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Medicare [D-Rank/Solo]

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Medicare [D-Rank/Solo] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 5:38 pm

Delivery jobs were beneath the Serpent of Eden and yet she would find herself the herald of deliverance for the poor ailing peasants. It was supposed to just be a routine health checkup, but the poor doctor insisted or rather begged for her assistance. It's unclear what possessed the man to anoint Mona as the salvation to his current predicament, or to trust the lives of others in her cold, albeit capable hands. Saying no, was surely a sin in the eyes of her "benefactor," and thus the snake would grit her fangs, stifle the piercing hiss within the confines of her throat, and nod. "Mhm, I'd absolutely adore saving these poor, helpless souls. Allow me~" Her eyes would glaze over with the sarcastic tone of her voice, simmering and then quenched in the pale green, with the slightest curtsy and the dimmest of smiles.

Two bags with two separate addresses, a simple task that the doctor assures her that only she can do. What a lark! The door slams behind her, a petulant display with the roll of her eyes and an exasperated huff as the clack of her heels echoes down the corridors.



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Her familiarity with the city of Baska was certainly lacking in many areas. Mona was a frequenter of the shadier den of villainy known as Oak in Western Fiore than the city that was home to her guild. The sights in Baska were far too clean, and sanitary for the serpent that would rather slither in the murky underbelly, observing the sins of man. Even still, she was led by the whims of her guildmate, Momo most of the time she would find herself home in Baska. This task was taking far too much time for the impatient, pompous girl. She'd rather ditch the whole affair, trash the medicine, and carry on about her day. But, she'd already promised - no matter how childishly. A twinge of guilt pierces the heart, and she bites at her lips and sighs. The curse of humanity this time.

She'd stamp her way, fluttering her eyelashes at any passerby to give her directions, until one unlucky soul would guide her to the first address. A knock, soft, yet swift in its impatience. The sounds of footsteps, hurrying to the door is her cue to scamper off, the thought of some gross, sickly peasant showing her any semblance of gratitude made her skin crawl.

Just one more house to go.



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She'd continue along with her same routine, a brush to grace the arm of filth to goad the information and assistance she so desperately required. It was bad enough for a princess to denigrate herself in this manner, let alone fraternize with the riff-raff that littered the streets so readily. They were so boring and so easy, but none seemed eager to provide what the serpent truly desired. A release from this monotony - the shattering of the shackles that had bound her to this mundane task. That doctor will ruin the day, surely. Desdemona has an image to uphold. She's not one of these moral grandstanders spouting, help the poor, thou shall not kill, etc. It should sicken her more than it does, but the only grievance swirling within her thoughts is one bereft of immaturity.

She was getting nowhere fast, opting instead to consult with somebody in a more, meaningful conversation, stopping a local woman and politely making small talk before asking for directions. A feigned giggle and pleasantness in the way she contorts her face to smile. A mask she loathes, but it bears fruit. The nice lady escorted her to the apartment complex listed on the address and bid her farewells.

A clumsy hobble up the stairs, heaving from the exhaustion of a regular person's day, wild green mane tangled in curtains that obscured her view. A knock. Broken before the first thump as a tiny voice calls out:

"Can I help you?"



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Speechless. Startled. A hand brushes aside the strands blotting her vision, and she flashes a quick smile, averting her gaze in the wake of being caught without her usual persona. A small creature, a mousy girl no older than twelve was sloped against the railing overlooking the street, a ragged cough into her hand. "Oh. Hello there, little one? Is this your home?" Mona would point towards the door within grasp, fingers grazing the splintering wood.

"Umu...That's my apartment, ma'am." Her wispy voice was mangled by her sickness, a wheeze after every spoken word that elicits a look of genuine concern from the serpent. "Hehe.. It sounds worse than it is~ Father has it much worse." She'd tilt her head, scrape herself from iron with her finger entwined behind her back, waiting patiently for the woman in front of her to respond.

Mona would lift the medical bag up, flash a nervous smile, and shake it. "Then it seems like you, my dear, and your father are the ones I'm here for. Medicine from Dr. Gerard." She'd step forward, and brush the girl's hair back. She looked so pitiful despite her brave face. "All of the instructions are inside, darling. So take it to your father so you can both feel better, okay?" She leaves the bag in the little girl's safekeeping and with a hurried strut before she hears that dreaded.

"Thank you!"

Mona had made her way back to the doctor's office for her payment, less fury flowing through her veins than when she had departed earlier. And again she'd hear that unpleasant phrase, and yet.

It felt good each time.


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