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Clue Digging [Quest]

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Rhea had been strolling through the streets of Era City, minding her business after running errands for Hugo, when she noticed a woman standing anxiously outside a house. The woman seemed to be searching for someone, and when she spotted Rhea, she waved her over with an air of desperation. Now that the Stellan was a corporal, she wore her badge on her chest. Perhaps that was why the woman flagged her down. As Rhea approached, the woman who introduced herself as Margaret, launched into a rapid explanation about a missing woman. Margaret’s tone was filled with doubt, making it clear she believed the woman had simply run off on her own. The half-elf was confused, trying to process the situation. She didn't even know this Margaret lady, and yet here she was, being pulled into a mystery.

Margaret explained that the woman’s husband was frantic and that she needed someone to search their house for clues. She then further introduced herself as a rookie detective which really did make sense. Truthfully, Margaret seemed completely out of her depth, fidgeting nervously and clearly unsure of what she was doing. The Dragon Slayer began to wonder how Margaret even got this job in the first place. But, with nothing else pressing on Rhea's schedule and a sense of duty to her fellow women nudging her forward, Rhea agreed to help. After all, she used to do things like this for her cousins back home in Stella. She entered the house, which was a modest, well-kept place, though signs of a hasty departure were everywhere.



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Rhea started in the living room, where she noticed a broken picture frame on the floor. Picking it up carefully, she saw a photo of the missing woman and her husband, both smiling warmly. She handed the frame to the rookie detective, who looked slightly more focused as she took notes. In the kitchen, Rhea found an overturned chair and a half-finished cup of tea, now cold. It seemed the woman had left in a rush. Under the table, she spotted a small handbag. Inside, there was a train ticket dated for the day after the woman’s disappearance. This seemed like a worthy enough clue, so she passed it to the detective who nodded appreciatively.

Rhea moved on to the bedroom and found an open suitcase on the bed with clothes thrown in, as if someone had been in a rush. Among the garments was a letter addressed to the woman in question and it was written in shaky handwriting. The letter was from someone named Emma, urging the woman to leave her husband and come to a safe place. This confirmed Margaret’s suspicion that the woman had left on her own accord. She handed the letter to the rookie detective, who looked more confident now, realizing she had a solid lead. Satisfied that she had done all she could, Rhea returned to the living room. The rookie detective, now eager to follow the new leads, The Corporal was handed a small pouch as a reward before Margaret hurried off to report her findings.


- end -

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