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Dazzling and Daring [FPHS – Drinking Contest]

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#1Faris Iraious 

Dazzling and Daring  [FPHS – Drinking Contest] Empty Mon Jun 10, 2024 5:32 pm

Faris Iraious
In some manner, Faris himself wondered how this worked and how he got here. He was trying to keep his own spirits going and passing on the good mood when in his bravery he asked some one to join him in a drinking contest. When she said yes Faris almost wanted to think about how he could get away. Yet he was here and seemingly had not thought of a way out of this.

Thus Faris was here waiting for when it would all begin, Trying to still on his seemingly with in his thoughts of how he could get away. Maybe she would just stay brave at this point, After all it was just drinking surely this woman was not expecting anything else aside from that. At least he thought it was nothing else. they seem seem a little different and Faris did think cold at least hence why he offered drinks it just went different then he thought. It was too far gone now.


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“So, it's free drinks, as long as we keep up with the rounds, hm~?” The blue skinned belle appearing not for promise of the right partner but perhaps more mercenary intent, after having been covering her father's history class for a while now Zelda Blackwood had needed some form of distraction, and so this little shindig here had seemed like at least a little something to salve her ache for the excitement a nicely hazardous tomb or something of the sort, and perhaps a chance to scout talent as well.
“Well, I suppose I can partake to save the purse strings… Feel honoured, boy. Lady Blackwood doesn't share a drink with just anyone.” Always on the lookout for partners in her 'research' and reckoning through the various affiliates here she might one or two souls good for a laugh, thus far aside from a soothing soak in the baths the drow had been somewhat disappointed with the spread as it were, and so she was left to shrug and sink into a seat she had turned to face backward in front of the redhead who had practically begged her to get in on this action. It was sweet, really, even if he didn't know what he was getting into.

“You sure you have this in you, though~?” More than accustomed to leaving folk underneath the table in wagers and the like when she was on the road and perhaps already sensing victory from one so pretty as this, the golden eyed girl huffed from her chest and rolled her shoulders from side to side as she presented herself with the kind of impression which was decidedly unlike that of a lady, and then lifted up one of the cups with which they had been presented by the staff to indulge the event.
“You look a little… Delicate~?” The fox however fearless in her frankness however as she looked across to the girlier one of their dynamic duo and unable to restrain the impression that he would be running for the bog or bucket after two or three rounds if he was lucky, she had little against those of more bishie disposition in the right kind of circumstances but they generally tended to involve the crack of the whip and the clanking of linked steel, and so arched her brow as she tipped her first cup back and waited for him to do the same as well…

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#3Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
If Faris had other people around he could actually boast on some how managing this has he did at this time. Then again Faris was not going to let out how he was nervous about getting this far. While Faris never figured out what was or was not in his league, He did almost expect Zelda to reject him. He was in some manner actually shocked she said yes. For when getting this far he was just winging it until something else work out for him. Alas he would continue just doing his best to go with the glow."That, you are entirely correct, Myself and you magnificent and blue get free drinks as long as keep up."Faris would affirmed what was mentioned. They where correct with the terms of this contest.

While she seemed different not just from her appearance it was her personality that made her stand out a bit more. She was far different from anyone else he had played coy to see if he had a chance with them. After all Faris thought he had no chance at all. But he took the gamble. Maybe it would work out for him, Maybe she was not actually that bad and just seemed a little rough to be around at first."I am honoured and thankful for your time."Hopefully agreeing with her might show a bit of a different side of her.

But he was still a stranger and did not mind if it took time. the best connections took time."Do not let my look trick you my dear, I promise you I am more prepared for this than I might see."Faris said more then boldly like he was in fact expecting it."I can handle any drink you throw at me, I will drink it with out a problem."It was also a bold statement because he was sure he could manage himself. Even if it was in some manner a future problem because Faris could easily now be subjected to something he was not use too yet.

Faris then raised the first drink they both had, Gave her a wink then drank it all at once then put the drink down. Then waited to see if she would say or do anything. Faris expected no reaction from this. After all she did not seem the easily impressed type, However Faris was too far in to back down.



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“Oho~? Fire to match your mane, dandy?” The mildly bored expression which Miss Blackwood had been carrying to this point seeming to shift to something which carried a little more intrigue when her partner seemed to politely but ardently insist upon him being made of sterner stuff than he seemed, too often was one with such a cutting and at times cruel commentary as this lilac lass able to oppress those of weaker spirit, which had been her presumption in this case what with his artful commentary and obvious pretty boy looks.
“Perhaps I have misjudged you then, I like it!” Seeming to walk into a room and always have the kind of confidence and drive needed to dominate those around her, contrary to what one might have expected of her this descendent of the dark elves vastly preferred the kind of characters who might challenge her and kept her on her toes as it were, and so a sense of excitement seemed to flare in the mind and the golden gaze of the girl at the prospect of having something to distract her from her boredom for a spell.

“Have at it, then! Show me you are worthy of being my match!” In fact such a spark seeming to show the fact that by comparison to those of her ilk she was a far younger woman than her human age might have shown, while that air of superiority seemed to linger all the while Zelda felt a sense of kinship and perhaps even a slither of admiration toward the souls who were plucky enough to think they might measure up to her, and so she raised her sake cup with what might just have been close to a smirk in toast, and readied for the outside chance that this redhead might impress her. I mean, she'd seen stranger things, right~?

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#5Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
Now was here more of a chance for Faris to continue his ever building moment of personal momentum. Letting out a bit of a laugh about it."Believe it or not Miss Blackwood, I have plenty of fire and passion for whatever I do."Faris was not having to internally hype himself to keep going with this because he did not want want to fall flat on his face. Then again he seemed to be managing it well."Weather it is entirely with this drinking contest, Or anything else I may do."Faris would play with the idea of whatever they had to do, could be more then just them two here drinking."But I suppose it only matters, If you feel like joining along with me no?"Faris was also entirely trying to be inviting to Zelda as well.

Since he was not falling on his face yet in most contexts he would continue."The phrase don't let one's looks deceive you is at times, interesting isn't it my dear?"Faris was not going to sneak in a passing compliment to Zelda."Strange we all might be off of looks alone we all can be proven interestingly wrong. Much like how you are beautiful, some just don't see it yet."Faris would just leave that out there to see what would happen.

Then he would rise his glass. He would try to be still be some what humble about still."Show you? I am more then willing to back up my statements and prove to you."Faris was still trying to add in the allure in after all she was getting into it, He would not back down. He might be too in deep. However Faris did not seem to mind he actually liked how this was working out.

As she raised her cup Faris had a clever idea, his filled cup he raise it as well. But Faris raise his cup yes, but went slightly past her hand like he was offering it to her. Hopefully she understood what he was doing."To a worthy challenge?" Faris was making this a contest as well. But well wishes where always needed, Zelda seemed to be the type to understand that too. He did this because Jai-han and her crew did teach him, some times while giving the other person your own drink was sign of respect. Faris at times used it to as a means to impress some one at times.



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“Goodness, I had heard the pegasi are incorrigible, take after their 'mother' no doubt…” Raising the toast with the lad but the comment which he had made about her looks something which seemed to roll the eagle eyes of Miss Blackwood, with near of a half century of life behind her the woman was more than aware both of her own rather vixenly violet visage and the reputation carried by the guild which the redhead represented, and seemed to click her tongue and let loose a breath as she noted how those would-be smooth lines sounded oh so familiar to her.
“Your mistress was a pup long after my youth, you know? I'd count her uncle as a drinking buddy from my wilder days…” The beauty in black shaking her head as she revealed a degree of familiarity and with it seniority over the stunner who now called herself the White Empress, the lady of lavender could only too readily remember the raven haired girl in much brattier years, and snickered softly to herself as she remembered chuckling over her with the man who had done much of her raising. After all, she had been around a while now, eh?

“How old are you, pretty boy?” Such a note seeming to breed a sense of curiosity however when she considered the fact that she was likely as old as the mother of the figure beyond the table if not more so, with her cup refilled Zelda tilted her neck from one side and toward the other to loosen up her shoulders before necking the contents, then looked across to her crimson maned companion with at least a little intrigue about his age. Looking at him she'd guess she had at least two decades on him plus change, but the older she got the younger people around her seemed to feel, even if they didn't look that way physically…

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#7Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
It seemed Faris had other things to talk about, In which he listen and merely took down his drinks, unaffected after drinking it quickly and put his cup down and starting filling it again."Well I was told to take risks and believe in myself, When I was first in the guild."Faris mentioned. That was also a long time a go. Faris has not been around for a while so things could have changed. "But Alisa showed me a fair amount, Maybe after my little trip in which I have been gone for a while. Things could have changed."Faris did not really mention why he was gone to anyone yet. But it might not really be needed for the moment.

Since he had finished one drink so soon, he already poured another to continue on the contest. Faris was not backing down anytime soon."Oh you have a fair amount of experience do you?" Faris was trying to think of something clever to say."Given my youth and growing up in Seven. I can't say I learned a lot of Fiorian things."If anything Faris did sound like he was interested in these minor things he was hearing."Just how much of a wild drinker was he?"Faris asked to see if he would actually learn and know.

But how old as Faris was a good question, it was not entirely a thing he hide just no one ever asked him."Well if you really must know. I am thirty years old."Faris he did now want to figure out, Casually watching to see what she would say in return. But he seemed almost like his age was merely a number to him, Not something he ever considered in his day to day life. Pouring himself another drink while he waited.

Faris seemed for being thirty years old took decent care of himself, He took good care of his hair, always clean shaven, Armor he wore polished and clean with no signs of rust lingering at all. He was trying to look his best, part of how his guild was."But, I do have to ponder. How old do you think I was?"Faris enjoyed the back and forth of how this was going.

He thought it was still going well at this time."Old age is not catching me any time soon."Faris said with a bit of a chuckle about it. Even remarking."While you will seemingly forever keep your youthfulness."Faris would take another swing at it to see what would happen.


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“I am certain that should the seas have been made of sake, between us we would have drunken them dry by now~?” Confirming both her own experience and the legendary status of the Vollan uncle in one fell swoop, to call the pair of them big drinkers seemed to be something of an understatement, and likely offered the lad an insight into the challenge which lay ahead of him now as well with it. Though it was amusing to note him viewing Alisa as something of a mentor, of course.

“Oh, seems that I am not the only one with the secret of eternal youth, I had pegged you for five or maybe even ten years younger? Perhaps you have an elven forebear?” The brow of the beauty in black lifting however when the redhead revealed his age, Miss Blackwood could not deny that she had estimated her crimson maned companion to be a younger man upon first inspection, and narrowed that golden gaze a little as she looked him over a second time while wondering if he too had heritage from the elves to explain that effortless sense of youth he carried.
“Bah, I presume a tricky tomb or lucky foe will end my life long before age does~” Scoffing however when next he affirmed the idea that she would have her looks forevermore, while it was true that her status seemed to offer her a greatly expanded lifespan compared to one's average human, she guessed that her risk taking and thrill seeking lifestyle would claim her own mortality long before the rigours of a long existence, as she felt it should do. The right adventure was worth all the seconds in eternity, no?

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#9Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
Faris seemed to be with a woman who could far out drink him, But alas there was no slowing down, He was not a quitter. in this matter he was not a quitter, Putting aside being a navigator for a insane pirate captain. But that was just something else maybe for another time."Hmm..What a standard to attempt to stand up against." Faris stating out right in his own matter, He was still going to try anyway to see what he could do. It was a competition he agreed too, He was going to keep going until he failed.

Faris however did have to act like he has some of an ego for some one with in Blue Pegasus. When that came to mention he just slightly smugly smiled."As far as I know, my parents are both just from Seven. I have never asked them about how far back family records go."Faris really did not nose by that much into it just he has a Mother, Father and a sibling. But he had not checked in on them in a long time.

Even then Faris taking another drink would say."But maybe I could just boast being naturally youthful as a good thing, It brings wondering eyes, Such as yourself."Faris would still trying to keep his bravado going. Seeing if it got him anywhere still.

But  at least he was still interested in her life and tales after all, Faris was interested in her life too."Oh a risky explorer type huh? I am sure you have a fair amount of interesting stories to help of your adventures."Faris did say this because he was curious, while most of his exploring days on the season where done mostly out of his own inner fears, Other people might have more fun stories.

Far better, Than pondering and recalling ships breaking, a Kraken's screech, many good sailors dying and  ending up on whatever island they end up at."But you seem to give me the feeling of, I don't give up with out a fight."Faris almost forget to drink. Thus he quickly drank the cup in his hand and filled it again. He seemed to be enjoying the conversation much more compared to other things going on at this time. But he was no staggering yet, he was not tipsy yet either. There was no reason to back down. Surely Farius was not preparing for if and when that wall hit him.



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“Oh, you're Sevese? A fine land…” The brow of the black belle lifting as the redhead revealed his heritage, experience had taught Zelda that such a fact was something which garnered him a greater deal of respect than she had afforded him just for that fact, even if he was a little different from the folk who she had known better than him who hailed from there.
“Such winged words, lad. I prefer my men to be a little more direct when they want something~?” Reminded perhaps a little of the fools who plucked their lyres in that land when once again he seemed to flatter her, the violet skinned vixen shook her head as she lifted another cup of sake and tossed it back down the proverbial hatch, then showed how little she liked to beat about the bush with the reply she gave. After all, she was much more inclined toward taking what she wanted, no?

“More than a few, and if you're hardy enough you might hear some of the more interesting entries…” The lilac lass smirking however when Faris surmised that she could be quite the storyteller when given the chance, for a moment the golden gaze of Miss Blackwood seemed to flash with the flame of excitement as the ream of adventures she had been on in the past two or three decades flashed through her mind, and she couldn't help but lean back in her seat as she reached for the sake and poured herself and her companion another round of it in a manner which said that he was going to earn his rewards tonight.
“How about I tell you about the first time I saw your home, hm~?” Knocking back yet another cup in that spirit but despite the authority and aggression of her deed seeming to show she was warming to her company rather splendidly, the lavender lips of the lady appeared to curl upward with excitement as she found an excuse to delve into the excitement of her past journeys, and showed through this that perhaps in the case of certain women it was not about the words one chose but rather the willingness to listen which might earn a place in… Well, probably not her heart, but something close to that!

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#11Faris Iraious 

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Faris Iraious
Now she had more of his interesting, Faris was no going to try and see how it will go. Since he was backing down and thouht she would have told him off a while a go."As fine as you are." Faris seeing if that bit of play was going add into the game of back and forth.

But she wanted something forward and direct. So Faris figured maybe this one gamble might be worth it, While he finished his current drink."Very well then."Faris would get up from his chair then cup the woman's cheek upon his hand and then said."I am here to acquire a rare piece treasure."She was looking Zelda in the eyes while he said."That would you, I hold the piece a treasure."Then he left it at that with a smile on his face, then let go preparing himself mentally for his major gamble to fail him. Even if he felt like he just massively teased the woman with being bold and up front.

But after his settle into his chair again and poured another drink."I have my own fair tales of adventures, I would to hear about yours, In return I can talk about how I got to Fiore by a shipwreck."It seemed to be nice to add that part in. It left some one a chance to learn more later.

Sure it was annoying to tease her, But Fair admitted he wanted her company."Or. We can share all of the stories...And more somewhere else?"Even giving her a wink about it."More drinks, clothing is optional, We'll have food and a bed to sleep in together."Then Faris then offer her his hand to see what she would do, Then she realized he didn't finish his current drink.




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“Still rather artful, but at least you cut to the chase…” The violet vixen seeming to assume something of a poker face as she listened to the lad work up the nerve to say what his intention had been when inviting her to this competition, or perhaps it was a resting bitch face, Zelda seemed to arch her brow when the younger man was done and comment on how winged his words still seemed to be, though despite the note of criticism at the same time could not deny that she enjoyed him cutting to the quick a little even if it had been somewhat at her urging.
“Hmmm…” For that reason the fox lifting a finger to her chin and stroking it for more than a few seconds as she considered the offer and the figure who had given it to her, the black belle would have been a liar if she said she didn't emphasize the amount of time which she took to make her choice in order to see the boy before her squirming that little but upon her proverbial hook, though perhaps it spoke volumes of the company that she didn't dismiss the idea of them spending the night together in a more illicit sense outright. Rarely did she beat about the bush when she wasn't interested, right?

“Fine, you seem pretty enough, and I'm sure I can find a use for that mouth of yours~” Such a fact seeming to prove true when ultimately she gave the idea a rather emphatic shrug and begrudging sense of agreement to it, ultimately Miss Blackwood had little other plan for her evening and decided that the redhead wasn't without a certain charm about his looks either, not to mention he seemed somewhat eager to please as well. That was always a plus.
“Come on boy, show a woman you aren't all talk then~?” For that reason shrugging as she scooped up the jug of sake they had been given and then stood from her seat, once more did the elven enchantress seem to smirk as she gave the redhead a chance to prove himself to her, and then sashayed from the table they had been drinking at with her room key in hand and a further emphasized swing in her hips as well. Though, regardless of whether Faris knew what he was really getting into here or not, it was certain to be an evening he would not soon forget…

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