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Monster Hunter I [C-Rank]

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#1Tsukishima Higurashi 

Monster Hunter I [C-Rank] Empty Sat Jun 08, 2024 6:54 pm

Tsukishima Higurashi
"This must be the place," Tsukishima mutters to himself, glancing from the tattered flier in his hand to the imposing ivory building that looms ahead. The structure is tucked away near the outskirts of the city of Crocus, a stark contrast to the surrounding landscape. A few armed guards patrol the perimeter, their weapons gleaming in the dim light. Their presence is not just physical but magical, exuding an aura so potent that it shakes the very essence of the Lich.

"There is something otherworldly about this place," he whispers as he cautiously ascends the steps to the front door, feeling the weight of the magic pressing against him. Before he can reach the top, a sharp voice cuts through the silence. "Hold it." One of the guards, a woman with a stern expression, strides towards him with her comrades in tow. In an instant, Tsukishima finds himself surrounded, intricate magic circles materializing around him, trapping him in their glow.

Word Count: 160

#2Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
"State your business!" the female guard demands, her eyes narrowing with suspicion. Tsukishima raises an eyebrow, maintaining his composure. "Ah, so you must be the one in charge," he says smoothly, holding up the flier for her to see. He silently hopes to avoid a confrontation but fully willing to do what is necessary if provoked. "I am here in response to this," he continues, indicating the flier. His tone is calm but carries an underlying threat, a reminder of the demon king's power he commands. The guards exchange wary glances, their magical restraints flickering with uncertainty.

She takes the flier from his hand and quickly scans it. As she reads, a wave of relief spreads across her face. She gives her squad a knowing glance, and the magic circles surrounding Tsukishima slowly dissipate. Relaxing her grip on the sword sheathed at her side, she hands the flier back to him and begins to speak.

Word Count: 155

#3Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
My apologies for the misunderstanding. I’m Commander Mizu Tachibana. Thanks to that damned crackpot inside, we’ve been on edge.” "A Joyan native?" Tsukishima remarks, a hint of surprise in his voice. "I’m surprised. Not many of your people are this far central. My name is Tsukishima, Tsukishima Higurashi." The Commander raises an eyebrow at the mention of his name, recognizing the Joyan heritage and is surprised to hear it from an elf. Sensing her curiosity, Tsukishima speaks again before she can ask.

"In case you are wondering, this is not my true name," he says, his voice tinged with a hint of melancholy. "That name holds too many memories. Too many painful memories. I adopted this one long ago." Commander Tachibana nods, her expression softening. "I understand," she says quietly. "The situation inside is... complicated," she admits. "Come with me," Commander Tachibana says, her tone brisk but authoritative. "I'll take you to the nut job himself and explain everything on the way. Men, stay alert. If you see any of those things, you know what to do."

Word Count: 177

#4Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
The guards snap to attention, saluting sharply as Commander Tachibana and Tsukishima make their way towards the entrance of the massive ivory building. The imposing structure seems to swallow them as they step inside, the heavy doors closing behind them with a resonant thud.

The interior of the building is a stark contrast to its grand exterior. Dimly lit corridors stretch out ahead, the walls lined with ancient tapestries and artifacts. Commander Tachibana glances at him, her expression a mix of exasperation and concern. "His name is Dr. Hiroshi Sakyo, known now as the Dread Doctor. A Joyan native like myself, he’s a brilliant but eccentric mage who was once a respected member of the Magic Council. He came to Fiore in pursuit of knowledge, his dream was to restore some of history’s most fearsome creatures to life. The dream seems far fetched but most dreams usually are. Doctor Sakyo made his dream a reality and brought back these vicious creatures. He intended to study them in the biome area we are about to pass through but, not even the doctor can predict how uncontrollable the world’s creatures are. They have escaped captivity and now roam the areas. Most tend to stay away from here but others try to come back, presumably to kill.

Word Count: 214

#5Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Tsukishima nods, absorbing the information. "And these 'things' your men are on the lookout for?" "The results of his experimentation." she replies grimly. As they continue down the corridor, they pass several rooms filled with complex machinery and arcane symbols glowing faintly on the floors and walls. The atmosphere grows increasingly tense, the silence punctuated by distant, unearthly sounds. "How long has this been going on?" he asks, his voice low. "Too long," she answers. "We've been doing everything we can to stabilize the situation, but it's getting worse. That's why we put out the call for help. We need someone to stop this before it gets out. We’re hoping you are that person."

They reach a set of reinforced doors, guarded by two heavily armed soldiers. The guards step aside at Commander Tachibana's nod, allowing them to enter. A figure in tattered robes stands before a large monitor, images of creatures flashing. "Dr. Sakyo," Commander Tachibana calls out. The figure turns, revealing a gaunt, haggard face marked by sleepless nights and intense concentration. "Ah, Commander," Dr. Sakyo says. "I see you've brought help."

Word Count: 184

#6Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
"I'll leave you to it," Commander Tachibana says, shooting an annoyed glance at the doctor before exiting the room. The door closes behind her with a firm thud, leaving Tsukishima and Dr. Sakyo alone.

"Such a lovely woman," Dr. Sakyo remarks, ushering Tsukishima closer with a beckoning gesture. Tsukishima's expression remains indifferent, which only seems to amuse the doctor. With a chuckle, he pours himself a small cup of coffee and takes a long, deliberate sip before returning his gaze to Tsukishima. "I assume she told you stories about me?" the doctor asks, a hint of a smile playing on his lips. "I hope she didn't warp your opinion of me. I only wish to bring back the creatures of yesterday."

Tsukishima's eyes narrow slightly as the doctor's smile widens, a gleeful light dancing in his eyes. He takes another swig of his drink before turning back to the large computer at the center of the room. His fingers fly over the keyboard, and the screen flickers to life, displaying the image of a pinkish-red creature. It resembles a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but with a horned nasal crest, an unsettling blend of familiar and alien features.

Word Count: 195

#7Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Intrigued, Tsukishima steps closer to the screen, studying the creature. "This is one of my creations that has escaped," the doctor explains, his tone a mix of pride and concern. "I need you to bring her down." Tsukishima examines the creature's image, noting its size and the viciousness in its eyes. "What exactly am I dealing with here?" he asks, his curiosity piqued.

"She's a hybrid, a fusion of prehistoric DNA and arcane magic," the doctor replies, his voice tinged with excitement. "Highly intelligent, incredibly strong, and quite dangerous. I've tried to recapture her myself with the help of the Commander and her men, but she's proven to be... elusive." "Any weaknesses?" Tsukishima inquires, his mind already strategizing.

"She has a sensitivity to certain frequencies of sound and she's drawn to sources of high magical energy. Use that to your advantage." Tsukishima nods, committing the information to memory. "Anything else I should know?" “She's not just a mindless beast. There's a certain cunning to her, an intelligence that makes her all the more dangerous."

Word Count: 174

#8Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
"I’ll be back within the hour," Tsukishima replies, his voice steady. The doctor watches him for a moment, then nods. "Good. I look forward to your success." As Tsukishima turns to leave, the doctor’s voice follows him. "When you return, perhaps you’ll shed that disguise of yours?" Tsukishima stops in his tracks and shoots a death glare toward the doctor, who smiles knowingly. "When did you realize?" Tsukishima asks, his tone icy.

Dr. Sakyo smiles and stands up, wisely choosing not to move any closer to the clearly irritated Lich. "Since you arrived," he replies calmly. "I’ve encountered a few of your kind in my lifetime. You, however, seem much different. The innate power you exude is radially different. I would relish the opportunity to study you." A low growl escapes from Tsukishima, his eyes narrowing dangerously. "I am not here to be studied," he warns, his voice a deep rumble of barely restrained anger.

Word Count: 155

#9Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Dr. Sakyo raises his hands in a placating gesture. "Of course, of course. Merely a professional curiosity. Your secret is safe with me. I have no intention of getting on your bad side." Tsukishima doesn't respond, his silence a clear indication of his displeasure. He turns sharply and exits out of the room, eager to put as much distance as possible between himself and the doctor. The corridors of the building seem even darker now, the oppressive magic pressing in on him from all sides. As he steps outside, the cool air of the night greets him, a stark contrast to the stifling atmosphere inside.

He takes a moment to collect himself, his mind already shifting back to the task at hand. The hybrid creature awaits, and he needs to focus all his energy on bringing it down. Tsukishima moves swiftly through the grounds, the moonlight casting eerie shadows around him. He knows the creature is out there, lurking in the darkness, and he must be ready for anything. And perhaps, once this is over, he will decide whether the doctor’s curiosity is something he can tolerate—or something he must silence permanently.

Word Count: 192

#10Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
The wooded biome that Doctor Sakyo had mentioned the creature would inhabit reeked of charred flesh and blood. As Tsukishima navigates through the charred remains, his senses alert for any sign of movement, he spots a set of large footprints in the distance. With a sense of urgency, he moves towards them, squatting down to examine them closely. "The tracks are fresh," he mutters to himself. "I need to stop her before she escapes."

Surveying the wreckage around him once more, he couldn’t help but be impressed by the creature's destructive power. "What an interesting creature," Lucian remarks, having been summoned by Tsukishima shortly before they arrived. Before long, the two of them catch sight of their target—a massive behemoth resembling a Tyrannosaurus Rex—standing defiantly in the center of a clearing, surrounded by flames. The creature crunches on the bones of its latest victim before swallowing them whole, emitting a triumphant roar into the night.

Word Count: 155

#11Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
Suddenly, the creature senses the presence of the newcomers. With a primal instinct, it turns to face them, its eyes locking onto Tsukishima and Lucian. A brief wave of flames escapes from its snout as it lunges forward, bearing down on the duo with terrifying speed and ferocity. "Lucian," Tsukishima commands, his voice steady as he steps back, allowing his summoned servant to handle the threat. "By your command," Lucian replies, his stance shifting as he prepares to face the charging creature.

With surprising nimbleness, the creature leaps towards Lucian, its jaws open wide, ready to devour him in one swift motion. The demonic servant reacts swiftly, meeting the beast head-on and grappling with its immense strength. Despite his efforts, he struggles to keep the creature at bay, taken aback by the sheer force of its attack. As Lucian stares into the darkness of the creature's throat, he notices a faint reddish light beginning to glow. With growing realization, he narrowly evades the impending danger as a burst of flames erupts from the creature's maw, engulfing the ground in front of him.

Word Count: 182

#12Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
"So it breathes fire as well? This is intriguing," Lucian remarks, a hint of excitement in his voice as he assesses the situation. Enraged by the failed attack, the creature roars in frustration and charges once more, its movements fueled by sheer anger and determination. But Lucian is prepared, using his superior speed and agility to evade the creature's initial strike. With a swift and precise movement, he delivers a powerful downward strike to the top of the creature's head, stunning it momentarily and causing it to crash to the ground with a thunderous impact.

She hits the ground with a resounding thud, momentarily dazed by the force of the strike. Plumes of fire billow from her nostrils as she angrily rises to her feet, her gaze fixated on her prey with unwavering intensity. With a snarl, she searches back and forth, her vision narrowed to a singular focus. "So your vision is limited. Disappointing but your corpse will be good for the master’s plan." Lucian’s voice echoes from atop the creature's head, surprising the behemoth and eliciting a furious roar in response. With reckless determination, the creature charges forward, its massive bulk hurtling towards a nearby boulder with destructive intent.

Word Count: 201

#13Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
As they near the boulder, Lucian senses the perfect opportunity. With a calculated leap, he dismounts from the creature's back, allowing it to barrel forward unchecked. The massive beast crashes into the boulder with earth-shattering force, sending debris flying in all directions.

Upon impact, the creature lets out a pained groan, its momentum halted as it collapses onto its right side, momentarily stunned and vulnerable. "Alas, we’ve come to the end," Lucian remarks solemnly as he approaches the fallen creature. His form flickers momentarily, disappearing from view before reappearing at the creature’s chest, his hand thrust deep inside. With a swift, fluid motion, Lucian tears out the massive heart of the creature as it lies lifeless on the ground.

"It is done, my lord," Lucian announces as he returns to his master's side. "Job well done," Tsukishima acknowledges, his gaze falling upon the faintly beating heart placed beside him on the ground. "Will you be taking that back with you?" he inquires. "It is something that the Demon King is preparing," Lucian explains. "A gestalt that will aid you on your quest." Tsukishima's interest is piqued by Lucian's cryptic words, but he decides not to press further, trusting that all will be revealed in due time.

Word Count: 206

#14Tsukishima Higurashi 

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Tsukishima Higurashi
"Magnificent!" Dr. Sakyo exclaims as Tsukishima arrives back at the ivory palace, his task completed. The doctor begins rapidly typing on the keyboard in front of him, already immersed in his work. "I've dispatched Commander Tachibana and her team to the site to retrieve the corpse. I can't wait to study it." Tsukishima counts the jewels received for the request, noting with satisfaction that the doctor had added a little extra. Just as he turns to leave, Dr. Sakyo calls out, "Wait."

Tsukishima stops and turns to face him. "Perhaps I came on a little too strong earlier," the doctor admits. "I meant no harm. I only wish to further my knowledge of your kind." Tsukishima pauses, recognizing a familiar thirst for knowledge in the doctor's eyes. "Perhaps..." he thinks to himself. With a wave of mana, his mortal disguise grotesquely rots away, revealing his true Lich form.

"Magnificent..." Dr. Sakyo whispers in awe, dropping to his knees at the sight of the being before him. In a flash, Tsukishima's disguise reappears, and he turns to leave once more. At the threshold, he pauses. "Perhaps if you provide more work and more jewels, I'll grant your desire." Tsukishima says. The dread doctor nods eagerly, his eyes shining with a mix of fear and excitement, eagerly awaiting their next meeting.

Word Count: 219
Total Word Count: 2,569 / 800
Quest Completed

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