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a couple of performers [nq]

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#1Briar Caidh 

a couple of performers [nq] Empty Mon Apr 22, 2024 9:19 pm

Briar Caidh
"O-okay," the caricature of a rabbit mumbled, the dip of his voice lost under the weight of his nerves. He blinked away shyly, roaming the storefronts and the people that milled about the streets in their daily lives as if it interested him so much more than glancing back at his friend from the corner of his eye -- it didn't, of course. He kept peering over at Vesper, sparking a wondrous little light in that demure gaze, then gliding it away faster than the boy could get a good look back at him. "Okay, Ves, I-I promised 'n all, and I know that, I do, but ... u-uhm ...," He fidgets, surprisingly difficult to do as you walk but not an obstacle enough to stop him. His hands play over each other, intertwining and breaking apart again.

"Please be --," and he caught himself saying 'on your best behavior', a bit too familiar with even his 'new best friend' for him, so he redirected. It was hard to put it in words, knowing this would be the first time Vesper saw him perform. "N-nice, okay? I'll do my darn tootin' best, but ... but, I'm still learnin'. Okay?" Pleading eyes.

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The bustling crowd of faceless specters were so dim when cast upon such a radiant star. Vesper's focus was entirely on his friend, strolling the winding streets to their venue. A promise to fulfill, though not without its cost. "Don't worry, Brii~" Words of encouragement - to hopefully soothe the little bunny rabbit's jittering. Ves leans over with his head tilted to catch the smaller boy at eye level, flashing a gentle smile as he quickly weaves out of the way of a passing bystander. "You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to seeing you perform~"

"Besides.." He raises a paw, a light tap and then slides down the length of his lips. He was excited for the opportunity to try something new, but even he was a little anxious. His saving grace - a blessing, rather, found in the camaraderie of the new best friend he'd pledged himself to. "This is my first time doing anything like this, too, you know? So- I'm counting on you to show me the ropes. So, I can do my darn tootin' best, too~!" A playful giggle and nod of his head, as he stares at Briar with such earnest, sparkling eyes. Ves was being too familiar, perhaps, but he wanted to express his genuine excitement towards not only the performance, but the vow they made when they met.


#3Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
Briar offered a sigh of relief, holding his hands interlocked at his chest and breathing out through his nose. "I'm real grateful, Ves," he spoke after a moment, the two nearing the theater with Briar's eyes not leaving Vesper throughout except to wander up the sky. He always found him again with that odd little twinkle, his lips quirked at one end in a meek half-smile with a dimple to pocketmark its appearance. "I-I promise we'll be in an' out, lickety-split like, mind. I won't take too much of your day, but I know you were - uhm - well,  you were really wantin' to see this, and I wanna ...," see you smile, but it trailed off his lips.

He could only smile, instead, laughing under a nervous breath along with Vesper. A man started to approach them, the same hearty Director that had picked Briar up his first time through, and he'd jaunt over quite enthusiastically when he saw the boys. "Ah, our Romeo! You've come for another round, eh? Thank the Gods at that. The girls were missing you," he teased him, a broad smile with missing teeth and his hands on his hips. "And who is this? A friend of our little prince? You'll be helping out tonight, then, aye? Wouldn't want a repeat of sweet Briar on his deathbed, would'ya?"

A raucous chuckle, and a blush from Briar besides, slapping his chest and throwing the spotlight over Vesper. While the other boy was given the chance to bow out, the sparkling eyes of his friend peeked from behind the director's invitation.

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Nervous wobbles of a curious wolf eyeing the rabbit so intently, arms held tight in a ribbon behind his back. He'd have to lean down ever so slightly to meet the boy's eyes with his own, a tilt of his head with a beaming expression. Not quite a smile, but his face was upturned - bright, relishing every moment that he could stare at something more lustrous than the stars in the night sky. "I feel like it'd be a waste to rush things~" He wants to savor every moment. He giggles, poking a little fun, but it was an earnest belief. A glimmer of his toothy grin, greedily desiring to witness Briar in all his stellar glory. It was a pure smile - simply biblical. "It makes me really happy. Truly. So, thank you, Brii~"

The pair made their way inside the performance hall to be greeted by a boisterous man that Ves would soon come to discover was the director of this show. "Oh? You'll have to tell me all about it after the show~" Ves nudges his arm against the little prince, eyes alight with twinkling curiosity. Speaking of curiosity, Ves despite having the spotlight was most certainly in the dark. He'd been so preoccupied with his makeshift role as "audience member," that he forgot he had a real role to play. "You have our sincerest thanks for allowing us the opportunity to perform in your prestigious show, sir. I hope I can give the production the due diligence it deserves." Vesper bows, arm folded across his stomach in gratitude. He places an index finger to his lips, a bashful contrast to his previous actions. "Which brings me to my first question... What are our roles? Heheh~"


#5Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
His ears burned from the attention, both the director and Vesper alike allowing him little respite from their eyes and soft guffaws - he covered one, the nub twitching at its tip, and mumbled shyly with a curl of a blue-white lock around his finger. He'd play with his hair as the two chatted and shared their excitements and curiosities alike, while he'd nod along in a slink to the backdrop. It was nice, though. Vesper seemed more animated around him than how he interacted with the adults -- not in a way that felt duplicitous, nor was it strange to interact more respectfully with your elders and betters, but it was nice all the same to see this side of him when it came out. He liked the eager, bright-eyed Vesper. It reminded him somewhat of a family dog.

Ahahaha. That was an unkind thought, Bri! Mm, one just for him, then. Back to the proceedings: "Eh? Oh? Did little Briar not say -- aaah, bollocks!" The man snapped, though his confusion would burst with a playfulness as he resumed his raucous laughter. "My bad, kids! I think I'm the director who went and forgot to prepare his flock for their roles! Bwahahaha! Alrighty then, young'uns, you're going to be -" a point at Vesper - "Clocksworth, the strict and serious second-of-the-house and -" his hand moves to Briar - "Lumière, the charismatic yet chaotic maitre'd and both rival and friend to the butler Clocksworth: in tonight's production of Beauty and the Beast!"

He'd grin at the boy's surprise, then shuffle them off inside to prepare. "Alrighty then?" This left Briar, in his particularly scampering nerves - catching up to what's expected of him and the role he was meant to play, to go "B-bonjour?", in his timid tone during the sudden scuttle to rehearsal. Uweeehhh???

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A hand propped up to rub at his chin as he listened intently to the director's instructions. Vesper was eager to share in his friend's work, little wiggles of his tail that you couldn't only gleam if you were near to his heart. He wanted to surpass the director's expectations, blow him away with his almost zealous-like commitment to his troupe. More than anything - he wanted to see Briar's sparkly eyes and vivid smile.

Vesper was rather pleased at his given role, something familiar given his upbringing and experience working the family bakery from a young age. He idolizes the suave sophistication that butlers exude with every subdued movement and humble platitude in service of another. Though, the role would have him being even more proper than he was used to. He was giddy at the opportunity, positively buzzing, from both his part to play and the opportunity to bounce off of Briar in a role that seemed so... amusing. Was that cruel of the dog? He wasn't sure, but his tail wags were palpable as he beamed a toothy grin at the bunny.

A hop and skip with script in hand to diligently rehearse and memorize his lines. He can barely contain his excitement and all of his usual formality and politeness seems to evaporate under the strain of intentional dramatization. "Oh, Lumière~ You must keep it down or the Master will be furious with us~" His voice cracks into a rather silly, and mostly awful, accent to try and accurately replicate the essence of the character in a deeper tone. He breaks, the fluttering butterflies in his stomach, not the cause of nerves, but the overpowering desire to laugh. "Hehe-hahahaha Oh~ Lumière~" He does it again, peering over to Briar with an outstretched hand, overly dramatic as he crumples to the floor.


#7Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
Ah. This was happiness, wasn't it? Briar had never been an unhappy boy - he was prone to falling over himself in his excitement and joy both, and every word he sang to others melted with care or mirth (and commonly both). There was little room for sadness in a heart so full of wonder for the world and its people, save on account of another and the pains they've suffered. He was happy, perpetually. And yet ... and yet, even so, something felt different as Vesper played out this silly act of his.

He stared, half-turned from the application of the make-up that dusted his cheeks white and firelit where he had been memorizing his own script, just out the corner of one entertained eye at Vesper's outstretched hand. His words came second, and something in Briar's heart broke through. Just a crack along glass - not a danger, but an opening, as if it was always tempered to one day free something to bloom. The start of something new. A new type of happiness.

He laughed. "Oh, Clocksworth, mon ... ferry ...," he bumbled and bee'd about, tousling back his hair with a squint. "Have a heart! Don't be such'a stick in the mud ... nyeh?" This many accents were not meant to mesh in one young boy's sticky-sweet mouth, but he found the will to persevere along with Vesper's. He felt silly for ever being worried.

This led to a grand performance over the course of an evening's hour, taking the stage without his titular bashfulness - as he had on his first time before the crowd - and instead renewed with vigor and glee above the support of the bonds he shared with the crew and Vesper both. They came, they howled, they conquered. Briar was a sight in his gentlemanly strut, but his short rendition of 'Be Our Guest' would warble delicately on the ears of the attendees for the rest of the evening.

"En garde, you -- you overgrown pockete watch!" And thus he was safe for curtains, with a hiccup and a sly grin beneath his shining face.

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An anchor with steel chains wrapped around his heart, chest seizing in an unfamiliar, mild pressure. It wasn't a painful experience - far from it. It was a comforting stability in the tranquil waters becoming one with the sea's motions. You could get lost in it. You almost wish you could drown in it. The bubbling shifts from beneath the waves that force your head back above water, leaving you only with the desire to dive back for another airless breath. He so readily plays along with anything and everything. It's fun to be with him and Ves can truly be himself. Every moment spent together is a precious memory that he treasures.

"Oh dear! Oh, Lumière~ You're far too silly for your own good~" Little giggles with a tranquil, rosy expression and even softer eyes, bordering on dalliance at this point. Vesper cherishes this serene little calm before they perform their silly duet, stealing glances as he continues to memorize the script before showtime. He had to do his best so these little memories would continue to bloom - a bed of sunflowers to rest his weary head.

And let the show begin! Vesper's role as Clocksworth was familiar and he still felt the twinge of anxiety in the delivery of his lines and dramatic posturing. The laughter stemming from his horrible accent had been ironed out at the very least. But, despite everything he felt like he was soaring high, far above the clouds, impossible to iron out the ear-to-ear smile he radiated so brightly from his ostensibly strict character role. It was a genuine delight to watch Briar shine like the star he was, playing counter to his free and uncontrollable, Lumière. It was almost too painful trying to silence his co-star in his rendition of Be My Guest, every fiber of his being screaming out; Sing! with tiny flutters of his heart. "Oh dear!" was a common phrase uttered in this performance and one that had a distinctly different one every time it escaped Vesper's lips.

A bow before curtains fall, with sweat dripping from his brow from the gaze of spotlights and the audience alike. Vesper was content - truly grateful, from the bottom of his heart. Smiling so beautifully.


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