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to never hope [FPHS Climbing Cookout - Mona]

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to never hope [FPHS Climbing Cookout - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 12:42 pm

"Do keep up, darling," she spoke to what she considered an aide - and who alike considered herself more closely to kin, but Coventina didn't need to dash Desdemona's poor feelings. She had taken after the girl, just above the bracket where Coventina's heart would waver but just below the disenchantment she took with women just like her. Mona was much more of a project to her. She had never sired another vampire - binding them to you just didn't seem worth the hassle knowing she'd get bored within years - but the daemoness was close enough to satiate her ... shall we call them ... step-maternal-instincts? Her interest in Desdemona was born purely from a dark heart. She liked and pitied the state the girl was in, things she wanted and couldn't do, and Coventina was happy to keep her on that edge as she fulfilled their little fantasies ... very graciously.

This wasn't quite one of those adventures; but you could only be so bad and so poor, and Coventina's coffers were drawing a disappointed frown to her pretty face. It wasn't as if she minded using other people for their bank accounts, and Skald would foot any tab she needed, but there was something to be said of a fine line between domination and dependence. She wasn't quick to give up either. If all she had to do was clear a ridiculous little exercise and walk away with both jewels and some good-quality bonding time, well ... She'd ghost a smile to Mona, slowly taking the space at the base of their cliff with their shadows cast from nearby streetlights at her whims. She stirred her hand through the air, displacing the darkness, and the two were soon alone with each other. "I don't cook ... as I imagine you aren't much of one yourself, mm?" She'd click her tongue, an endlessly shrouded fascination in her amber gaze, and she'd cast around to the shapes of people busying themselves within the resort at night. "But I'm sure I can find us something. What do you say? One little trip for groceries up the mountain?"

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to never hope [FPHS Climbing Cookout - Mona] Zd57uDe

now you're gonna need an exorcist, i'll be haunting you ♤

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