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Pest mess 3

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The basement level of the terminal has been blocked off for some time now, so long, in fact, it has become a den for all sorts of nasty critters. Rats, insects, and even a monster is rumored to live in its depths. The only way to access this chamber of pests is by using the freight elevator located in the back area of the tunnels. Zeno cleared out one of the three tunnels before him. He dug into his pocket to pull out a gold coin. “You shall decide the path”. Zeno flipped the coin into the air before catching it. Upon opening his hand, the face of the coin was tails. “Tails huh… guess that will be the tunnel on the far right then.” As he approached the tunnel on the right he noticed claw marks carved into the walls and floor. “Hmm” He looked around, flashing his green flame around to light up the area even more.  All he saw was numerous cobwebs, feces, and dead rats scattered all across the floor. “Looks as if this was once the main feeding area. The elevator should be near."

WC: 189

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Eerie silence fills the tunnels completely, leaving not even the skittering and scattering of the rats to be heard anymore. Feeling the air of the room had shifted, Zeno kept on his toes. “Something is here…I wonder if it is our buddy” he whispered to himself while taking very soft steps to remain as quiet as possible. Dropping his hands down towards the ground, magic circles appeared across his fingertips. Leaking out from the magic circle were bright green glowing walnut-sized embers. He decided to leave a trail of lights to engulf the area, so nothing could sneak up on him when or if he had to retrace his steps. He chucked two handfuls of these embers down the tunnel to light up the path ahead of him. One of the embers flew close to the wall and landed in midair as if floating. Moments later, the flame began to move and grow bigger, when suddenly a loud squeak broke the silence, the rat hiding in the shadows was now engulfed in flames and running around frantically. Sticking his hand out forward, aiming his palm at the rat's location before firing off a wispy fireball to completely torch the rodent, leaving only its ashes as remains.

WC: 211

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The fireball Zeno shot out to incinerate the rat strengthened the surrounding embers, causing more light to shine in the area, revealing a half open door on the right. Walking forward towards the door, he noticed right before him was a giant shutter with what seemed like a button on the wall next to it. “This must be the freight elevator but, of course, the power is out” Zeno sighed as he pressed the button several times, but no light nor sounds could be heard from the shutter. Feeling dissatisfied with the progression of his exploration, he turns to the half-opened door, hoping to find something of use. Once again, he tosses two handfuls of wisp seeds to brighten up the darkened room. In combination with the wisp seeds he threw into the room, he used his fae eyes to see if any life was in the room. Scanning the room from left to right, no signs of life were seen. Zeno made his entrance into the room to find nothing but old machinery and a control panel with no power. Scratching his head thinking he had hit a dead end, Zeno did one last sweep of the room and noticed a hatch under one of the vehicles. “Lucky Lucky” he chimed.

WC: 213

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An abrupt bright green light flashed from in the room followed by the sound of a large crash. The echoing sound of metal clanging and rolling across the floor fills the tunnels. The vehicle that was parked on the hatch was now half-way wedged into the wall. The other half was torn apart with holes pierced into it. Giant tree roots retracted back into the green magic circle hovering above the hatch. “Now onto the next level” Lifting the hatch, seeing a ladder going leading into an abyss of darkness. Zeno shoots down a wispy fireball slowly to see how far down it goes. After a long descent, the fireball finally touched down. A sea of rats ran away from the fireball as it grew closer to them, hitting a few of the stragglers. “Well now…just when I thought this would be easy-peasy'' Zeno sucks his teeth then begins his descent down the ladder. When halfway down the ladder, he hooks his left arm and left leg around the handrail of the ladder before turning around to aim his right hand towards the rats, rapidly firing off fireballs into the sea of rodents. Hearing the shrieks of the rats but seeing it barely leave a dent, he quickly retreats back upstairs. “This is quite a messy situation! I have got to figure out how to tackle this. For all this extra work I may request more money...”

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