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Void Caverns - Wings of the Void

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Void Caverns - Wings of the Void Empty Thu Apr 25, 2024 10:36 am


Wings of the Void

This cavern is mainly populated by avian looking Void monsters. Small in size, their attacks pose little threat individually, however they are swift and agile, capable of evading all but the fastest of attacks. Far more menacing than their individual strength is their ability to send out a rallying cry that conjures more birds to their location, quickly overwhelming unprepared explorers.

Cavern Description: Located deep in Worth Woodsea, this cavern has been soaking up the rich, vibrant Nature element Mana in the region, as such, you will encounter a seemingly wild landscape with arcane formations that resemble trees and display hints of green.

Objective: The Void birds are said to be attracted to vibrant sources of Mana. Find their nest, where they've been bringing the treasure they found.

Difficulty: Lesser Dungeon

Location: Fiore - Worth Woodsea

Enemies: There's a seemingly endless amount of Void Birds dwelling in the region. They usually wander in pairs or in small groups, and are attracted by sources of Mana. The greater the Mana source, the more likely they are to be drawn to them, and if they find an outsider, they will quickly send out a rallying cry for help. They attack with a sharp beak and talons, as well as shooting out gusts of Void energy.

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