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Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:37 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith knowing how these events works, went to a the spot everyone was having drinking contest at, took up a spot at open spot where one could make drinks rather then just being served them. Judith was known for making drinks herself. She was Fairy Tail's barmaid for many many years

Then well she waited, As always she did to see if anyone would pick up it was her and who would want a drink. In some manner she was tempted to see who was willing to have a little bit of a game with her. She just needed the right person.

But who she pondered, So just to see what would happen she would start pouring small glasses of water and would see if it got anyone willing enough to see what she was doing see if she was challenging people to drink them. To lead up to the goal.


Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi) Empty Sun Feb 04, 2024 2:58 pm


Today was going to be the day the new amnesiac barkeep of Blue Pegasus was pushed into the fray. It was time for the drinking contests between Blue Pegasus and Fairy Tail, something that everyone was taking as seriously as an actual war. There was apparently a designated battle ground for this and everything!

The old werebear hobbled into the warzone and looked around, seeing it full of locals but also noticing some designated empty areas where the guilds could do their drinking. One of these areas already had someone standing there, glasses of water ready as a sign that this battle was going to commence. Navi had never seen this person before, so they weren’t a member of his guild, and he was the first of them to arrive. So, this had to be a Fairy. A fairy prepared for a drinking contest.

His cane hit the wooden boards of the taverns floor as he made his way over and leaned on the table. “Looking for a partner?” He asked, before outstretching his hand. “I’m Navi, Blue Pegasus’ new bartender.” Navi spoke, introducing himself to the quite beautiful woman that stood before him… so it wasn’t just his guild that was filled to the brim with beautiful ladies, it was a magician thing.

Navi: ffcc00

#3Judith Karlinius 

Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi) Empty Mon Feb 05, 2024 2:54 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed fate had chosen this meeting and in some manner it would most likely a fairly interesting one at that. He seemed ready but in some manner Judith had to tease this man just to be sure."Are you really prepared?"Judith asked because she was some what joking with him but making sure she had to be sure. She did not want to do anything too harmful to some one she didn't entirely know right away."Just how prepared are you, Are you sure you won't need a few of these shots of water first?"Judith in some manner was going to turn this a bit serious now.

But she she would let him know who she was."I am Judith, Most know me as Fairy Tail's Guild Master, Welcome to the table."Judith said and gave him a wink."I see Alisa needed some fresh faces, I am not only the guildmaster...I also cook food for the guild, Mix and makes the drinks they have too."In other words Navi just met another Barkeeper.

So Judith would start her challenge for him."If you may, entertain me. I would like to play game. We each take turns making one drink for one another. We do not tell them what it is. Then we have to drink it and guess."Judith would let him take in that information and wait for his answer."Are you willing to try this challenge?"


Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi) Empty Fri Feb 09, 2024 10:47 am


The scarred amnesiac took his hand back as the pale haired beauty began to talk, asking if he was prepared for what was about to happen. She asked he needed the water first to dilute what would be going into his stomach. That was not going to be necessary. Then she introduced herself and it brought a bright smile to his face, he had a knack for bumping into important guild masters it seemed. The information that she was also a cook and bartender herself just made it even better, she knew what she was doing then.

Her challenge was posed, she was wanting to see how good he was at guessing drinks based off of taste alone. That… might not bode so well for her as his ursine nose was keen, it was what let him mix drinks with such precision back at the Blue Pegasus.

“Is this a friendly bet? Or are we playing for some form of keeps?” He asked as the hand he had originally pulled away from the woman was brought back up, his face wearing a bright smile and his deep smooth voice intoned a happiness to be a part of the inter-guild games. “Have you eaten your dinner recently, this is going to go on for a while.” The man added with a mischievous sparkle in his eyes.

Navi: ffcc00

#5Judith Karlinius 

Two Makers, Match Each Other.(FPHS – Drinking Contest/Navi) Empty Sun Feb 11, 2024 3:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed he was interested, Judith seemed delighted by him agreeing, If anything Judith had to ponder if the demands she would generally in place at that challenged where too much."I have prepared as needed, Keep in mind i am a bit higher in difficulty with these things, I would not be using my nose. I would expect you not too as well." Judith said figuring since most people could figure out drinks from sniffing them what she had done before she would make that clear too, You just had to drink them nothing more or less."looking at them is fine, looking at one another making them is fine as well."There was some things she would give in the person after all blind drinking seemed to be almost too much in her eyes. Unless they where to trick one another and try to hide.

But over all she seemed to just want people to straight drink and make drinks for one another. Pretty simple if you thought about it."I would consider this a friendly bet, Given your Guild Leader and I are close friends. I don't want to throw some one into a situation they can not handle."Anyone else she might consider not making it a friendly one. Judith was trying to see if some one would play along with her fun.

Then well. Judith took all of water shots. Poured them out then."If you are ready then allow me."Judith then placed one shot glass down. Then placed three bottles on the table. Just with the labels facing away from him. She would show off her drink layering skills. With a spoon she layered a dark brown liquid, a light tan one and finally a translucent gold liquid. Seemingly  with out any flaws. Then she picked up the drink gently placed it in front of him and waited.

Drink Information:

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