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Chasing ghosts. [TLB – Touching the Sky]

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Chasing ghosts. [TLB – Touching the Sky] Empty Sun Mar 24, 2024 4:59 pm

Vex was unsure if they were really going to be able to handle the excitement or not of what was starting to look more and more like a wild goose chase but this map was another lead and she hoped that they will find this weapon soon as this was something that they needed to deal with and make work for them as if the vampires got it there would be deeper issues and that was something that they were going to have to deal with before this all goes bad for the whole world but she knows no matter if they told the countries guard she would probably just be ignored and that was a horrible thought that she would have to deal with and that was something that she was going to have to stop with the help of her team mate Nasira. Vex made sure to pack the last of her things and she was going to hope that this trip was not going to be a waste or turn into something that was going to be too hard to deal with but she knew that there were other things at steak here.

She turned to Nasira and she spoke to her. "You ready to go Nasira or do you need a few more minutes before I start leading us out and make it to the place that was needed to be checked for this bow?" Vex tied her own hair back so it would stay out of her face and make it easier for her to keep a keen eye out as she knows there are wood elf bandits out in the area that they were going to be heading toward and she was not sure if the fire mage woman would be ready to take it on as well as there were not going to pull punches even if she is still a greener mage and not really a threat as of yet but she was going to keep the woman safe she could count on that but she needed to make sure that the woman was ready as she kept looking at the map on her hands.


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Nasira was going to cover up she felt like she needed a few more minutes because she just felt too stubborn to quit or slow down, they weren't done yet so they needed to keep going. She had managed to kind of rest enough between the things they had done so far that she could most likely be fine. Nasira over all was pretty good putting up a front.

They had to prepare to get something else, In which was not all that horrible unless the parts between leaving and getting to check for this bow really did get hairy but she doubted it. Most likely working with Vex and whoever else was still some what moving at this time everything would go on with out problem.

Then again Nasira did not really think about what they had to do entirely for matter. After all it would be something all settled and solved quickly."Where are we going?"She merely seemed to ask rather quickly because well. They are most likely going to start forming a plan while they prepared to head out. But Nasira seemed already prepared to go even if she did look some what still a bit tired.

But that was a problem for later if it even came up or not. But she waited for an answer of what she asked while. She stretched out a bit. Nasira was in some manner as ready as she could be at this point and she was not going to delay departing after all work needed ot be done.



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Vex hearing the woman ask where they were going she giggled to herself Vex had gotten ahead of herself again and didn't give Nasira the details of the job that they were going to be facing and she took a moment and collected her own thoughts and then started to speak. "We are heading for the resting place of the bow, which is in a forest in the outskirts of city, we will need to be careful as there are going to be wood elf bandits out there and we don't want to cross them or tip them off that we are out there to find a treasure okay?" Vex looked over to the other woman to see if she had been following along or if there was anything that they would still need to cover or not. She was sure that the woman would be fine but she really needed to be ready as wood elves are slippery and she knows they are hard to detect when they are getting close as they have no real smell and are nearly soundless on approach.

"Did you find your self a fitting weapon yet? or do you need to borrow my dagger again?" She reached back and pulled her dagger that she had lent the woman from the last mission for her to take and use again if that is what she would like to do but Vex needs to make sure that they are not strayed off the path once they get going and make sure that neither of them get killed or taken captive from the bandits.
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At least some one would explain to her, Now they knew what was going on. Nasira could well some what plan in her mind what all needs to be done. the work was important after all and but pointless if left unsure what to do. Details where good to mention and ponder over, It allows Nasira to some what internally plan what all she needed to do with in the future when they got there."Interesting."She mentioned almost like it seemed she was configuring things in her mind. It was more hunting and getting more things. Nasira might not have really dealt with wood elves at least in this nation or what she could off hand but she would most like for the most part they needed to be sure they got a bow.

Thus it was just it seemed it was main point was just that bow anything else was not entirely on her mind and she was not considering much else."In some manner weapons might not be needed if we do it right."Nasira said because highly she was not even going to find and get a weapon. It all mattered how they went about this. She also was avoiding not saying she didn't look either. After all that was not important for Nasira for worrying about they had a bow to get. they just had to figure out the lay out and go from there, But for now there was work to be had even looking past and not even mentioning she didn't have a weapon ready nor was she asking to borrow these daggers.

Even remarking."Alright let's go then, We have work to do."There was not much left to be spoken she just was already prepared and wanting ot be on the move now.




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Vex kind of feels like Nasira is not taking the dangers of this mission to heart but there was nothing that she can do about it as they are an adult or at least she thinks that Nasira is an adult and can make her own choices. Vex picking up her gear and putting her daggers back on her thighs and starting to walk as she hoped that she was just being over cautious but she knows that thieves and bandits are not so caring to if you are a pure woman or not and if Nasira wanted to end up risking being sold off as a slave then that was on her as she was young and beautiful so she would probably fetch a good price. Vex makes sure that she watched her step as they will probably end up getting ambushed as the wood elves probably find it a sport in of itself to hunt people and probably favorite targets are younger women as if they don't sell they can probably be broken and used as they wish them to be used.

Vex looks at the map and sees they are closing in on the area that they will need to go into, to try and claim the bow and this place was probably also rigged with traps and who knows what else might be in this place as it is probably not entered by humans a lot so monsters might have also taken refuge in it to make their home as the traps would protect them from outside forces that would aim to hurt or hunt them so this was going to be a trial for them. "Make sure you watch your step as this place is going to have traps in it probably if not also monsters." She spoke out the warning to Nasira before She herself headed in and she hopes that they can avoid the traps and not have to fight anything that might be aiming to kill them. Vex is very very careful as she entered the building and looking at the map it shows the areas that are safe and which to avoid or how to avoid the trap of the room if they are lucky all of this was kept up to date.
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It seems they would start heading off quickly. But they seemed to keep a steady pace towards the mission, Nasira might not seem like she had a lot on her mind. She did just merely not talking about it. After all unless needed she would not speak it was an odd thing about her. But Nasira was thinking. Upon how many ways she could tackle this, She was with Vex so she had options but more to account her. It did not complicate it for her. If anything Vex was something that most likely was direly needed for Nasira to help with this mission.

But she was paying attention so that was a good thing, Nasira still had her focus."Considering their bandits, Their trap would be some what how hunters hunt animals correct?"Nasira asked because she could figure out some of these traps."I know there are a few other methods too but I am pretty sure that is the basis of most of them."Nasira already seemed to be thinking of many things at least. If the traps where different would actually ask about. Because if anything Nasira did not meet or interact with many wood elves.

Vex was the closest elf she had interacted with in a while, side from one she would talk about and just got over missing. Managing to some what get her mind on track on other things now days. But there was many things to at least settle on. At least these two together would solve many things quickly. All of the pieces seemed to be place fairly quickly. But that was just Nasira seeing how it could all get pieced together. But she was going through many plans in her mind. There was no signs of anyone else at this time, most likely they where hiding somewhere else at this time.



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Vex was starting to wonder if maybe the other woman was not paying attention to the task at hand as she was talking about bandits when they were about to enter into what was akin to a ruin to get a hidden bow of unknown power which was probably protected by traps and other magical methods as no way a bow of any power was just left to be taken by anyone that just wondered in or the bow would already be gone and this map will of been of zero use to them but Vex wanted to stay on guard as she was not sure what else might be in here or has started to call this home. "I am not talking about bandit traps in here I am taking about security traps in here." Vex kept her voice low as she followed the wall with her hand making sure not to put too much pressure against the wall as it way also be rigged or trapped in some way as well.

Vex was not sure that this place was feeling right and that is when she started seeing the dead bodies of both bandits and creatures some dead to traps others to each other and Vex was starting to get a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach as she was now very worried that they had been beaten to the treasure and these bodies were not that old or the cold of the ruins might have just been keeping the bodies fresher for longer but Vex was sure that they were of the bandits that were in the forest, she is guessing that they had lucked into finding this place which means they might have to deal with these bandits in order to get the bow back she just hopes that they can't figure out how to use the bow and she will be able to get a decent trade or that they will just give it to her but her hopes were not that high for that as these people were probably aiming to use it to take over a city if they have it and she walked into the big room where the bow should be and it is gone with the marking of the bandits symbol on the alter.
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Well Nasira was not going to feel stupid, but she should have guessed by that, but she would most likely get back on focus pretty quickly."People trap are simple too."Nasira said so casually. She was cracking her fingers and knuckles while she seemed to think of all of the other things to prepare for. Then again Nasira thinking was not everyone's thinking she thought about a lot of different things. But alas planning was simple. Action was entirely a different story. It was all time to get to action and Nasira would just do seemingly she would normally would.

Get right to work. At least in mind as she was not expecting what was going on and happening in front of them now. But Nasira would have been able to merely numb her feelings almost like it didn't effect her. Then again Nasira was good at being able to steel up her emotions like a metal shield well. So when these sights showed up around Nasira seemed not as bothered compared most likely other normal people. But she might have not been kind of keep herself ready for whatever she needed too.

After all that was part of the reason for her working is sometimes just knowing these things happen. Vex seemingly waiting and seeing. But looking much like Vex was she was checking to see if she could pick up on anything. Since this was entirely teamwork. Waiting for the sign from Vex to see if she was picking up on something or to move ahead. They where working some what together. If it was too risky to step forward it then it was worth waiting to know what to do to continue on. Then again she almost expected a trap already, she expected them from the start.


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She looked to the other woman and she sighed. "Looks like we are too late we are going to have to go deal with the bandits." Vex walked back and she walked past the woman and back the way they came as it was clear that all the traps had been tripped and that she was going to have to deal with the headache of dealing with the bandits and that was going to be a big problem in of it self as Nasira was unarmed and they were probably expecting people to come and look for what they took but they also could be unsure that they were coming or not as she knows that they had at least been seen by the bandit scouts. Vex got back out into the light and she started walking toward where the camp is and she hopes that she can keep Nasira safe from them as she doesn't need losing her team mate to these savages.

Vex keeps her hands on her daggers and hopes that their idiot chief will just hand it over to them without a fight but she doesn't have very high hopes of that as that is an ancient weapon of mass power, she could only see them giving it back if they were unsure how to use it and that was probably not going to be the cause as they were not cave men. "Make sure that you stay on guard Nasira these people will not be playing around." She makes it to the bandit camps walls and they open the way in for them and they seem very welcoming which has already put Vex on guard as she didn't expect a welcome wagon or for them to be welcoming to them so there was something that was not on the level and she wasn't sure why this was but she knows that it couldn't mean good news for them as she was not sure if she could handle taking on this many people and keep the other woman safe.
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Nasira did not mind this entirely over all it was just something that comes with the job.But Nasira thinking about it a bit loud would just mention because it came to mind."Well with that, it just means we do not have to worry about the traps being sprung."Nasira said because she considered it a positive thing. One less factor to worry about in her mind.

But also still in the end they had to deal with bandits in which that not entirely out of her scope to plan to deal with. Just means she could consider a lot more blunt ways of doing things."And we can just beat up these bandits a bit more smoothly with out the traps."This one might just be merely Nasira's opinion but she seemed to be comfortable expressing it. Nasira at least did not sound excited she sounded like she was just focused on work as always. In some manner it seemed Nasira's mannerisms was still around. Work and nothing else at least Vex knew what she was getting into. There was things to be done so thus they would just go work.

With Vex's warning Nasira nodded."the idea is mutual then, I will do my best to be careful."Also in Nasira's mind is also to be sure to keep track of Vex. But Nasira had a very everyone else that was important to work with her is more important then her mind set. Alas Nasira would start going in at this time because there was not much else they needed to do to prepare. After all it was a decent start for the most part. Everything seemed clear, no lingering signs of anything amiss. But that was just so far what Nasira saw.



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They are lead up to the leader of the bandit camp and the man smirks down on them and then speaks. "I hear that you are after something that I have." The man points to the bow that is hanging on his make shift throne and he looks over the two women and he licked his lips a little. "I will give you the bow if that woman becomes mine!" He is pointing at Nasira with his finger and Vex looked at Nasira and then back to the leader of the bandit camp and he looked her dead in the eyes and Vex readies her self as there was about to be a fight as she was not going to give this guy her friend and teammate in trade for the bow that the bandits chief probably didn't yet know how to use.

Vex speaks out in answer to that. "That isn't going to happen, just hand it over to us as this is bigger than you and your small minded conserns." The bandit chief enraged by what she said stood and gave the signal to the other that this was now time to take action and fight. Vex keeps her eyes on the man that had the bow and the second the fighting breaks out she fired off a few arrows and watched as the bandit leader tried to pull back the bow and Vex having no idea of amount of the bow's power they might be able to use moved her hands like she was pulling an invisible bow and then releasing a mix of arcane and water combine there and fire off a bolt that destroyed the shot the chief had taken at them and putting the chief on his ass.
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For some reason Nasira over all seemed kind of shrug this all off. Merely stating it while being overly egotistical bandits seemed not phase her all that much. These bandit talked larger then the ones who brought her to fiore. This was not something she said to confuse people she really actually had to ask Vex one thing."I understand bartering....but are these people really ones to traffic people?"Nasira asked most likely the ones she dealt with were far different.

She didn't take either of them seriously. Yes it was odd but Nasira seemed to not be overly bothered, since it was expected they might encounter them. With all that met here she seemed not even to pay it much mind. But at least getting into a the fight they expected some what would happen, Actually happen so Nasira just merely felt as if this was all going to be dealt with accordingly. How many they had to fight was something that did not account for, only because they had no way to know for sure.

So if Vex started firing arrows and Nasira Would just go in to start to deal with whoever else that was not Vex that was close by that going to be a threat as she made her way toward the this leader at this time seemingly alive. This situation would have a lot of fire in it. Mostly from Nasira limited magical powers but there was fire, fists and a lot of people handling.

These Bandits where going to have a bad time and she was going to start turning the heat up. By that there was always various things on fire. NAsira was not the one to make jokes or else she would have made a few jokes about things heating up or getting things ablaze. But no weapon just minor spell thows, fire punches and fire kicks. She would meet that bandit leader soon.



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Vex Was not sure that the chief was looking to traffic Nasira. "I don't think he was looking to sell you. He was probably looking to use you as his personal outlet. Think he finds you hot and really I can't blame him." She was giving Nasira a complement but was not sure if the woman was going to take what she said as one or not but Vex didn't have time to dwell on it as the leaders guards had come at them and Vex was going to fight them. "Nasira I will fight them and make an opening you go and retrieve the bow as your magic element of fire will make you the best to pick it up." Vex wasn't sure how this would work out or if it was the right move to be making but it was the move taht she was making.

Vex used her void magic to make an opening for her and used it to protect Nasira and absorb the mana and the projectiles of the attackers that might have come in to try and close off the way or trying to attack the woman as she ran. The leader was still on his back as the attack had made good contact with him and the bow was on the ground closer to the stairs that lead to where he had been sitting making this an opening for it to be taken.
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