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They Call Him The Ace.(Manzo/Social.)

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They Call Him The Ace.(Manzo/Social.) Empty Wed Jun 05, 2024 3:12 am

While Helena seemed to have settled into being more around the guild for a while she had for the most part made her self decently some what know by a few other people around the guild between having silly arguments with some about their ego, To rumours lingering that she had sat down and had a talk with the guild artist and always hard working Miriko.

Helena would not say she is a rising star in the ranks of Blue Pegasus, Her looks aside she was fairly more down to earth then most people, She bared more people and seemed far more interested in personal connections between people. That was just how she was. Helena wanted to be the person you could walk over and to talk to about anything you might need help with.

While the alluring looks might be a key, Helena figured there always some one else to meet. So here she was walking among the halls with two glasses of water in her hands. Who was she searching her? the simple answer was anyone she had yet to make a connection with yet.


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A typical day around the guild hall, which was not something he was unfond of. It meant that the wheels were turning smoothly while he was at the helm for the day. It was Alisa's day off and she of course needed the time with her family and loved ones. Leaving the guild in Manzo's hands was something he took seriously. Well about as seriously as she asked him.

As he turned the corner, he spied someone he had not laid eyes on at this point. Something that was not entirely uncommon given his workload. She was a talk drink of water with a bust as generous as the woman he was filling in for. Which made him wonder all the same if she was Alisa in disguise to make sure he was doing his job properly. Though those odds are quite slim, and honestly a tad bit ludicrous when he put more than a second of thought to it.

She was walking around carrying two glasses of water, perhaps she was meeting someone here in the hall for a chat. Probably one of the other girls, seeing he was one of the only tom cats in a sea of pussy cat dolls it wasn't bad odds.

He walked by her and shot her a smile. "Hot date?" He asked as he slowed his pace to wait for her response.

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There was always an interesting way for people to interact with one another, Helena herself made herself an oddity with how she was, After all she had her own desires and wishes in life even if she seemed super friendly and flirty, suppose that would be brought up over time.

Helena was use to getting attention form other people, Her longest times working as she did she had gotten use to attention from people, Gotten comfortable flirting with people and all that stuff was fine and normal to her. When Manzo asked that Helena could not help with a quick remark."Considering what guild we are in,Which one's the hot date. Me or you?"Helena was going to see how his confidence level was at. Not that it really matter of confidence level, If anything if there was a connection there it was not rather important of how confident he might be at this time.

But she did actually offer him one of the glasses of water. In some manner i was always good to one spare on hand just in case."I guess the better question is are you staying hydrated between all of the drinking everyone does here?"Helena was medically trained in some manner, so if anything this might be a good thing to do.


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"Well to be fair, the two of us put together could probably cause the paint to melt off the walls." He said with a particularly cheeky grin. He was positive she'd have another good one liner for him, he'd hope she would, a good bit of banter was always a nice treat. She offered him the water, for hydration to compensate for the amount of drinking that everyone does here.

This could only mean one thing, and one thing only. "I'm gonna take a shot in the dark that you and Alisa probably got wasted and she ended up taking you to bed so now you think we are all lushes like she can be." He said with a gut laugh and rubbing his stomach. "I appreciate your concern for our livers." He said with a laugh as he took the glass of water from her and took a sip.

"This is the first-time someone's handed me a glass of water without the sole purpose of proving who can win a wet t-shirt contest."

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Helena was not missing her chance to see how well this person was needing a to feel better about themselves, Helena would give him a bit of an ego boost, or prove she was a bit more humble then most people."Oh are you sure it is not just you who has that power?"After all she was just here, She did not view herself better then anyone else in terms of her beauty.

Even if she was most likely an over all stand out compared to other people."No, I do not think that. Everyone here are just normal people who have their own habits, After all Mimi doesn't sleep around she seems to just sit there and paint...Or panic if you look at her for too long and she notices."Helena mentioned about it. She seemed to think objectively about everything around her. Not everyone just slept around just some people were more free about what they did compared to others.

But with his last comment, it just continued to show that while seemed like a bombshell of a beauty she was somewhat more than what the eyes could see of her."There are other days to gaze the beauty of a woman's bust, There isn't other days if you don't have a liver."It was a pretty simple statement mostly because Helena was a woman who seemed to know what she had so to say.

That was medical knowledge."Travelling so much teaches you how much other people can handle, How important staying hydrated is and just how little people actually remember to drink it, But my travels showed me many medical understands of the world."It was a little insight for Manzo at this point that she might have learned a fair amount of stuff that was not just how to stave off a hang over.


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"Whoah there, don't give me too much credit, I've been known to get a swelled head when people compliment me too much." He said with a laugh as he took another sip of water. While it was true that people are all just people at the end of the day. At the end of the day there were no falsehoods in her words so he couldn't argue all that much.

"I made mimi faint in a panic once, it was hilarious, and a bit concerning that you can just do that to her by accident." He said as he finished the glass of water and held it down by his side. What a unique girl she was, he found it hard to believe someone could make such beautiful art but hate being looked at. Though that was a thought for a different time.

"Ah a well traveled beauty, nothing wrong with that at all. You seem to know your stuff medical wise, want to come look at my herb garden. I haven't taken anyone there before, but you might enjoy it." He said as he waited for her answer.

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Helena was prepared as always for if situation like this knew merely what she needed to do with out her old magic to help him."Aww, Do i need to find a chair for you to sit on, Have you sit on my lap while i apply an ice pack or a cold towel to it and wait until you feel better?"It almost sounded like a serious off if he needed, She was more then ready to help some one as needed. Or it was just letting him know in some manner that if such was the case she actually knew how to help a person.

Helena would merely add in."I do ponder, if she is hiding something feelings wise about it she has not opened up to anyone about, Most of my life experience, some thing of Mimi's behaviour is hiding some deep seeded mental issues she needs to work out."Helena has almost considered actually looking into it but had a feeling she wouldn't get far."Maybe I will just ask Alisa about it to see if she knows anything."She did think she might be diving too far into it already.

Helena did not mind this offer."It is an interesting one, I am not the best gardener by any means, But I have never been scared to get my hands dirty, With actual dirt for once and not blood for once."Over all it seemed she was enjoying the causal change in her life at this time. Then again Fiore was over all different then Iceberg.At least there was not jab about it being anything dirty side from the sol for the plants. Most of the time she tried not to avoid it but she seemed to just let a few pass by.


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"if you offer me your lap I may have a hard time not nuzzling your bosom. Old habits die hard." he joked of course but then again where was the harm in seeing just how far the flirtation could get him. She was a statue of a woman with an ample bust that he wouldn't mind putting his face in to be completely fair.

"To be fair who knows what goes on in that pretty little head of her. Her partner probably does. But I couldn't begin to imagine how much work it took to make that kind of progress with her." He said as he popped his neck on both sides, feeling a little stiff after such a long nap earlier.

"There's a certain level of enjoyment one gets out of getting their hands dirty in the flower bed. It's hard to not find joy in it honestly."

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The more interesting part to her Helena is she was not such of such things even letting him know that."Oh? Is that your favourite spot to place your head? I do not mind at all."It was welcomed from her because she knew if anything. She did not mind that kind of attention either."Suppose it can wait until...after the gardening?"she figured if he really wanted to do that when would be the right time.

Before she continued the conversation, assuming they started walking over to where Manzo wanted, Helena took time to just let him go ahead of her. Then she placed both of her hands and his shoulders and actually started massaging his shoulders while they walked."I am, use to things medical related. Flower and soil will bit a different."She had a really light touch and seemed to make sure that she was not pressing too hard right away.

But Helena seemed to be actually trying to some what impress Manzo while just being herself."As for Mimi, I suppose you have a point. But does anyone know if she dating anyone? I barely see her leave the guild."It was a decent question to ask him about.

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