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Fantastic Fabric [D-Rank Quest]

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Oh, how lovely~

Desdemona did not appreciate being the designated errand girl for the pauper masses, but at least this endeavor would serve as a good excuse for her own goals. What might those be, you ask? Oh, a trip to the markets for a shopping spree, of course. A quick little task and then the princess can properly spoil herself to her heart's desire. She's giddy with excitement, too much so to even bother her usual schtick of pouting, a genuine grin creasing the edges of her lips.

The snake would leave her garden, flamboyant pink flier rolled up within her fluttery grasp. "There was something in the air that night~ The stars were bright~ Fernando~" She squeals in delight, lost in her own delusions, thinking of the gorgeous dresses, the finest shoes; all the things that make an adorable maiden's heart quiver in excitement. The devil was satiated today with the simple allure of Prada.



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Fernando's Boutique was a familiar location for the mademoiselle, which helped dampen the desire for cruelty and rebellion for the task at hand. In fact, she barely felt it all. "My! If it isn't Mona~! What brings you into my quaint little shop today, hon~?" Fernando was a kind man who'd never done anything to draw the ire of the serpent, a kindred spirit perhaps in their love for all things fashion.

Mona would slither to the counter, a peck of her lips on both sides of the man's face with a hand elevating to cusp the roundness of her cheek. "Funny story, darling~ I'm actually here for that little notice you posted around town. You need fabric, yes? Then Mona is your girl~" She'd cackle with a coy smile, teasing the tips of her lips as she leans across the counter. "Do you mind being a dear and tossing in a little discount after a job well done, hmm?"A hushed whisper and fingers tapping at the chipped wood.

He'd slide the notes down with the list of fabrics he needed, along with a few samples as he winked at the girl busy toying with her hair. No other instructions were necessary and with that, she'd offer a flit of her wrist to bid farewell, a pop of her cherry-red lips.



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Silk, cashmere, high-quality linens. Desdemona Lafayette had her vanity to thank today. She knew all the hotspots around Baska - in fact, the boutiques and clothing shops scattered about town were about the only locations she had managed to memorize in her short stint in this otherwise dull town. There's a degree of arrogance to her step, an inflated ego for a shackled creature of the night. She'd go to one shop, stock up on a certain fabric, flirt for a discount for any poor soul driving a hard bargain for the little devil, and then be off to the next.

The only issue of course came in the transportation of such things. The bags were getting heavy and the princess was working herself so hard already. Better enlist the commoners~ She was saving Fernando plenty of money on these and decided to procure the aid of a local youth; paid of course! Mona is nothing if not virtuous, even if it is against her will.  

She returned triumphantly to Fernando's, bagboy in tow to deliver the treasure trove of goodies she had procured for the man. She could do without all the gratitude that the man would tirelessly blab out, discomfort in the itchiness that riddles her flawless skin "Yes, yes. I know~ I'm so wonderful! Mm.. So, fifty percent, yes?" Her tongue would slip from the mangled grin that contorts her face, a playful wink as she collects her pay and browses Fernando's selection. A gorgeous evening gown as a treat before she slinks away to return to the Garden of Eve.

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