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temporary aquarist [quest]

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#1Briar Caidh 

temporary aquarist [quest] Empty Fri Apr 19, 2024 2:27 pm

Briar Caidh
A mellow day. A shaft of sunlight wanes through the window over the scene of Briar and the slope of his arm across a countertop, musing under his voice to a bowl of fish. A sprightly orange one swims up to the side of the glass and meets his sheepish vision, goading the boy to attempt a staring contest he would quickly fail. He blinked, rapidly, catching himself with a silly little smile and a giggle to accompany it. "Alright, I get'cha," he mumbled, brushing his hand near the glass without touching it -- he knew better. This was a lesson with experience, after all. His mother struggled to corral him from the displays at the zoo when he was younger, and in his heart he'd always be in that place.

Today, though, he was on a mission. A job, more like, but it was entrusted to him by his oldest friend in the mage contact business and he wasn't about to let her down. Not after all the purpose and continued kindness she had helped to show him. He'd wiggle his finger, teasing the fish, but he'd find himself from his slumped seat and with a handful of food for the little ones instead. "You won, fair 'n square," he mulled, soft to the creature, and sprinkled in flakes for his afternoon meal. "You're a real pretty one, too, aren't you? It's like a sunset. How'd you get like that, little guy?" His own colors were more muted - dulcet, at least - and it wasn't lost to him that he dressed for this type of vividness. He wasn't unhappy or left wanting for much, but oh, to be a bright little fish in a bowl during the late afternoon hours. How much color could he have, then?

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#2Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
He smiled down, trailing his fingertips off the counter and leaving the feed to do his rounds amongst the others in his charge. Ultimately, this was a simple matter - a little task - but one that meant a lot to him to see through: and beyond that, one he genuinely enjoyed. He had grown a lot closer with the sea and its life since meeting Raina the first time, and the weekends he spent down at the beach as part of his preservationist volunteer work instilled a sense of ... was it home? How funny, how nice. That had always been his garden for him. Could you have two? Could you like that many things?

They'd have to drag him away from this little skip to his heart, mirrored by one beneath his steps in the circle he made through the lab. Stickied notes and little scrawls lay beside every tank his passes had already met - everything he had been told to do and manage in Raina's stead - but there remained one he had to note down before she returned. He meandered back to the first bowl, that little orange fish, and scribbled out two words under its purview. He'd turn his head, grin at it, and flourish off his writ.

'Thank you.'

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