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The Beauty of Green.(Social.)

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The Beauty of Green.(Social.) Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 12:46 pm

There was a new arrival with in the guild and Miriko did take note of it. However given her some times easily distracted nature Miriko was focused on other things. Given a chance however one could most likely break her from her focus on what she was doing. Thus in the various greenery close by. Miriko was sitting on something and drawing away with a pencil and paper. Her wonderful cattian Alistair was just sitting as she was drawing away.

In some manner Miriko just knew she also needed to go outside a bit as well she had a horrible habit of just sitting in her room and have it fill up with various pieces of art. Sometimes it even leaked out into the guild hall it's self. Then Miriko would find ways to sell it thus her normal cycle of being the painter of the guild continued.

But if there was something anyone could ever know about Miriko, if offered to learn anything that could be an art form she would try it. Thus if she actually paid attention and learned the person she could attempt to learn form was close by. She would not be face first in a drawing right now.

#2Briar Caidh 

The Beauty of Green.(Social.) Empty Mon Apr 08, 2024 4:56 pm

Briar Caidh
It was an effort in acclimation. For all his subtle nerves and the outwardly quiet way he presented, Briar was anything but a simple wallflower - he wanted to be a part of things. He wanted to make the space people offered him worth their efforts, and be someone able to give them the same back. The idea of caring for others and they'll care for you wasn't quite correct: it should be, instead, care for the world and the world is caring. A softer world. A softer smile from the boy in the corner, fiddling away with a sheet of pressed delphiniums. What better topic starter was there than 'hey, do you like plants? I have these pretty dried ones. Okay, uhm, thanks for chatting!'

He was making an effort. He knew that's what counted, and it was that quiet drive - like the rumble of an engine in its early morning - that led his eyes over to a woman equally left alone, sketching in her little world with a passion for her craft that easily rivaled his own. He couldn't see her lack of enchantment with the flowers that lined this room as a shame -- he was drawn in, not by an urge to bring her out of this trance, but to fall into it with her. There was a gravitational pull to people's happiness. It would get too lonely up here in the stratosphere otherwise. 

He had found himself slipping closer before he noticed it himself, stalling between one step and the next. Was this rude? People that weren't his particular brand of silly didn't always appreciate being approached when they were busy, and he oft waited for others to ask something of him. Still ... ah, he had to know. He tamped just that bit nearby, lingering, but spoke soft so as to announce himself without jostling her. "H-hello, miss. Hi. I'm terribly sorry to bother you, but I'm new abouts here myself and I couldn't help but notice your work. May I take some of your company? 

... Do you like flowers?" And he smiled, dimpling, as he held out the laminated gardenias.


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With that induction it did some what stop Miriko was her in depth drawing. But it was because she was being spoke too, But she was still able to actually talk and work at the same time. Miriko when actually faced with some one equally as nervous as she was. Seemed to be able to make sure and realize that she could talk to them a bit easier compared to the other people and some what speak to them with out much problem.

It did not help that Alistair seemed to chuckle slightly given up he spoke.He saw these two would get a long.Then Miriko had an idea to make him feel some what welcomed. Miriko gestured Alistair over. Thus the cattian walked over and sat next to Miriko. The she would dig through the closet saddle bag and start pulling out. More and more drawing books these where filled in ones. catalogues of years of hard work and progress. Then simply said with a meek smile upon her face."Hello, come sit join me if you wish too."Mirko was a shy and quiet girl but she was not against socializing if it came to it.

She was just fixed easily on her work."These are for you look through if you want, Here a lot of drawing books of my previous works. I have some paintings as well if you want to see."Miriko was use to showing her talents one would assume that she was just working all of the time. But she was paying attention and still talking."I do like flowers, I might not be the best at taking care of and planting them...But they are pretty."Miriko mention, So it seemed that common ground was hit.

Then with that meek smile still some what still there. She would be sure to make sure he knew."Do not consider me a mere stranger, I am Miriko. I am one of the many members of the guild here, Often referred too as Mimi."Hopefully this made him feel comfortable and not nervous here.

#4Briar Caidh 

The Beauty of Green.(Social.) Empty Wed Apr 10, 2024 6:58 pm

Briar Caidh
That was a big kitty cat. Briar wobbled in place with an earperked expression, his feet swaying as if the sight of the animal compelled him to begin kneading. "Golly, miss, that's real kind of you both. Nice to meet you, really. And you, Mr. Cat." His little form curled in to bow, hands clasped at his front - dangling the pressed flowers - and his hair sent to cascade down a softening expression. He made sure to express his respect to both the lovely woman and her companion - he's sure there's much he didn't understand about the people and creatures of the world yet.

He couldn't help the peal of his gentlest laughter to ease the nerves they both felt, blooming out of his shell to tamp closer and find his seat near to her. There was an ease to being around her - she reminded him of lavender. How sweet smelling and pretty, shy just under the light. He made sure to return her smile with a bashful glance of his own, accepting her offered artwork to peruse with happy little kicks of his feet: they wouldn't quite reach the ground.

"Wowie, miss. Geez. You're real good at this. Are you an artist professionally?" He murmured, his voice a song under his breath with each thumb through the pieces she handed over. "I-I think that's so cool. I really respect this line of work. I'm only real passionate about plants, but I don't do it by trade or nothin'." He lifted his eyes to her, not putting the pressure to make eye-contact between them but to know he was recognizing her. "I'm glad you think so! Flowers are pretty, but they also tell a story. Uhm - to be so bold - it's kinda like your art, miss. Though you might have even the prettiest of them beat." He smiled again, dimpling at the cheeks with a lift of their high bones.

"I-I'm Briar, miss Miriko-- Mimi. Briar Càidh. I'm pretty recent to Blue Pegasus, but it's been lovely here, it has. Everyone's so nice and open. I've looked up to you guys'll my whole life, it means a lot to be here now. Have you, uhm, have you been enjoying your time, too?"


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Hopefully not scaring the new person Alistair himself actually did speak."Mr. Cat? I haven't been called that one in a while."He seemed to have found it entertaining. Over all Alistair was as mild manner as Miriko was. He was there and not trying to cause problems and he was just if anything there to help Miriko if there was a problem."Alistair has heard that one a few times, It some what makes him feel younger at times."Miriko said while she did exactly as she stated being able to work and talk at the same time.

But given she most likely developed that over time it might not be shocking."I have been working at drawing and painting since I was about your height."Miriko said that because if she ever stood up she was almost a giant of a woman compared to most others."I learned most art forms to effective degrees however there are still a few I can not do."Miriko was a humble artist she would easily admit to her flaws. She just did not need to list them right away, Most likely because it was not needed too at this time.

When he started complimenting Miriko's work it seemed to almost show how she did not really take that into account."Is it? I never feel a master of my work, I just learn and keep trying."Miriko said because it was just how she did it. Even accounting for all of her failures she knew she was good but she was not on level to be considered a master. She was beat but other people in other art forms."I only stand out, For rather then being a combative mage, I learned and use magic to enhance my painting work. If i walk over to any of my paintings, I can seemingly make them seem like they are reality for a moment use a bit of water magic."Miriko was explaining the trick but it was not all of her tricks Miriko had many tricks she just did not mind if he knew one of them.

He looked up to the guild in some manner, that was always a good thing to see it meant in the area. Blue Pegasus was consider well and manner in standing."I am happy to be here even if i am often travelling on Alistair and exploring the lands...weather pending. I have always been happy here. I hope it remains the same for you."It was a falrly good answer in her book but it was just the life she was use too."You don't need to focus on being a strong mage if you don't want too here, you have to do things that make you feel pretty."It was how Miriko understood anyway. She could always be wrong.

#6Briar Caidh 

The Beauty of Green.(Social.) Empty Sun Apr 14, 2024 12:09 pm

Briar Caidh
The tiniest of squeaks that dies in a breath as quickly as it's uttered, Briar's arms giving small, precociously panicked waves that settle when he's able to wrap his mind around Alistair. "O-oh!", is what he can offer in those first few moments, swallowing down his surprise - which then gives way to joy, specks of light sparkling to life in the lavender haze of his eyes. "A-Alistair, is it? Well, golly, it's nice to make your acquaintance, Mister Alistair. I'm real sorry. I've never met anyone like you before." He looks from Alistair to Miriko, noting that he felt the same between them. "This world of mages keeps surprisin', doesn't it?"

He laughs this off, pulling his knees to his chest while he continues to peruse her works -- while she carries on with her current one and explains along her feelings and passion. He muses with her, humming agreement and curiosity, then peeks back up from the page and sits in awe of her ability to multi-task. It was hard enough for him to think while he gardened ... this was often evident. "I think that makes sense, miss'm. You've gotta cultivate every skill, don't you? It's only understandable you'd be good at what you've spent so much time on and would still have more you wanna do, it does." He smiles at her, genuinely enthralled with her general air and the things she's created.

"For my part, I've loved flowers since I was real little, too." A play of his tongue sticking out, as if to tease her comment about working since she was his height. "My mum's a wood elf, and I'm half myself, so I've felt real connected to nature all my life." He gently teases back his hair from an ear, showing the pointed nub. "I've spent what time I've had on growin' and tendin' and learnin' about them, but there's so many I've never seen - let alone raised, ehe - that I'll probably be doin' it forever. And that's exciting to me."

"It's inspirational," he mumbles, following her admission that she always feel like she's learning and trying to get better. Her little display - the addendum that her magic is used for her painting rather than her combat works - draws that wide-eyed gaze once more, his lips parting in a cheerful gasp. He can barely stop little hands from clasping together, tutting his fingertips in a soundless clap. "That's real cool! I'm not much for combat myself, really, but I like helpin' people, and I use my plants to do that. If'n I can." He giggles, sheepish, and nods, letting his legs drop to kick lightly just above the ground while they spoke. "I've gotten that sense from Blue Pegasus myself, miss Mimi. It seems like a happy place. I don't care too much about gettin' stronger physically ...

I just want people to like what they're doing, too, and to like myself. This is a good place to feel that way." This was true. While he hadn't joined Blue Pegasus on an aesthetic whimsy, he had been enthralled by the grace and beauty he had always seen from the guild - especially from miss Alisa, and further exemplified by miss Yu and now miss Miriko. It was important to look - and feel - proper, as much as it was to feel strong. He smiles wider, beaming at the lady across from him. "'m glad to have creatives like you about here, too, miss Mimi."


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These were the moment Miriko lived for in life, Learning and understanding the story of others. For much like her art everyone's life was wonderful in it's own way. But as for things to talk about later for now there was always something else to mention."I am sure if you ask nicely, You could pet Alistair as well."Considering the size of Alistair one would assume he would just act like a normal and not over all be one of the one that really wanted to be touched. He was use to actually being around younger children thus over all combined with a few other things he never mind getting attention from people.

Miriko in some manner might highlight her better parts but she would over all mention her flaws, because she always wanted to prove she was human."Drawn and painted forms might be my better, The more hands on work always could use improvement."She mentioned as a note she even had a list of things she tried and failed before."I have tried: Gardening, statue making, sculpting, moulding, wood carving, cooking and baking...There is always a fair amount of art forms that need working on."Miriko mentioned because she was not scared of mentioning her flaws.

As for relations Miriko was not as open about, Mostly because it would just leave a few people even more confused upon some of the more hidden things Miriko had done in the past. But so far she seemed to mention."I know some one who has an interesting connection to nature. Mind you they are also known to travel the lands at times to find rare flowers."whatever he did with that information was entirely up to him, Just there was some one out there who travelled the lands collecting flowers.

As Miriko always mentioned, she figured she tell him."You know the only reason why i am as good as I am, is because i put time into it? Anyone could rival me if they took the time too."Miriko said because it was the truth one could attempt and work hard enough to out due Miriko if they really cared too. But alas she had no met anyone else who had attempted too yet.

#8Briar Caidh 

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Briar Caidh
Briar, despite the cadence with which he attempted to hold himself, was still a child; and childish at heart, most especially. He was still in his most formative years, moreso with the slowed growth of his elven genes compared to his human peers (for his lifespan was multiplicatively longer) - a young teen by normal standards, but even more youthful from elvish ones. This is why the perk to his ears was obvious with Mimi's suggestion, his little face caught off guard and dropping his jaw just enough to trigger a sparkling in his eyes. He looked over, at Alistair, then back at Mimi, then at his hands and back to Alistair again -- "M-May I, mister Alistair? You look ... u-uhm ... mighty soft, you do," he mumbled, shy, eager. "If'n ... you don't mind, of course, sir." Ever formal, yet bashfully wanting all the same. 

"I think it's really - er - respectable, to try so many things, miss Mimi," he proffered back to her in response to her list of attempts at various interests, many of which he himself hadn't tried. "Even if you don't think you'd like them or be good at them. Especially all the creative types! Those all have really different approaches, don't they? I've always liked plants, and I know I'll always like plants, but I'm still learnin' to ... spread out? a little bit. I've done some volunteer work by the sea for the marine life around here, and that's been real nice, but every day I'm still kinda -- well, I'm still ... there's still lots out there, and I don't know when or how I'm gonna give everythin' it's fair shake, you know? Ahahaha...," He slows, rubbing the back of his neck with a nervous smile. Catches himself rambling and apologizes to her for going on and on.

He'd instead bring his knees up with her artwork still balanced on them, hugging them close with one arm and leafing through respectfully with the other. He lost himself in the vivid strokes and colors, musing a quiet smile. "Rare flowers, you say, miss'm? Well, I might just have to see about that myself. Do they ever swing by here, you think? That could be a real fun little adventure."

He'd grin, brightening up from his light embarrassment. "I don't know if I could ever draw like you, miss Mimi, but that's really good advice, still, I-I think. You're right! Skills, like all things, are cultivated. Like, say, if you did ever wanna give gardening another try, you'd have an easier time from your first go around. And maybe I could try sketchin' something, one of these days. Hehe."

He'd look back at her, a gentle warmth in the appreciation of his gaze and a laugh undercurrent to his mirth. She was such a comfortable conversational partner - he thought it easy to settle and talk to her, sharing their various thoughts in something of a ping-pong game where two shy, more extroverted and perspective types could meet on common ground. His interest in her work was genuine, and his affable smile just as so.


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In some manner it was like Alistair and Miriko both picked up on these things. In some manner it was Alistair was kind of made sure Miriko didn't get so cold, lonely and was kept safe."I don't mind."Alistair over all seemed to have know what he was getting into, But there was over all a story a bit more in depth on how long Alistair and Miriko had been together that these two where connected. "Sometimes when i am too tired from travelling or working all day...I end up using him as a bed."Considering Alistair was just a giant fluffy cat even if he could also rip things to pieces protecting Miriko. His fur was well taken care of and really fluffy.

Miriko was human, even if in some manner the many part of life if people actually could eventually figure out show just how many things Miriko had that could make people think different of how she could live her life."It is for the loves of being creative....I could due with out splinters in my fingers..."Miriko seemingly recalled when she tried to work with wood, But she seemed not shy about her failures adding in."But if i did not know try everything, how will I ever know what things I can achieve?"Miriko seemingly peacefully smiled about it for a moment.

It was a good question to ask Miriko while not revealing how she was related to them."When she has the time to make the wine deliveries, The guild master of Fairy Tail is a busy woman, But she loves flowers and keeps various gardens in Magnolia."It was a casual mention of information. Miriko knew the guild master of Fairy Tail and she liked flowers. Also hinting they visit this area often.

Miriko in a sign of support patted Briar on top the head. A gesture of good faith. Even if now she was worried she might have pushed it too far for a second, But then quickly stopped because was sure she just push a boundary.

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Briar Caidh
Briar fell into a comfortable space between a laugh and a gentle smile, his cheeks raised with a tinge of something not a blush but an expression warmer, safer. His fingers played along Alistair's head and across - around - his ears, running them gently through further in loops that only further relaxed his very slight nervous tense. A little huff through his nose, thumbing down the side of Alistair's cheek and doing a little rub that wiggled Briar's nose as if he was the one being praised and pat. Eheh.

It was so natural to be around animals - not that Briar was the type of person to dislike other people, but it was hard not to find an easier footing with critters and the like. Every life was so varied, so unique, but it was more of a struggle to get off on the wrong foot with something pawed. "Golly, miss Mimi, I would too. He's sooooo fluffy. Thank you, mister Alistair. U-uhm ... I don't s'pose I should call you a good boy, so how abouts 'upstandin' chap'? Eheheh. You're real nice, pally."

He trailed into a smile just as soft with the quirk of an eyebrow at what appeared to be a joke from Mimi, if not a playful comment, and he couldn't help but to giggle under his breath; in any case, he had taken it that way thanks to relation with his own experiences. "Yeppers! I-I mean to say, uhmm ... Aha. I love gardenin', I do, and trying new things 'n all ... but gosh, I do get my fair share of callouses when it comes to weedin' and frankly, fishing just isn't good for my heart. Hah!" He was making his effort, but it was no longer a trial to try and bond with his fellow Blue Pegasus member - it just came naturally as he shared with her, Alistair under one hand and her art preciously held in the other.

"Goodness, miss Mimi, the guildmaster of Fairy Tail? Why, I don't know if I'm quite prestigious m'self enough to take her time ... and she's so busy and everythin' ... but if I do get the chance, I think I'd like that. If she's anything like you, miss Mimi, I know we'd get along real well. And if not -- well, I love meetin' all types of people!" He'd beam, kicking his little feet an inch above the floor. "Thanks for the heads up, miss'm!" He'd seem to only smile wider as her hand touched his head, instead pushing up into the pat with a silly expression and his tongue poked between his lips like a blep.

"Eheh? I'd return the favor, miss, 'cause you've been such a cool new friend, but I don't think I could reach." He giggles, looking bright up at her.

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