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Grand Principalities of Pergrande

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Grand Principalities of Pergrande

Description: A land of stern beauty, hidden under the icy plains. To a traveller, Pergrande may very well be a world unto itself. This cold land seems averse to civilization of humans or elves alike, but the grip of winter makes it well and truly deadly. Sharing the cold winters of Iceberg, Pergrande however has limited access to the sea with its northern coast frozen all year round, and the way to the sea down South blocked off by steppes and other harsh environmental conditions. They hold a deep animosity towards the Sinese who once conquered most of the Southern Lands with the aid of the Steppe Barbarians of the country's South, and they have since subdued the barbarians in turn. The bastion of Illingrad in the country's North has never been conquered with no enemy powerful enough to lead an army through the ice grip of winter. Pergrande is a country almost cut off from the rest of the world, most of their people live and die in isolation, taking what they can from foreigners and making it their own. Each principality has a unique twist on their shared culture, often with their own customs and faith, and different opinions on their neighbours.

Localization: Pergrande is the largest nation in Ishgar by area, located at the far east of the continent. It shares a border with Iceberg, Bellum and Sin, however it's mostly isolated from these lands due to the harshness of its geography. Between the icy tundras of the north and the arid steppes of the south, much of these vast lands are inhospitable, particularly during Winter.

Politics: Characterized by its massive, imposing landmass and the harsh weather buffeting the land for most of the year, coupled with its history of partial submission to invading empires, the once united Kingdom of Peregrande has since been cut apart into a myriad of Principalities, each governing a portion of the former Kingdom and lead by a Prince. However, the similarities end there. The relative isolation of each Principality has given way to different cultures and political systems united by a common root and language. Illingrad, the largest of the Principalities, holds the country's seat in the Magic Council, of which it presents itself as a staunch defendant. However, other countries look upon Illingrad with suspicion, many believing Prince Igor Illin is using membership of the Magic Council as a deterrent against foreign invaders in his efforts to unite the country and crown himself Tsar of Pergrande. Illingrad is a totalitarian state where dissent is punishable by death, said to have been founded by those who fled the country's Southern half in the wake of its destruction by the Sinese, conquering a city from the Dwarves to become their new capital. Illin ensured their survival by collaborating with the Sinese, and used this newfound power to grow larger than their neighbours. As the Sinese empire collapsed, the Pergrandians reclaimed their lands and much of Northern Sin. However, their newfound independence failed to properly unite the country. Instead, the different principalities are very much independent and all look upon Illin with suspicion. The Principality of Drugigrad in the Southwest, the second largest, fiercely opposes Illin's efforts of unification, their proud, free spirited people reviling the idea of belonging to another empire. They speak of Dark magic used by the hopeful Tsar, who is said to have bargained with dark powers to transfer his soul from parent to eldest child across generations. Rather than the knife point diplomacy of others, Drugigrad cultivates friendly relations with Sin and Bellum, while a tense agreement with Illingrad guarantees their food exports while keeping a state of uneasy peace. There are no laws against slavery, though different Principalities have their own views on it, and serfdom is often practiced. As a dedicated member of the Magic Council, Light Guilds and Rune Knights are free to operate in Pergrande, however, the slightest offense committed in the lands of more absolutist Princes can lead to one being quickly branded a Dark Guild and mercilessly hunted down.

Economy: Pergrandian economy is relatively poor for its size, much of its terrain inhospitable to growing crops anywhere other than the greener Southwest and central lands. Because of this, their population is relatively small for the large size of the country. However, these vast lands are well known for plentiful mineral resources, and many other nations depend on Pergrandian exports to keep their respective economies functional. The greener Principalities, such as Drugigrad, serve as a plentiful breadbasket for the entire region, exporting surplus food to help sustain the other Principalities, and even the neighbouring countries.

Culture: The harshness of these lands and their history of survival against superior foes has instilled in Pergrandians a reverence for toughness and resilience. Throughout history, they've endured conquests and submissions by the Sinese and their Steppe Hordes, and in time reversed their fortunes and subdued the hordes, using them to resist. Pergrandians respect strength both in their leaders and in each other, however this strength can come in many forms beyond simple physical prowess: An intellectual making an name for themselves in one of the Country's top universities, a charismatic sort climbing up to a high position at court, a renowned beauty charming her way to a King's bedchambers. In Pergrande, family and friendships are paramount. People are wary of strangers, and though they may show hospitality, they never truly lower their guard around someone they don't know. To an onlooker they may seem cold, blunt and dismissive, but at the same time, they are fiercely loyal to their own and those who earn their friendship. Due to this, regardless of how stark the differences between each principality, regardless of how much much distrust and even hatred they may have towards their rival Principalities, that common heritage binds them still, and they identify themselves as belonging to a single nation, to the point of scorning the interference of foreigners in their internal strife.

Religion: The country's religions are as diverse as each Principality and its geography. Throughout its history, Pergrande has been influenced by its many neighbours: Bellans, Sinese, Desiertians... Though chief among which was the influence of Illuminian preachers at the height of the Sevese empire. As such, Illingrad follows a unique form of Illuminian worship where their Prince has made themselves head of the Church. Other principalities follow a similar faith with their own head, or have syncretized the religions of their neighbours. In the South, some have adopted elements of the Steppe Hordes' faith of the Sky. Others yet have remained closer to their original faith, but notheless imported influences from Icebergian or Bellan Faith.

Language: The Pergrandian language is divided into many different dialects each spoken by the various principalities, and though somewhat resembling each other, understanding one another to a degree, they still consider each dialect its own individual language. The language uses different alphabets imported from the various influences that took hold of each principality.


Illingrad: Deep in the far, frozen north of Pergrande lies the vast, powerful Principality of Illingrad and its emponymous city. A land of rich culture, it holds Peregrande's center of learning and most of its political power, all concentrated in the hands of their Prince, Igor Illin. It's said this city was built around a conquered Dwarven city, many centuries ago.

Voda River: The Voda is one of the longest, largest rivers in all of Ishgar, born in the northern mountainous regions of Pergrande and winding down the entire country. Most of the country's Principalities are blessed by the river's bounty in the warmer months of Spring and Summer, with many of the largest cities built on its banks and those of its tributaries.

Drugigrad: Located in the Southwest, the second largest Principality of Drugigrad stands out as a lush, verdant jewel in an otherwise harsh, inhospitable land. Despite the harsh winters shared with the rest of the country, Drugigrad has enough arable land to sustain most of the country. It's said that the capital of old Pergrande was once located here before being razed by the Steppe Hordes, upon which the steadfast survivors built a new city.

Zelenyy Lakes: Deep in Pergrande's interior, past the the arid southern steppes and before the permafrost of the far north, like the Zelenyy lakes, an area known for its natural beauty, of pristine, verdant wilderness out of reach of urbanization. At best this area is known for small villages at best, small cities, and the Principalities in this region scarcely populate the majority of its terrain.

Stena Mountains: The barren lands of Southern are home to countless mountain ranges cutting across the barren Steppes. A dry, arid terrain inhabited only by the horse masters of the steppes. Over time, the Pergrandian grew to master the steppes, and gave rise to the Cossaks who inhabit these harsh, Southern Lands. Due to the scarcity of these lands, the people here are either nomads, or make a living off military service to the various Pergrandian Principalities.

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