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perchance to hope [FPHS Pest Control - Mona]

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#1Briar Caidh 

perchance to hope [FPHS Pest Control - Mona] Empty Mon Jun 03, 2024 12:02 pm

Briar Caidh
"Oh, boy ..." His tone was not one of elation, tumbling off the side-quirked lips of a boy fully displaced by the situation he was put in. He had told Vesper to go on ahead, he'd meet up with him later, 'cause he was a big boy too and he could handle this kinda thing - Ves already had, after all, with that cool lady friend of his! - but ... "Awh, geez." It hadn't quite dawned on him that he was taking a bounty request until after the papers were squared away and his friend nervously left him to his devices. He was palming around the length of his oak staff, squeezing until his knuckles whitened, and teetering between his feet in the corner of Hosenka's business clearing.

The stars had already begun to greet him, mocking him with their spotlights on his poor decisions, and he'd roll his head back while closing his eyes to sigh tentatively. "Okay," he could begin, mulling over the beating in his heart until he had adequately squished down his nerves. He had transitioning to hugging his mage's armament, head bobbling back into place with a little sway left for his body in the breeze. He stared down across the way at the target building and the tape that had been put up around it until the Mage's Association - him, in this instance - handled the trouble.

Briar wasn't unknown to combat. He wasn't scared or even that bothered by fighting, as long as he did his job right. He had worked with the Rune Knights on numerous occasions in quelling the pirating in his hometown, for one, not to mention his other various adventuring activities. The problem came in this being his first time approaching fighting from this angle ... it wasn't a simple arrest job, or some kind of plant monster he needed to trim in the garden ... he was expected to ... there was a squiggly guy in there and it was his job to ... urf ...

"You just gotta kill it, Bri old boy." He mumbled to himself, his eyes downcasting on the voice of it aloud. He'd stamp his feet a few times, revving up, and then scamper to the destination. At least he wouldn't be alone ... he just didn't think he could saddle someone else with that responsibility, either.

perchance to hope [FPHS Pest Control - Mona] U7X0HIX

i'd rather travel 'round to find you in this goldfish bowl ♡

perchance to hope [FPHS Pest Control - Mona] Empty Thu Jun 06, 2024 12:53 pm

False pretenses in the acceptance of such a meager task. No, Mona was looking for something a bit more riveting in her nightly escapade. Another freak, another monster that went bump in the night to become acquainted with. Her favorite hobby; the depraved voyeuristic tendency to glimpse the butcher's trade. She was erratic, giddy to endear herself to her partner for the evening, dolling herself up in a way that made it abundantly clear she was not here to participate in the hunt, merely a cheerleader in the endeavor. She didn't care about the prey, only the predator. Hunter meets the huntress. She'd pop her lips, tidy the fringes of her wild mane, and curl the lilac-tinged vines with the flutter of her eyelashes.  She'd prowl the empty halls with an exaggerated sway of her hips, and crack open the doors to the meeting place for the the quest, eyes brimming a garish scarlet mirroring the loudness of her attire.

The stars shone a vivid spotlight on what Mona could only consider prey. A small boy, fidgeting in place with a concerned expression creasing his otherwise dainty complexion. Mona tilts her head, grazing her nails against the contours of glossy lips. Her eyes dim to normalcy, and she talks forward cautiously, a careful rhythm to the tap of heels as a mischievous smirk creases the edges of her mouth. Nobody else was supposed to be here and it would have been way past this boy's bedtime otherwise, judging from the look of him. He was beyond her expectations in every way, but that doesn't mean the experience has to be tarnished with a lackluster sentiment. On the contrary, there was a uniqueness in his vibrancy, tamping about like a scared woodland critter, or perhaps working up the nerve to gnash his teeth. Either scenario would do well for the serpent.

"Hello, little one~ Did you wander off and get lost from mommy and daddy? Or-"A condescending tone in her Minstreli accent that flickers into a shrill pitch, mocking, but just as intrigued. She wouldn't tease the little boy too much now. She'd hunch over, and meet him at eye level, a jolt of triumph that resonates in her eyes from the rare dominance of height. He was so precious; so adorable up close. Mona's fangs ache with a craving to eat him up, a purr before her next choice of words that rumbles in deep within her throat. "Might you be my dance partner for the evening, darling? I'd be shocked! Truly~! But, it makes me all the more curious about what you'll show me." She'd hop back, giggling frantically while she twirls into a curtsy, an overdramatic flourish, but necessary in the moment.

"My name is Desdemona Lafayatte~ But you-" She'd skip forward, face mere centimeters away from the tiny rabbit, with a blooming of carnations that spill venom from her eyelids. A breathless smile as she wobbles backward to boop the boy's nose. "May call me, Mona~"

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