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Clearing The Nest [TLB – The Last Breath]

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Clearing The Nest [TLB – The Last Breath] Empty Tue Jun 11, 2024 6:36 am

Vex returned with Nasira the sunhallowed bow in hand as it was time for them to go and use this bow to take on the hideout of vampires but first they have to capture one. Vex looked at the woman that was with her and she spoke low. "We need to find a vampire and catch it alive." She makes sure that Nasira has the fire bow as the bow will work better with her plus it is a weapon for her to have in case this idea were to go side ways and cause them to have to fight off more than one vampire. Akiza got low and walked among the brush till she sees a vampire that is out on the hunt for food. She is careful and very watchful as she is not looking to get bitten down on or ambushed her steps are near silent along the ground as she walked and she gives a signal to the other woman that there is one and that she should be careful.

Akiza focuses her magic as she is going to use a binding spell to capture the vampire and have Nasira weaken it. Vex focused her void cursed magic and the spell fired to life and spun around the vampire holding it as it struggled against the binding spell and Vex is focusing all that she can into the spell to make sure that it doesn't fail before the other woman can take her shot at weakening it. Vex wishes that she had better made this plan but it is far too late now as they were going to have to capture this creature and make it sing like a bird in a coal mine for them so they can go and kill off the vampire hoard before it gets too strong or finds a new way to kill of those that were close to them and they needed to protect.

Vex trusts in Nasira and moves in to better restrain the Vampire after Nasira weakens it for them as they were going to have to make sure that the thing has no way of biting them or getting away and hurting others like they had already tried to do and had done up until this point. Vex hopes that others were having as much luck as they were at getting through all of this stuff and fighting the vampires where ever they all were at this moment but she needed to make the most of this and help keep her guild safe and not have them think that she was just going to roll over and let her guild ne over run and killed by vampires and their evil plans to kill off the day time so they could freely rule the world.

"Good work Nasira now lets get him back to base and get what we need out of him so we can deal with the rest." Vex's voice was a bit cold as she doesn't like to kill randomly anymore but this was something that couldn't just be bartered with or settled peacefully.


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Picking up where they left off, Nasira and Vex where back at it again solving problems with her odd way to do things and Vex just being able to support some one through it at all. In some manner Nasira figured and thought up if they ever to ever talk outside of these fights Nasira could most likely learn a few interesting things form Vex just what they where she did not know, It was also not the time to think about it right now either. they needed to figure out and get their hands on a vampire. She could admit she was a bit disappointed it was a live.

Then again Nasira knew she solved things by removing them quickly and that was a quick reaction to fight it all to death and continue on capturing a live was manageable but she preferred to kill threats to the people. But one thing at a time and maybe this would work out in the end better for everyone else, So they where off to find and deal with a vampire. Bringing them back alive. It was going to be interesting. Diving into it as pretty quickly. Nasira was always quick to get to work.

Nasira was given a bow this time, Something Nasira should have guessed eventually, But she looked it over and inspected it as she did anything she was given. Even giving it a few test pulls of the string to make sure it was all going to be okay and not break, She didn't think Vex would do that to her. It was just her normal test. Since it all seemed to be in order it was over all going to be a good mission so far. It seemed she didn't seem like she was going to handle the vampire with her hands. Not yet anyway.

Alas they were at least quiet and prepared already moving forward to find this vampire and catch it, If it was just one anyway. It would take time most likely to find one, considering everything else that was done, It was most likely that they where in hiding. But they had already kind of found them enough times that it would not take too long for them to find one. Just so far not making a sound, As they where just prepared Where exactly they where just gonna trap a vampire was a good thing to ponder at this point.

However Nasira on the other hand would finally express it, But most likely she was a very different person even if they got along. After the use of the fire bow and a bit of wrestling about. Since they where talking anyway."Better off off dead..."Nasira at least did not sound like she said it out of hatred and or bias. Almost like it was more her protect the people mind set that was just right away out there and she was not covering it up. Maybe if another chance if it was not just protect and keep people safe, Nasira would be more reasonable to about it.



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Vex put the captured vampire in her domain for the time being as she walked with the other woman toward the guild. "Nasira I can tell you want to kill it but you need to wait will it breaks down and tells use were the nest is cuase we need the info on their hideout, after that I will let you kill him, trust me capturing it alive feels wrong to me as well but we need to know so we can stop something bigger." Vex smiled at Nasira to reassure her about what they were doing as she knows that his feels wrong and that was just something that Vex was going to have to get over for the time being as they really needed that info and to know where the monsters were hidden and stop their plot to take over the world with a final nail in their coffin but she needed Nasira to be on the same level of understanding on it.

Vex made sure to keep an even pace as she walked with the woman to the guild as they were going to need a room set up and ready for them in case the vampire were to break loose it would have no where to go. "Carla fly off ahead and tell them to get the room ready for us so we can get what we want out of the monster." Carla nodded her head and her wings appeared and flew off toward the guild as fast as she could as she needed to make sure that mistress Vex's order was done swiftly as she knew that the eye was taxing on Vex to keep things in but she knows that she can do this for her and not let down the guild that Vex served as well while she was at it.

Carla made it to the guild and told them of Vex coming in soon and that they were bringing in a vampire to be questioned for info and the guild mates move swiftly to get the room ready for the vampire and to make sure that the woman would be safe as she was one of their strongest members and was an ex dark guild member on top of that so they know if they fail they might meet the end that the others that had crossed her did. Vex arrived hopefully with Nasira right behind her and she went into the room and let the vampire out once they were all in the room with the door sealed shut from the outside incase of the vampire getting loose and Vex walked over to a table and she grabbed some tools to help loosen the vampires tongue.

Vex hoped that Nasira was not one with a weak stomach as vampires are stubborn immortal creatures so he would probably not give up the info that easily but she invited Nasira to help her in trying to get the info out of the vampire if they can.
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Over all even if her feeling the way she did, Nasira was logical and knew she could not just kill them when they needed them, Even with Vex's reminded she did not seem offended by it. It was a good thing to remind a person. So as they where preparing to go and head back she would ponder on how to explain to Vex that she knew she shouldn't kill them. It was part of the job so she would won't complain about it. As they walked along quietly anyway. But Nasira seemed to be in thought.

That was not shocking in anyway. But she would finally speak."I do understand why we need to spare them."She finally stated plainly. Not trying to come off rude about it, Then again since Nasira did not speak a lot it might seem that way. But Nasira did not rush trying to understand Vex she did tend to take her time to learn some one. There was some kind of bond forming between the two. That over all would most likely seeming be easier as they got around one another. Nasira was some what a blunt person and hard to understand

Because she often did not add a lot of detail at times."As much, as I wanted too. I know and wouldn't have tried to kill them."It did seem she would make sure Vex knew that, She had not tried to kill either of them. Because they needed them alive. But Nasira would use this space between getting to the spot to talk to the vampire and where they where now walking. Nasira would ask Vex at least one question just to be sure they would be on the same page with one another. for her own wonder.

So it would be phrases as a general question"What kind of person do you take me for Vex?"Nasira honestly asked her in wonder. She wanted to know because she felt like she wanted to clear any thoughts of what Vex could think of her. Nasira was slightly brash but that was about it, She was stubborn and did things her own way. But that was about it. So over all Nasira seemed to wonder what all and all was in her mind. So far she figured it was going to be positive she just wanted to be sure.

But after that while waiting for an answer, It was pretty peaceful over all while they walked. It seemed like there was not many problems or lingering worries while Nasira and Vex most likely looked around everyone and check. Nasira would also continue to think up if there was things she could also ask Vex while they walked."Too serious, not that friendly?"She did not sound like she was integrating her, If anything she was actually serious about what she would hear. But it was this wondered that she hoped they would bond slightly over this conversation.


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