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The gears start moving [Pirates]

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#1Fei Yu 

The gears start moving [Pirates] Empty Mon Feb 12, 2024 1:22 am

Fei Yu
How had it come to this? A question Yu couldn't help but ask herself in mild amusement as she gazed around the cove. While she had initially went to investigate a clue the Clock Tower had received about a potential sighting of someone who had been afflicted by the Voidal Corruption, the girl soon found herself on the receiving end of an ambush in the form of a group of pirates.

She couldn't blame them really, to them she and Albion must had looked like a pair of lost children, so one had to imagine just how severe the shock was when one of said children was in fact a dragon in disguise! The sheer strength of her attacks was enough to send the pirates reeling, and after a short scuffle they were all battered and beaten, scattered on the sand as they clearly had lost any resolve to stand up again. Whether it was from the intimidation of being beaten up by Albion, or the shame that they were bested by what looked to be a small girl the group of pirates had already surrendered to their fate.

"I swear, what the hell are they teaching children these days?"

one of the pirates mumbled in protest as Albion started dragging them back to the city with the intention of handing over the pirates to the Rune Knights. Well at the very least that would provide the duo with a nice little payment for the trouble they had went through! so all things considered she coudln't really complain...

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