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A Lesson In Confience.(Social.)

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A Lesson In Confience.(Social.) Empty Wed May 29, 2024 4:52 am

Nasira while mostly the quiet type was not the shy type. She knew she had to be the forward one to talk and meet the other guilds members. One she had been careful to figure out how to talk to was none other the bunny woman. She had some what in passing tracked her behaviour.

Nasira knew in some manner a skiddish person was harder to deal with. Nasira was over all a bit more Intimidating then most people she was a Deserito woman who seeming came in and solved problems while seemingly stoic all of the time.

While this would most likely change soon for one person she just needed to find Scarlet, So there she was walking about the guild casually. She couldn't win over being social with Scarlet by helping with guild problems, she did not assume food would help either.

So her best options was to just out right greet her, In way she didn't think she would use as much as she had recent. The caring mother way that she used to handle that werewolf child for many years. the chance just needed to be right.

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