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intimidation tactics [quest]

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Saying Coventina never left the secluded comforts of the Phantom Lord guild hall would be facetious - an exaggeration, surely, because how else did she eat? Not every meal would wander up to her in those backrooms - oh, despite her ever-meticulous efforts - and they did get ever so cross if she made a mess. Discretion only brought you so far. She didn't have friends or allies among the associates in her guild; this was a matter of convenience for all of them, wasn't it? This would suit her just fine but offer little leeway to bend the rules of the establishment to her whims. She had her role. They all did. Any trouble to the guild would be trouble for her head.

She wasn't willing to give up the security it offered, either. It wasn't a matter of stability: you had to be somewhere to get anywhere, and a guild of criminals was better than a gang on the street. She was far too precious for that kind of grime now. It fed her hunger for more ... and she was about starving, sighing between paled cherry lips until her canines caught the streetlights. This also meant she received little in the way of financial support; she didn't seek it from Phantom Lord, but it wouldn't hurt, would it? What a poor pretty woman, fending out here for herself. Her coffers might mysteriously never find themselves empty, but Coventina Carmen didn't settle for scraping by.

A single quiet step, maneuvering her heels as if attached with a silencer, was all it took to cross the threshold out of her guild and into the folds of night. She was an empress between them, glittering beneath the first peek of moonlight as the sun rocked itself down to sleep. There were always a band of straggling members at these wee hours, especially in this crest of twilight -- and they could express their befuddlement with her appearance, especially before the dead set in its later hours, but she paid them little mind. Yes, absurd to suggest she never left her chambers.

But so strange to see her, wasn't it?

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She set her face in an even smile as she glid through the dark streets, turning heads left dazzled with blinks at empty space: hadn't there been someone there just a moment ago? A single lock of raven hair left behind for them to attach to, its owner already beneath another sheet of darkness and sliding between them; one to one to one and another.

She had taken this job on one of her fancies, an urge for activity and a bit of playfulness with the local gang workers, and Vincenze wasn't the worst starting point if she was looking to secure more of an income. We all started somewhere. She started here, with Frankie Marino serving as Vincenze's wallet for this job, and there was never anything she was kinder toward than something so pretty and oh so close. There wasn't a matter of jobs being beneath Coventina - only where her interest lied at any one moment, and she could curl her fingers into the linen of something as simple as this one for a dangle of Jewels. Never let it be said that her pride beat her greed.

After all, they ate together.

She'd take this chance to slip back into the night, her voice in her farewell the ghost of merry tidings.

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The shopkeeper proved stubborn, surely, but not difficult for the vixen of black. A gaze of amber served an ethereal sight in the turn of night before he could close up to escape the sense of a predator closing in, too slow to out-run her lithe fingers and the sketch of a smile on lips that -- did they get paler? Where had the red in her pallor gone? She spoke so sweet to the man, suggesting in soft tones and dulcet sighs that he'd want to settle up with Vincenze: for everyone's benefit.

And if feminine wiles were to fail in even this, why, she just might lose her temper. Her teeth might sharpen. Her jaw straighten, harden, but no harder than the glint in her eyes melting molten beneath the yellow that had followed him like a curious cat moments before. A vision of a hunt. The shadows might close in at the fist she made beneath the table, lurching from the walls to encircle the two, and they could dare to flicker a candle against the wicked way she said; "Are you certain we can't resolve this, darling?"

They might, but who could say for sure? After all - the only evidence of this meeting was the note Coventina would return to Marino in exchange for her payment. As quickly as she came, so did she leave. Back to the night. Back to her bed.

Back between these creases.

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