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Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.)

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Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 12:59 pm

What a way to bond with your brother. Elise was here and she learned August was here too. Thus some how Elise had managed to talk the rune knight into joining her in a bath, They both did not need to worry about nudity Elise already had a two piece swim suit on that was fairly basic but covered her up. She was interested in bonding with August. But still had some shame and did not feel like August wanted to see her walking around naked here.

But to get them comfortable Elise would continue her efforts, She even brought about three bottles of minstrel wine, Some nice glasses and various tools to open up the bottles. August just needed to show up. He would show up, Because he most likely didn't wanna Elise chasing him down and gods she would hunt down knows what Elise would do to find him.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Wed Feb 07, 2024 7:23 pm

To his surprise, August had received another invite to a hot spring, this time one he wanted to attend. Well, he wouldn't have minded being in a hot spring with Kamui, but, um, it was complicated. But relaxing with his sister sounded lovely.

So with a lightened mood, August steps out of the changing room with bathing trunks on, giving his sister a warm smile when he notices her, and the very nice wine bottles she has with her. Despite this being a Joyan-themed town, this particular bath was more like the bathhouses they had in Minstrel style-wise. 

"Good evening dear sister." Augusts greets, sitting down in the tub with a relieved sigh. Then he quickly reaches over, uses to tools Elsie provided to open a bottle, and then pours them both a glass. He takes a moment to sniff the wine before taking a sip and humming in a pleased way. "Excellent choice." He compliments, and listens to her reply in a relaxed manner, before looking over at her in a lazy way. "So, it has been a few days since we've been able to spend time together, hasn't it? How have you been?" He asks her casually while swirling around the wine in his glass


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Fri Feb 09, 2024 1:06 pm

If anything else August seemed to have open up and was not as seemingly so uptight about being around her, maybe this was a good thing.It showed they both were trying and the entire stress of realizing you needed to learn to socialize yourself was not as rough when your family."Ahh and here I thought you were going to flee from this situation."Elise laughed about it slightly because well she was not lying to him. Elise seriously thought August was going to run from this situation. But she seemed happy about it.

Over all it seemed Elise was also going to be as calm and happy about how this situation was going to be here. August was already opening up bottles it seemed, Not that Elise mind. Just means she didn't need to open up the first one."I would say, Fairly well just been busy with a few other things that was not slaughtering being that hope to alter human's free will in life, or slaughtering monsters or demons....all and all a strange twist."She would get herself a glass of what was already open and go sit in the hot spring they most likely had plenty to talk about.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Tue Feb 13, 2024 11:03 pm

August looked visibly pained at his sisters mention of fleeing this situation in particular because well. What happened a few days ago. Dammit, he still felt like a fool. But hmmm, should he tell her about it? That was what siblings did, right? Talk about possible love problems? Were they close enough for that? August had no clue, but he decided to drop at least a hint. Elise had been vulnerable with him, she deserved to be the big sister she was obviously trying to be. So after taking a longer sip of the wine she brought, he stared into the glass and said "Please, I've had enough fleeing from this exact situation to last my pride a lifetime. Well, almost the same. That woman wasn't my sister..." He grumbles, still sore at his complete lack of manliness in that situation.

That finally being said, August attempted to change the subject to her, admittedly frightening, work. "Well, my ability to criticize governing religious authorities thanks you for it sister. And my ability to do my job without demons breathing down my neck. Truly my dear sister, you are a woman giving out blessings after blessings, with you stalking out in the night like a vampire." August says, poking fun at her contact night running, though also sincere in this thanks. He did not want to have to fight ANY of the beings Elise handles


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As she casually sipped Elise picked up on the thing that she could piece together."Oh so you had a chance with some one?"Elise seemingly quizzed him on that trying not to mock about it right away."Careful August...You could finally get attached some one, Then mother will ask you to get married and make her an heir."Elise was not teasing him too horribly just making light jokes about it. But Elise seemed to at least be happy. In their short meeting Elise had managed to show some one the right path in life. Seemed more people believe Elise this was rather then when she was a nun.

But she would continue to listen on, slipping casually."Good. Now I just need to slaughter a few gods and I will be the happiest woman possible for that moment."Elise said that so casually to see what would be said or what his reaction was going to be about Elise wanting to kill a god."Then maybe spoil Emil again."Elise let it slip she was some what trying to date some one named Emil. It was a bit of hint into her life and she knew it.

But now Elise had to be a bit of a pain."A vampire, I didn't know you knew that, Poor brother of mine might be a victim of my next feeding when I need to feed."This was a joke but Elise did start getting out of the water while staring at August.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Tue Mar 05, 2024 2:09 pm

August almost chokes on his wine at the mention of marriage and heirs. "Elise... you know that I am much too young for such talk," he manages to complain after making sure his airway is wine-free. But August is also happy that their bond has grown enough that they feel comfortable teasing each other about such things. Enough that August feels that it is okay to roll his eyes, rather than feel outright intimidated, when the woman speaks of slaying gods. To be fair, he isn't quite sure if she is kidding or not...

But he does perk up at the mention of another's name. Based on the context of their conversation, and the fact she used 'spoil' when he figured such things were out of character for her outside of family, was this... a love interest? Or it could be some child she knew. But since he brought up love, there was a good chance this was a potential lover or boyfriend. Or current? "Don't you change the subject, I do know you're not a vampire, sister," August says with an eyeroll before smirking at her. "But tell me, who is this Emil character? Do I know him? Should I know him? There aren't many people my dear protective sister would bring up with me... Please inform me just how you plan on spoiling this person? Perhaps I can be of some assistance. After all, I do have experience dating both men and women," he says, still smirking but also leaning forward eagerly.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Thu Mar 07, 2024 5:27 am

Elise was going to agree with him, But alas she was still going to tease him while hinting things that their mother would want and she was trying to stir him away from for good reason, so far she knew very well he was trying his best not to be a pawn in her schemes."Oh but dear brother, you must be prepared mother is going to be seemingly happy out of no where again if she learns this."She was going to continue her string of jokes while she casually drank with her wine only because in some manner it was a good way to clue him in. Elise knew she didn't need to be serious all of the time."When she hints more and more how you should learn everything about her....then marry her and give her in heir with in a quick period of time that sounds vastly illogical."Elise then sip her wine like she knew what she was talking about but was also entirely trying to be a pain about it at the same time.

But she had to continue joking about being a vampire at least one more."Emil is a man I am baiting into thinking loves me for the entirely reason of needing blood to feed on as a vampire, I spoil him to keep him around."That fact Elise was not laughing for smiling about this might be a good sign it was a joke or she was trying to trick him again. But considering Elise knew kind of how to make people guess there was most likely nothing of that happening and she was just skirting around it.

But Elise would sum it up in a simple manner most likely unintentionally tugging at heart strings again."To sum it up in a simple manner. Emil is a man i met in my guild who almost seems like the most stubborn and seemingly full of himself man up front when you meet him."Elise started off by mentioning that, But there was more to come something far more endearing and most likely the twist."Yet he could look at me, Realize was a person scared of opening myself up to the world around me and asked for me to try to at least be his friend, So I am going to give him some credit and in some manner thank him."It was oddly endearing if you looked at it in their view. This man left that impression on Elise by just merely talking to him a few times. It was not love seemingly but love was a hard word for Elise to say.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Sun Mar 17, 2024 11:04 pm

August can't withhold a grimace at the continued talk of their mother. They have debated and argued about this already, wrung it out like a rag. Elise wants August to end ties with their mother, but August wants to give her a chance, like he's been giving his new sister a chance. But they were having a good time right now, so instead of confronting this topic again, August decides to roll with the joke. "Ah well, despite me lauding my dating history and ability, recent events have shown me that my ability to woo others has become rusty," he jokes. "I don't even have a name to bring up with either of you. But it's expected of my position to be married with children one day," he admits wryly, still not too sure what to think about that on a personal level.

He also rolls his eyes at his sister's attempt to trick him, though she was convincing enough that he was alarmed for a second. But his magic told him that she was, in fact, human, if an insanely powerful one. But... he opened up a status screen to double-check anyways.

After confirming that Elise is still just an insanely strong human, he gives her a warm smile. "I am glad you have someone in that... guild of yours you can talk to, sister. It seems that the two of you have many things in common," he teases, then sobers up at her last sentence. "And he realizes something we have in common as family. So I am extra glad you have each other. I truly hope things go well with him," he says, swirling his wine around. "But! He will not have my blessings as your brother until I meet him myself, of course," he finishes with a smirk.


Family Bonding (FPHS-PeepingShow/August.) Empty Wed Mar 20, 2024 8:26 am

He took Elise's humour serious seemingly and Elise in some manner wanted to remind him that in fact he was free, Not having to answer to anyone or anything if he wanted too."Oh? unless you truly fooled me, I could almost think you took my comment seriously."Elise mentioned because well she was going to make sure to mention."Remember my entire reason for taking the gamble to open up to you. Is for you too remember you are free."Even if it felt like something he was going to be drilled on, Maybe it was a good thing to hear that and there was a reason for it. You needed to know you are free even if in some manner with being free it sometimes left one confused on what being free meant."All I personally care about is: you are happy, You are Free, You are safe and Your Alive."Even the here merely took a large drink from her glass and merely seemed like everything was normal.

"You could just spend your entire life, sleeping around and breaking hearts for all I care."Elise knew he would most likely not do that and would never do it but it seemed she would openly make that joke anyway. It seemed at least some of her jokes was still taken at jokes."I am suppose to be worried about your blessing? What else are you not telling me?"Elise had to ask because she was curious. This however was sounded like she took it a bit more seriously. "After all here I just figured I was not gonna worry about it: Attempt to date him if i felt like, I dunno maybe do a few naughty things."Elise had a grin that was most likely showing she knew she was talking about things that August might not need to know.

But if he was going to be that smug."But if you want to be that way, Hope your future partner is prepared for your dear big sister's check list of approval..."Elise returned with a larger smirk. One had to think what Elise was prepared to do.

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