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Noble Reconstruction [Quest]

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Noble Reconstruction [Quest] Empty Sat Apr 13, 2024 6:12 pm

Vesper was lazing around the guild hall on an early morning, cinnamon aroma filling his nostril as he nibbles at his carefully prepared pastry, when another batch of posters get added to the request board. He was planning on taking it easy today, enjoying fairly earned bit of leisure after working so hard. But, is that really okay? Every day not working hard for his dream is a day squandered - wasted and a poor use of the privilege allotted to him by not only his guild, but his parents, that believed in him. He lets out a little whine - a whimper, before wiping his slightly sticky paws and waddling over to the request board.

Aw man. They all seemed like a pain. That'd probably be the case regardless of what was written on each parcel. Vesper sighs and plays with his hair, glancing around for the one that would fit his current needs the most. "Hmm. Reconstruction? I need to get stronger, so maybe... that one?" Vesper pauses and carefully considers the amount of manual labor he'd have to do, from now until sundown and shrugs his shoulders, scampering off with his newly accepted mission. He hurries to his room and gets changed in light, athletic wear, tucking away his elegant vested suit for now before setting out to the docks. He glances at the parchment once more, committing the location and client's name to memory.

"Reign Valystasia, huh? Fancy name.."



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Vesper strolls through the narrow cobblestone streets, perking up as the clang of iron hammer striking wood gets louder and louder. The areas leading up to the sound looked rather nice - almost too pristine to believe that reconstruction in this district was even necessary. But as he got closer, the scenery did indeed deteriorate. Rundown shacks, fractured roads and roofs that were riddled with holes. Vesper has to pause and ponder how something like this could have happened. He scurries along after a quick break, surrounded now by the unpleasant cacophony of construction work. He hates it. He wants to cover his ears and return to his quiet leisure, sipping a nice blend of coffee without a care in the world. But, he's already resolved himself to his task. There's no turning back.

Vesper asks an idle pair for directions to the man listed on the notice and they politely point the boy the right way. He hurries off, shouting his appreciation louder than the racket that tried to snuff it out. Now, Vesper didn't care a ton about the nobility in general. No feelings really for or against, but even so, it shocked him to see a member of the ruling class wearing essentially rags, covered in dirt among the rabble to improve an area that made no difference at all to him. Stranger still, was the lack of decorum among the townspeople. They treated him just the same as they would a friend and he did the same in turn. "E-excuse me. You're Reign Valystasia, correct? I'm here to help with the construction.."  He holds out the notice in front of his face and peeks out, awaiting the noble's demands.

"Hmm. Let's see. You have free choice around here, but if you don't mind... we're a little short-handed on transportation, so can you carry from site to site? It'll be exhausting work, so you can refuse, but it'd be very appreciated." He smiles at Vesper and instead of barking orders, he's making a polite request to a scraggly looking boy and that's almost more diabolical. Vesper couldn't refuse that. "Sir, yes, sir!" Vesper pumps himself up, giving the nobleman a silly little salute before scurrying off to help.

Damn, this stuff is heavy. It definitely would have been easier to just hammer at some nails all day or help clean up around the area. Why did that tyrant have to make such an earnest, polite request? Damn him! Driven by hate and cursing his name kept Vesper moving. Lugging around hefty materials back and forth, resupplying the workers spread all across the docks. Every step up a hill is fueled by pure malice! Vesper was being dramatic, as usual, but he really did feel a bit suckered into this. At least it's a good workout...

This continues until sunset and by the time it's over, the young man is panting ragged, exhausted and drenched in sweat. Every muscle in his body screaming in agony - suffocating in the burning tension that stokes with every motion. He shambles back to Reign, like a corpse who can only be given release by the jewels he is owed. Yes, that is what drives him now. Mmmmm jewels... Vesper can't remember anything that is said, or if words were even capable of escaping his lips. All he remembers is that wretched man's warm smile and the embrace of an ordinary hand gripping his own in gratitude.

"Thank you."


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