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Troublesome Transactions [Quest]

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Rhea had a straightforward task today: pick up a mysterious item from a mysterious person for a man named Gaud. Easy enough, she thought. Gaud was worried the seller might try to scam him—or worse. So, the Dragon Slayer was stepping in to handle the transaction. Tonight, Era City was quieter than usual, she noticed as she walked to the meeting spot. The usual life of the vibrant city was replaced by an unsettling stillness. Rhea hated the quiet. The cobblestone paths glistened under the soft glow of street-lacrima. Era was known as the safest city in the country. Anybody looking to commit a crime and get away with it would have a tough time here. As she moved through the quiet streets,

Rhea finally approached the alley where she was supposed to meet the seller. The narrow, barely lit passage seemed like the perfect spot for a private exchange. As she stepped into the shadows, she spotted a figure cloaked in black waiting for his customer. His eye barely visible under the hood. Without hesitation, Rhea let him know she was there in Gaud's place. She could sense the seller's apprehension but stayed calm. She asked to see the item, a beast's tooth, and the seller carefully pulled out a small wooden box. As he opened it, Rhea's eyes widened slightly. The tooth was larger than she had expected, and she was intrigued to know just how he had retrieved the tooth. It belonged to a Sabersnake, and they were pretty deadly.



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After inspecting the tooth, Rhea confirmed that it was indeed the item Gaud wanted. She handed over the pouch of jewels, the clinking sound echoing softly in the alley. The seller, satisfied with the transaction, placed the tooth back into the box and handed it to the Private. With the deal done, Rhea clutched the box safely and made her way back to Gaud. The streets were still quiet, and she moved with purpose, eager to finish this petty task and shower. She'd been out all day, and finally her day was coming to an end. As she walked, her mind wandered. Why was this tooth so important? Questions swirled in her mind, but she knew better than to dwell on them. Maybe Gaud had a spell in mind, or a potion? Her job was to get the item and return it, no questions asked.

Arriving at Gaud's place, she knocked on the door. It creaked open, and Gaud’s anxious face appeared in the crack. Seeing Rhea, he quickly pulled the door wide open. Rhea handed him the wooden box, watching as his eyes lit up with satisfaction. He murmured something to himself as he examined the item, clearly pleased with the successful transaction. After all was aid and done, Gaud handed her off a hefty bag of jewels for her work, which Rhea intended to use on some grub from that restaurant she met Daragast at the day prior. She could really go for some Halal right about now.


- end -

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