisa's niece and not Miriko the artist. It was just not what she considered right."I wanted to be known for the things I do, not just being related to Alisa...I am Miriko not just Alisa's family..I keep that not known for a reason."In some manner just having that information easily known by such a new member showed some one was saying something and not respecting Miriko's boundaries something she would have to solve later.

But she would just mention over all."I am not that special, Blue Pegasus is full of many beauties, I am just the smaller fish in the pond..Side from Alisa there is Sofia, Helena, Lin-Mei and even you."Miriko considered everyone else more pretty than her, but it was not her entire point to start with, Even not mentioning she had not Met Lin-Mei or Helena as well hasn't really spoken to Sofia in a while.



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“You make clothes? Shit girlfriend! Why didn't you tell me sooner~? My dad's in the bizz, you know~?” The gaudy gal gaping when her new friend revealed the fact that she was something of a fashionista, the fair fox threw her arms up into the air in a manner befitting one who truly did not care at such a revelation, and shuffled that bit closer to the brunette as she revealed the connections to the industry that she had as well.
“Did you make this…? It's cute…” Taking in the ensemble which the girl was wearing a second time in light of such a delicious discovery and doing so both visually and perhaps more intrusively as well, the ever touchy Bella reached forward to run those dainty but deft digits over the material which made up her garb in some manner of tactile scrutiny, and seemed to be pleased with what she found as well. This one wasn’t good with boundaries, was she?

“Damn girl, ain't nothing wrong with trading on that family name now and then? It's how I get a lot of my modelling gigs~?” Once more seeming to scoff when the more demure of the duo seemed to show some manner of reluctance to make use of the gifts her relations might give her, by contrast the coquette seemed only to happy to exploit both her form and her fam, and admitted that she had gotten rather used to nudging one of her patriarch's for opportunities. I mean, a woman needed to use all her strengths to get ahead, right~?

“I don't know who those others gals are, but you're damn hot, girl~?” The sapphire eyed stunner sighing when next it seemed that this oh so pretty peach seemed lost on a world of comparison when it came to the others of her guild, Miss Benini shook her head at such a self-defeating mindset, and moved ever closer to the enchantress in order to speak her mind properly and also aim to hook her chin with her finger to look her dead in the eyes too.
“I'd much rather go back to your room than theirs~” Unable to deny the fact that she would certainly like to see more of the girl and that message both figurative and literal when it came to intent, the voice of the vixen seemed to grow softer and gentler as she gnawed upon her bottom lip and admitted her attraction toward Mimi, then seemed to feel her course moving closer and closer to the pout of her would-be protector in a vague effort to seal some sort of deal between them. Or perhaps, spark something new~?

The Female Of The Species

Is More Deadly Than The Male~!
- Bella Benini

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As for her question about if she made it. Miriko did have a simple answer."Yes, I am not a short woman...So I made these myself. I have many of them so I don't just wear the same dress daily."Miriko took really good care of her clothing, It was clean with not signs of wear. No tears so many things just made the dress perfect for its wearer.

There was always more to it and Miriko just wouldn't mention it."You think that, But I still disagree. I don't need family names to push me forward, I can do it all myself."There was an odd sense they Miriko felt like it was a form of her own pride she did it herself and merely seemed to do it just because it was just her own method to the madness the figurative madness that was her work."If I mentioned just how many well known mages are in my family. Everyone would look at me different."She wondered if they would get the point part of her assumed she wouldn't.

Moving on, Miriko would try and handle this more and more even if she was getting unsure about it what she wanted was going to be comfortable about it."Noted on how you feel about my looks."Miriko merely had to attempt to keep it casual after all she was not trying to hook up or get with anything at this time. She was pretty happy with that part of her life.

Even remarking."I do considering that a compliment, But do keep in mind I am dating and not looking to alter my happy life."Miriko was hoping she would get that hint quickly. Hopefully whatever could happen would be more tame in feeling.


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“Do you just make clothes for yourself, or other people~?” The talent in tailoring which her new friend showed something which was certain to pique the interest of Bella in ways beyond how good she seemed to make herself look, though the flaxen fox tended to be one who chose her wardrobe from items born in boutiques or straight from the catwalk she could not deny her intrigue at wearing something made by a friend, and especially one who screamed star in the making as well.
“I'd buy something from ya, if you wanted to make me a piece~?” Almost seeming to think it might be quite the honour to sport one of the premiere pieces of the next hot star of the fashion scene, with this she also hoped that she might be able to show it off for her daddy and others in the biz, and perhaps get the girl the kind of attention that she seemed to crave so unexpectedly given the impression she had offered at first.

“Wow… You're kinda feisty for a quiet girl, hm~? No wonder I like you!” The buxom blonde certainly not hating how her fellow femme seemed to have more fire in her belly than her demure impression may have led one to assume, despite her remark about exploiting the advantages of her own family she couldn't help but admire that kind of quiet resolve and determination she had to succeed on her own terms, and from here on out would be cheering and more for the girl because of that. She was gutsy, in her own way, right?

“Whaaaaaat? You're taken~?” Such a fact only meaning that Miss Benini was all the more disappointed when Mimi seemed to rebuff her little come on and confirm that she was already partnered with another, while that in of itself wasn't always enough to stop the sapphire eyed siren when she found someone she liked especially, in this case and under this level of influence she couldn't help but feel some serious tea needing to be shared and so grinned gleefully at the opportunity to learn a little more about this reticent young woman.
“Oh my god, what's their name? Are they cute? They better be, with a gal like you~?” Ever one who loved to revel in matters of gossip and so going on the offensive with that in mind, once more the vixen showed that personal boundaries were matters that she rarely tended to pay much heed as she began to poke and probe the new woman in her life about the romance she had, and rocked her knees with excitement as she did so. Ah the fun one had when making friends, eh~?

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It seemed it was back to talking about work now and she did not mind at all. She was just use to over all talking about her work fairly often. Miriko did not mind answering it anyway since it was a simple question and she was not worried about that being known."I can make clothing for other people, I have no problems with doing that. Depending on the person i ask for payment, For Materials I choose are not cheap."Miriko mentioned It seemed that maybe she might be a busy lady in the future.

"I do have to set time aside for custom clothing, if you know what you are looking for me to make it is easier, But I need to take measurements."Then pausing for a moment to mention that would be useful for her to know, Because Miriko seemed to value being comfortable."In the event that happen, I will ask you to wear something like so i can take your measurements but not be naked."Miriko did carry a lot of disclaimers, But it seemed at least if some one actually followed these, the work they got in return was wonderful.

Then again Miriko always seemed to wear her own work and thus she was a walking advertisement to her own work."Yes, I have been dating Vex for a while now. She is lovely and respects my boundaries, being willing to take the time for me to get comfortable with her."Miriko answered casually. While not mentioning much detail about her.

Even if she wondered."Oh? nosey are we. Vex is just as much of as private person as I am, So while I can say they are cute, I won't tell you much else."Miriko could not really speak much for Vex, Just in case it was more for Vex's personal boundaries as well. Miriko was also over all seeming a very not out there person but managed to handle it all well



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“Ohhhhh, only the best for me, sugar plum! I'd love to see what you make when going all out~?” Certainly not minding the mention of expense when it came to the clothing her new friend might craft for her, Miss Benini shrugged and confirmed that she wanted the crème de la crème as it were, and didn't mind forking out to get it. I mean, one would shudder at what she had already paid for the right, or perhaps wrong, item even before now, eh?
“Ahahahaha, I make sure it's some of my best lingerie~?” Chuckling soon after when Mimi asked her to wear her delicates as it were when they did some kind of sizing as well, while the fair fox would have little problem with stripping all the way down she could guess this more bashful belle might be more embarrassed, though couldn't deny wanting to show off just a bit to see what kind of response she could garner.

“Riiiiight. Message received, I guess?” Not that she didn't feel a note of disappointment however when the brunette seemed to bluntly affirm her want for privacy twice over and hardly masking that fact either, that sense of energy within her gaze seemed to ebb almost instantly in favour of something sadder at the feeling of rejection therein, since all she was really trying to do was make friends here.
“I guess I'll go see what the boys are up to then? Good talk, Mimi!” Sighing because of that and not so dull of mind or drunk that she could not perceive that she was starting to weigh upon the young woman, with a flick of her head and pat on the shoulder of her guildmate Bella stood back up and left the lass to her own devices, feeling happy for at least breaking the ice even if it didn't go quite as well as she might have hoped in the end…

The Female Of The Species

Is More Deadly Than The Male~!
- Bella Benini

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The silly part to all of this, While Miriko was sitting her boundaries internally she did feel a bit like of a jerk, But it was mostly due to feeling like she was talking about too many things in public when these question would be far better off alone in other areas and she would be find. While it unintentionally seemed like a form of rejection Miriko did barely know this woman. But before she got too far."When...we get to work on whatever clothing you need, I might be comfortable enough to maybe go into details with something..."Miriko settled some what being into being meekly again.

Almost like there was something there she felt unhappy. But she would look at Alistair for a moment before Bella did leave them both."Let me know when you...want to..do measurements."Mimi merely would fade into the breakground and continue watching to make sure Bella would be okay. She would get over her guilt later.



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